10 best stoves for moonshine


The modern alcohol industry offers a whole variety of different drinks. They differ in taste, quality, strength, etc. But many people still prefer to make their own alcohol with the help of special devices. One of the most popular is the brewing machine. Its principle of operation is based on heating the liquid to the desired temperature for a certain time. In order to properly and quickly make alcohol at home, you need a stove. They may differ in size, power, principle of operation, etc. We found out which plates are most convenient for such purposes and what you need to pay attention to before buying:

  • Plate type. There are several of them: gas, electric. The first option is cheaper, but takes longer to heat up. The latter is the safest, because. eliminates the risk of ignition if the mash hits the stove. In addition, induction devices are able to more accurately adjust the temperature, time, etc.
  • Power. The optimal indicator for the manufacture of alcohol with a volume of 36 liters is 2 kW. If the initial amount of mash is greater, then you should give preference to an induction cooker with a power of 3 kW or more.
  • mechanical load. Everyone himself determines the maximum load of a suitable plate. It depends on the volume of the manufactured product. The glass-ceramic coating outperforms other surfaces with its durability.
  • Timer. The presence of such a function will greatly simplify the process. After the set time has elapsed, the device will automatically turn off.

Top 10 best stoves for moonshine

10 Redmond RIC-4601

Redmond RIC-4601

At first glance, the variety of membrane buttons, icons and inscriptions on the surface of the plate can be confusing, but it’s better not to rush to conclusions. In fact, the control of the device is simple and intuitive, in addition, the instructions contain a summary table of programs, so that even an unprepared user can easily understand the interface and select the optimal modes for all stages of home brewing. Some programs, such as «Cooking», «Roasting» and «Stew», having the corresponding power settings of 700, 900 and 1100 W, can be manually adjusted in time, and then switch to the heating mode.

Having got used to it, masters use these programs for distillation and subsequent rectification of an alcoholic beverage, which positively affects the convenience and speed of distillation. I must say, the liquid on the stove heats up almost instantly — 1 liter boils in 1 minute. True, someone blames the noise of the cooling fans, and someone does not like the build quality and materials at all, nevertheless, almost everyone recommends the model.

9 Gemlux GL-IP20A

Gemlux GL-IP20A

This unit has one burner for 2 kW, touch control and a glass-ceramic work surface. It has all the advantages of induction electric stoves: no hot elements, economical power consumption, precise control of modes, compact size. But this model has a huge plus: heating occurs due to the generation of infrared radiation by heating elements, so it can use distillation equipment from any heat-resistant material, and not special, with a ferromagnetic bottom.

The burner consists of 2 spirals, which can be switched on simultaneously or separately. Their power is regulated, starting from 200 watts. Reviews on the stove are mostly positive: users like the instant heating speed, the responsiveness of the sensors and the presence of transport handles (which is generally rare for tiles). The appearance of the device is also remarkable — in the Platinum version. i.e. with a black glass-ceramic panel and in a steel case, it looks especially impressive.

8 Endever IP-27

Endever IP-27

All induction cookers are several times more economical than electric ones. The IP-27 model of the well-known Swedish company Endever is no exception: it consumes less electricity, because it can adapt to a specific diameter of the vessel and heat only the required area. Due to the fact that moonshine brewing takes place at elevated temperatures in the presence of flammable substances, the developers paid special attention to the safety of the design: they built in a timer for a period of 1 min. up to 4 hours, provided for 8-step adjustment of the power mode (200, 500, 800 … 2000 W), as well as 8 temperature settings (80, 100, 130 … 240 °).

Separately, it is worth noting the corporate service. The product is guaranteed for 547 days, which corresponds to one and a half years. The brand cooperates with more than a hundred service centers throughout the country, which you can turn to for help in the event of a warranty event.

7 Tesler PI-23

Tesler PI-23

The process of home brewing on the Tesler PI-23 stove becomes simple, safe and fast due to the use of two burners with different power — 2 and 1.5 kW. The touch panel with two separate displays allows you to select the optimal power level in 200 W increments (specialists consider it the most convenient for selecting tails and heads) and temperature in increments of 20 to 40 °. There is also a minute timer with auto-off, the settings of which can be adjusted in the process. All this makes the model suitable for hauling in the apparatus of about 35 liters.

It is also easy to care for tiles: its surface is resistant to dirt. If stains still appear, they are easily brushed off with a damp cloth. We recommend that you place large containers on the stove with care — like all induction devices, it can be quite fragile. The problem of excess mass is easily solved: in «induction» direct contact is not a necessary condition for heating, so experienced moonshiners advise picking up two wooden bars a couple of millimeters higher than the height of the tile, and installing a cube on them.

