10 best parking sensors


During parking, unpleasant situations often occur, various small accidents. In itself, hitting an obstacle is not encouraging, especially since it is easy to avoid — just put a parking sensor on the car. There is a wide range of devices on the market — from serious parking systems equipped with sensors and cameras with wireless installation, to simple and budget models with an LED display.

The best parking sensors with a rear view camera

3 MasterPark 26L

MasterPark 26L

Parking a car in the most difficult conditions will become an easy task if you have the MasterPark 26L wireless parking sensor in the cabin. This high-tech device will not allow you to leave unnoticed any obstacle on the way. Due to the presence of two cameras with a wide viewing angle and six ultra-sensitive sensors (2 in the front bumper, 4 in the back), the screen will display the most complete picture of what is happening in the direction the driver needs.

Wireless communication between the main unit and the monitor is carried out by means of a radio signal, which allows you to avoid time-consuming cable laying work in the car. This feature greatly simplifies the installation of the MasterPark 26L, which allows many owners to install the device themselves. Those who already use this parking radar, in the reviews left, note the reliability of the work and the high efficiency of the parking sensors.

2 AVS PS-842U A78018S

AVS PS-842U A78018S

An ideal option for equipping a personal car with a standard rear-view camera and a reliable obstacle alert system. AVS PS-842U A78018S is a product of the Korean-Chinese coalition of thought, a moderately high-quality and reliable device that can bring comfort to everyday driving. The parking sensors are equipped with four sensors and a sensitive video camera, the joint work of which practically eliminates any inconvenience in maneuvering in the parking lot. It is clear that you need to get used to the system, but purely technically there is nothing to dig into. The sensors detect obstacles in the standard value range with an accuracy step of 0.1 meters.


  • attractive price;
  • good quality and durability of the case;
  • the presence of a rear view camera;
  • facilitated visual control of the parking process.


  • the minimum interference detection distance is 30 centimeters.

1 CRS-9701L


One of the best parking sensors with a rear view camera. To put a screen for displaying a picture, you don’t have to “puzzle your head” at all. The device is designed as a panoramic overlay on the rear-view mirror, which allows you to discreetly integrate the parking radar into the interior of any car. Hidden behind a mirrored surface, the monitor has a decent size: its diagonal is 7 inches. This will allow you to better control the situation when parking, without straining your eyesight. In addition, the screen can also be used to view multimedia files.

The owners in their reviews are very satisfied with the characteristics of the CRS-9701L, considering their choice as the best solution possible. The wireless connection of the camera and sensors with the head unit greatly simplifies the installation of the device in a car. The functionality and settings of the gadget can be controlled using the remote control. The presence of a sound alert when approaching obstacles, and visual control will ensure safe parking at any time of the day. The absence of front sensors or a camera cannot be considered a disadvantage, but many owners expressed their desire to expand the functionality of the model in this way.

The best parking sensors with LCD display

3 Sho Me 2630

Sho Me 2630

The most budget parking sensors in the category equipped with a liquid crystal display. Regarding the quality, users prefer to speak with restraint — it does not make any special impressions, however, the low face value leads to appropriate reflections. We hasten to assure you — the technique is not bad. Four sensors quite tolerably control the situation behind the car. The developers honestly declared a very wide range of obstacle detection — from 0.3 to 2.5 meters with a measurement accuracy of 0.1 meters. Therefore, you should be extremely careful when approaching the proposed parking place and give the device time to react to the current situation.


  • very low cost;
  • acceptable quality parameters;
  • distance measurement range;
  • compactness.


  • «long-thinking» detection system;
  • the device fails in the cold;
  • dubious reliability of the case and sensors.

2 ParkCity Tokyo 418/501T

ParkCity Tokyo 418/501T

Parktronic ParkCity Tokyo 418/501T, unique in its design, is rightfully considered one of the best. But even he is not without a weak point — such is the high cost. However, this is compensated not only by operational parameters, but also by the overall performance — the parking system is the thinnest rear-view mirror with a built-in LCD display. The user can choose the color scheme of the four component sensors designed to monitor the situation behind the car. The main problem with the installation is pulling the connecting wires — the system is literally “stuffed” with them. However, the slight inconvenience with the installation is fully justified by the stable and reliable operation of the parking device.


  • distance determination accuracy;
  • quick response to obstacles;
  • the display does not take up space on the dashboard;
  • convenient system of indication and giving of a sound signal.


  • high price;
  • a lot of connecting wires.

