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A sleep mask at first glance may seem like a useless trinket — they say that if a person wants to sleep, he will fall asleep anywhere and in any conditions. But in fact, this is a rather convenient and useful invention — a tight bandage on the eyes does not let in light, creating comfortable conditions for relaxation at any time of the day. This is due to the fact that melatonin, which is necessary for proper sleep and recovery, is produced only in the dark. The mask will help you get a good night’s sleep even during the day when the sun shines brightly through the windows. It is also indispensable for adaptation when changing time zones, rest on the road. For everyone who wants to always sleep well, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best sleep masks.

Top 10 Best Sleep Masks

10 Samsonite CO1-18030

This mask is nothing special, but does its job well. It can be called one of the best in terms of quality and cost. The price is not the lowest, the design is quite standard, but it is sewn evenly, from good materials, soft, but dense, does not let even bright sunlight through. This is a good option for the road and those who like to sleep longer at home.

The size of the mask is universal, you can adjust the tightness of the fit using an adjustable fastener. The shape is quite comfortable — the model sits well on the head, does not interfere with sleep, does not slip and does not press. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple, but solid and comfortable option, this mask is worth considering. She will take care of the tranquility of your sleep at any time of the day at home or on the road.

9 Halluci Owl

The cute owl mask will please the girls and give them a comfortable and deep sleep. Soft, delicate materials, pleasant pastel colors — this model was created to give comfort. Despite the softness, the fabric is quite dense. A good cut ensures a snug fit to the face without penetration of sunlight to the eyes. The model can be used for a good sleep at home, for rest on the road.

Girls believe that this is really a very interesting and successful model. You can buy it for yourself or give it as a gift. The mask is pleasant to the touch, the skin under it breathes, despite the fact that it is made of synthetic material. But the most important advantage of the model is still a very cute and unusual design.

8 Shuba Heroes never sleep-Batman

One of the most unusual sleep masks with which you can feel like a superhero. It is made in the shape of a funny Batman mask. Interesting appearance is not the only advantage of the model. It is worth noting the good workmanship, and especially natural cotton on the inside. The mask is quite soft, but dense, retains light well.

Users who decide to opt for this particular mask do not regret the purchase. Even if you forget about the funny design, the model is excellent. It is comfortable, well retains the light, does not interfere with sleep. The only point that the manufacturer did not foresee is that there is no adjustable strap, so it is better for people with a big head to give preference to other models. The mask is designed for a medium-sized head, it can press a little, but usually breaks in after a couple of weeks.

7 ROUTEMARK 3D Evolution

This mask will definitely appeal to everyone who appreciates comfort and convenience. The ergonomically shaped model sits perfectly on the head, protects the eyes from light, but at the same time does not press anywhere — it is almost not felt, so sleep will be especially strong. For the manufacture used soft, velvety to the touch fabric, but at the same time it is dense enough not to let light through. A convenient fastener allows you to adjust the degree of fit, adjusting the mask to any head size.

Another advantage that users notice in the reviews is the excellent quality of tailoring. All seams are even, the threads do not stick out anywhere, nothing interferes — ideal for use at home, on vacation or on the road. The cost is slightly higher compared to most simple sleep masks, but it is fully justified by the ergonomic shape and perfect workmanship.

6 Travel Blue Luxury Eye Mask

Despite the low cost, the mask is made of natural 100% cotton, so the skin under it does not sweat even in the heat. The material is soft, but at the same time dense, does not let in sunlight, providing a good rest even during the day. The strap with a clasp is made of elastic material, which makes the mask universal, suitable for any head size.

Buyers in reviews praise this mask precisely because of the good quality of the material — products made from natural cotton are not so common. The skin under it really does not sweat even in the heat. In general, the mask seems to be quite comfortable for users, the fit can be adjusted using an adjustable strap. But there is one drawback — not a very successful curtain in the nose area, it still lets in a small amount of light.

5 BRADEX Morpheus

A simple but really comfortable sleep mask. It differs in that it gradually, over several nights, adapts to the shape of the user’s face. If at the beginning of use it may not seem the most comfortable, but after a couple of days you will not want to take it off. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, you can easily blink in it, the mask reliably protects from light, providing a good rest at any time of the day.

From user reviews, you can understand that the model is quite successful — it really does not let light through, does not slip, is made of soft, pleasant to the touch material. But thick fabric has one small drawback — it will be a little hot to sleep in it in summer.

4 Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask

In the morning, a sleeping person wakes up and feels some discomfort if the mask fits too tightly to the eyes. A common drawback is completely eliminated in this model — recesses are made in place of the eyes on the inside, so that the mask does not interfere with blinking, does not come into contact with the eyelids. And in general, the shape is ergonomic, easily adapts to the user’s facial features. And the adjustable bridge of the nose allows you to select the optimal degree of darkness (up to 100%).

In reviews, users often write that this is really the best mask they have ever used. It does not interfere at all, does not pull the hair, does not leave traces of the elastic band, but at the same time firmly holds on the head, does not slip. The shape is very convenient, which is confirmed even by girls with long extended eyelashes. The disadvantage could be called a fairly high cost, but the comfort fully compensates for it.

3 Sleepace Smart Headphone

The headphone mask is the best solution for those who like to fall asleep to music or audio books. It is made of fine silk fabric and sits comfortably on the head thanks to its ergonomic shape. Removable earmuffs allow you to safely wash the mask without harming the electronics. This is a really smart model that, in addition to listening to music, books or built-in sounds of nature, also has a sleep tracking function. You can track the quality of sleep in a special smartphone application.

A big plus — the mask provides the most natural awakening at the right time, when a sleeping person is in a light sleep phase for a user-set time. And when you fall asleep, the music will automatically turn off. In general, users are satisfied with the mask, some of them regret only one thing — that the headphones are wired.

2 Remees

A sleeping person always sees dreams, but they do not depend on him and, as a rule, are sent by our consciousness to the “archive” in the morning, as superfluous, unnecessary information. But there are techniques that help not only remember dreams, but also manage them. Having mastered the art of lucid dreaming, a person can, at will, experience such vivid emotions that cannot be obtained in real life — fly, travel to the sea every night, communicate with celebrities or heroes of favorite books. Basically, do whatever you want.

It usually takes more than a year to master these techniques, but now there is a special mask for lucid dreams that greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of controlling your dreams. Special LEDs built into the mask light up at user-configured intervals, helping the sleeping person to realize in a dream that he is really sleeping. Reviews about the gadget are different, so we can assume that a lot depends on individual characteristics.

1 SilverStep I1045

Among the large assortment of masks in the SilverStep store, I1045 stands out for its increased size. And this is a great advantage, since the possibility of light penetration is minimized. The filler made of microspheres also deserves attention, which accumulates heat and then gradually releases it, relaxing the muscles around the eyes. This contributes to faster relaxation and removal of edema.

Ergonomic design and thoughtful cut ensure a snug fit of the mask, elastic Velcro fastener makes the model universal, suitable for any head size and at the same time comfortable. It completely blocks even bright light, which guarantees a restful sleep at any time of the day. Judging by the reviews, users also consider this model one of the best. They write that it is comfortable to sleep in the mask, it does not transmit light, it is made of soft material, it fits perfectly to the face.

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