6 Caso S-Line 3500

Caso S-Line 3500

Unlike the famous comedy characters who brew moonshine in a forest hut, modern distillers prefer comfortable conditions and are not at all indifferent to the appearance of the equipment. The Caso S-Line 3500 induction cooker looks very nice. Its black mirror surface, strict forms, graphic pictograms, touch buttons and a bright display with red numbers fit perfectly into any, even the most demanding interior.

The tile is produced by the Braukmann company, which is quite well-known to the Germans, which has existed since 1952 as a distributor, created a trademark in 2003, but appeared in Russia only in 2015. Despite the fact that the plant is located in China, the notorious German pedantry is felt in the assembly: all parts are good fitted, the coating is non-marking and resistant to scratches. The technical characteristics are also impressive: a maximum power of 3.5 kW with adjustment in 12 positions, there is child protection, a timer and an auto-off. Why is this model not in the top positions of our top? All because of a few complaints about the tangible discreteness of the heating adjustment — at such a cost, I want the stove to cook moonshine itself.

5Galaxy GL3054

Galaxy GL3054

This model is bought for the purpose of moonshine brewing in a distillation cube with a volume of 14‒18l — a power of 2 kW is just enough. Buyers are attracted by its good price, economy and decent workmanship, as well as the ability to control electronically and a built-in timer. An interesting feature of the device is the display on the display of information about the voltage in the network and the number of watts spent on preparing an alcoholic beverage. In general, users note a noticeable decrease in electricity consumption and attribute this to the appearance of a new stove in their household.

The absence of an open source of heating ensures safety, in addition, in the absence of dishes, the tile turns off automatically. True, the device, due to design features, when the power drops below 500 W (this measure is necessary to separate the moonshine into fractions) starts to work in a pulsed mode. Because of this, you need to adjust to the selection of “heads”, catching the moment so that the jet does not go. Users are also not happy with the lack of smooth power adjustment — a stepped transition also requires skill.

4 Kitfort KT-101

Kitfort KT-101

Electric stove with induction hotplate Kitfort KT-101 is an example of an ideal combination of price and quality. It has 20 different modes with a temperature range of 60-280 degrees and a power of 120-2000 watts. Management takes place using a convenient touch panel. It has the lightest weight — only 2.1 kg, which ensures easy transportation.

The cover is made of durable glass-ceramic. The model automatically turns off when there is no dishes on it, it is equipped with protection against overheating. A nice bonus is the presence of a timer. Main advantages: maximum temperature of 280 degrees, 20 operating modes, fast heating, optimal energy consumption, good quality, light weight. No deficiencies found.

3 Iplate YZ-C20

Iplate YZ-C20

The Iplate YZ-C20 tabletop cooker is a two-cook induction hob that fits perfectly under the dimensions of a standard worktop. An important difference between the model is the presence of a timer and a delayed start function up to 23 hours. A continuous glass-ceramic coating ensures absolute tightness and reliability. It is also fairly easy to maintain.

The maximum power is 3100 watts. The stove is controlled on the touch panel. It has excellent protective features and is completely safe. Main advantages: durable surface, easy maintenance, convenient operation, 2 burners, quick heating of the liquid, built-in timer, best customer reviews. Cons: The fan is noisy.

2 Gastrorag TZ BT-180K

Gastrorag TZ BT-180K

The GASTRORAG stove is distinguished by its compact dimensions and low weight — only 2.6 kg. It is easy to carry it from place to place or take it with you to the country, etc. One induction burner is able to heat the liquid to a temperature of 240 degrees. It has 10 power modes, which reaches 1800 watts. The model is equipped with a timer with automatic shutdown (maximum operating time — 180 minutes).

You can control it using the touch buttons for temperature, power, time, etc. Under the glass-ceramic surface is a copper coil, which is responsible for heating. The advantages include high maximum temperature and power, optimal cost, 10 operating modes, simple operation. Minus: the case is made of plastic.

1 Indokor IN3500

Indokor IN3500

The Indokor IN3500 induction hob is the most popular model for home brewing. It is a small stainless steel appliance equipped with a single burner. The Schott Ceran glass-ceramic coating is particularly durable and able to withstand heavy loads. The maximum power is 3500 watts. For convenience, the stove has 10 temperature levels and a timer that can work up to 3 hours.

Management is carried out using the touch panel. In 3 minutes, the device is able to heat 1 liter of liquid. Indokor IN3500 was developed in such a way that it turns on only if there is metal utensils on it. Advantages: accurate settings, simple operation, reliable design, safety, good reviews. Among the shortcomings can be identified high cost.

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