1 ParkMaster 238

Park Master 238

The new parking radar from the Chinese manufacturer turned out to be extremely good and, perhaps, the best in its numerous class. The ParkMaster 238 is designed to impress. Previous representatives of the company had four indication sensors each — in this system there are as many as eight. Information on obstacles is displayed on a miniature monochrome LCD-display with universal mount. The parking sensors have the function of storing remote elements, independently perform diagnostics in case of failures and promptly inform the driver about this. The approaching obstacle warning method is hybrid — digital and graphic «in one person». The distance is measured with an accuracy of 0.01 meters. Functionality in relation to the price pleases even budget consumers.


  • convenient hybrid display system;
  • monochrome screen with universal mount;
  • good performance indicators;
  • high accuracy of determining the distance to objects.


The best parking sensors with LED display

4 Sho Me 2630 N04

Sho Me 2630 N04

The modern and budget model of the Sho-Me 2630 N04 parking system will fit perfectly into the interior of any car. The LED display is mounted on the front panel of the vehicle and with the help of light and sound signals notifies the driver of an approaching obstacle during reverse parking maneuvers.

Due to the presence of a digital distance indicator in this system, an accurate numerical measurement of the remaining free space between the sensor (bumper) and the obstacle is displayed on the screen. In the reviews of the owners who put the Sho-Me 2630 N04 in the car parking system, the good sensitivity of the device is noted, which works both on a low curb and on a pin sticking out of the ground. They also express the opinion that such a low price is not the real cost of parking sensors, but a way to attract more buyers to their side — the characteristics of the device are not so different from the more expensive models of competitors.



The high-quality parking aid is equipped with four sensors, which are more than enough for safe reversing in various conditions. The accuracy of determining distances to obstacles is 10 cm, and the response range is from 0.3 to 2 meters. The presence of protruding elements on the bumper is not an obstacle to the installation of sensors of this model, thanks to the DSM function (allows you to ignore a constant obstacle on the way).

Warning data is displayed on a two-color LED display. Visual information is additionally duplicated by an audio signal. The parking sensors STEELMATE PTS410 provides volume control and protection against false positives. Owners like the high reliability and smooth operation in all weather conditions. Some reviews contain confirmation of the normal functioning of the parking sensors at an extreme temperature of -38 ° C.

2 AVS PS-128U


AVS PS-128U is an excellent parking sensor that will allow you to avoid minor accidents and related troubles. Its highly sensitive radar detects the presence of interference in the path of the car for 2.5 meters. The package includes 8 sensors for installation in the front and rear bumpers. In the parking mode, the device will not only show the situation on the screen, but also duplicate information about the existing obstacle using voice prompts.

In the reviews of the owners there are many positive assessments of the performance of the device. Such uninterrupted operation of parking sensors in all weather conditions is due to the presence of a waterproof connector. In addition, the equipment can easily withstand critical temperatures (from 80 °C to -40 °C) while maintaining measurement accuracy. The presence of a safe parking system on two bumpers makes AVS PS-128U the best budget model in this category of devices.

1 AAALINE LED-14 inside

AAALINE LED-14 inside

The domestic manufacturer has surpassed many competitors by releasing a model of parking sensors, the sensors of which do not spoil the appearance of the car and have an internal installation, like the factory equipment of prestigious cars. This allows you to keep the bumper of the car without visible changes (there will be no protruding parts of the radar on the bumper) and ensure safe movement when parking.

In the reviews of the owners, the characteristics of AAALINE LED-14 inside are highly appreciated. Works well, without «glitches» and freezes. Mud, stuck snow or ice do not interfere with the correct determination of the distance. The only drawback (which is not) many owners consider the cost of parking sensors — it certainly does not belong to the budget.

How to choose a parktronic?

Parktronics, like any other type of devices and equipment, has a number of important characteristics that you should pay attention to before buying.

Type of parking sensors. Before you make a purchase, you need to decide what you need. By type, parking sensors are divided into three categories: standard, tape type and equipped with a camera.

Range of action. The maximum distance from which the parking sensors determine the presence of an obstacle. The optimal value is two meters. However, the higher this figure, the more effective the parking sensor.

Speed ​​reaction. A parameter inseparable from the range, the optimal value of which is 0.1 seconds. At the moment, only a tiny number of parktronics can boast the best response rate.

Case reliability. Actual parameter for Russian road realities. When choosing, you should rely on the degree of adverse weather conditions and the condition of the road surface. Ejection of gravel or rebounding of rubble may damage the external sensor or camera. Therefore, the reliability of the case must be given close attention.

Type of signal transmission. According to this characteristic, parking sensors are divided into wired and wireless. The first ones are the most common, but the bad thing is that the transmitting elements (wires) need to be pulled through the entire cabin. In wireless communication between the display and the sensor (camera) is carried out by means of wave data transmission, however, there are small delays in time when triggered.

Information screen options. Many neglect such a simple criterion and are forced to suffer when looking for the best place to install. Remember: a parking sensor with a good screen should be moderately bright, contrasty and clearly display digital values.

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