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On-board computers are used to more fully control the condition and operating functions of the vehicle. Imported brands, as a rule, have a built-in BC already in the factory, and for domestic cars this issue has to be solved only by installing additional equipment.

Our article presents the best device models that are on sale. The rating is based both on the characteristics of the BC, and on the quality of their work. This information was received both from specialists in the installation and connection of on-board systems, and from the direct owners. For the convenience of the reader, the most popular categories by type of car have been created.

The best on-board computers of a universal type

4 Autool X50 Plus

Autool X50 Plus on-board computer

This BC is installed, as a rule, on a dashboard and works with all cars whose standard systems support the OBD II protocol, and these are most modern foreign cars and domestic models of VAZ, Chevrolet Niva and others. This device allows you to monitor such quantities as fuel consumption and engine speed, voltage in the on-board network and many other parameters.

In addition, it reads computer error codes and can remove them. Also, with its help, it is possible to conduct various tests of the characteristics of the car. The built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen, choosing the optimal glow intensity. The device is connected using a cable and a connector, which many owners can do on their own. It is enough to know where the OBD II block is located in your car.

3 ORION BK-61 1

ORION BK-61 1 on-board computer

This on-board computer can be installed in a standard 1 DIN location (you can also hide the device in the glove box). It is compatible with the systems of almost all domestic cars (VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, Izh, Chevrolet, etc.) and can work with the entire range of DAEWOO and Renault Logan. Connection is possible both through diagnostic protocols (not all brands are supported), or directly to the sensors. The latter is especially true for carbureted cars, but in this case, the ORION BK-61 will not be available to work with information received from the car’s ECU (error codes and much more).

The user will enjoy convenient and intuitive navigation and a fully Russian-language interface. The LCD displays an image of an analog clock, which looks quite attractive outwardly. The backlight has a color selection and brightness adjustment. In addition, one of the best advantages of this on-board computer is the presence of a taximeter (to activate it, the car must have a speed sensor).

2 State X1-G

State X1-G on-board computer

An example of functional minimalism is the State X1-G on-board computer. It is intended for the model range of VAZ and Chevrolet Niva cars. The device is very popular with owners of domestic cars, because not all parameters are displayed on the dashboard. The device allows you to monitor such an important indicator as the temperature of the engine coolant. The BC is compact in size, it is easily mounted in place of the plug, which is on the front panel. The device organically fits into the interior of the cabin and does not cause problems with warranty service.

VAZ car owners are satisfied with the low price of BC, compact size, and good functionality. The instrument allows you to change some of the factory settings. The disadvantages include the need to decrypt errors, low information content of the display.

1 Multitronics VG1031UPL

Multitronics VG1031UPL on-board computer

The Multitronics VG1031UPL on-board computer has the optimal set of options that will suit the average car enthusiast. The device has most of the necessary features, and the compact display shows the entire amount of data. You can get additional information about the technical condition of the car by connecting the device via the OBD II interface. In this case, other loops do not need to be connected. The device has a simple but cute design, and it is easy to attach it to the windshield or dashboard. Information on the display is well read even in sunny weather.

The advantages of the Multitronics VG1031UPL on-board computer are considered by consumers to be a universal design, a sufficient set of functions, reliable operation at low temperatures, and an anti-reflective display. Motorists are not happy with the size of the display and uncomfortable buttons.

The best on-board computers for VAZ

3 Multitronics C-340

Multitronics C-340 on-board computer

The optimal solution for cars of the VAZ family (model range Samara and Samara-2). This device can monitor the quality of the filled fuel by the smallest changes in the nature of the engine, which allows you to avoid suppliers of a low-quality product in the future. The color display of the on-board computer can reflect the main engine parameters and calculated data on speed, fuel consumption, distance traveled, etc.

The BC not only reads ECU errors, but can also delete them. Particularly attractive is the voice accompaniment of all modes, as well as the sounding of the displayed parameters. When a malfunction is detected (system testing is carried out throughout the entire operation time), the owner immediately receives a voice notification. Moreover, Multitronics C-340 is able to voice the decoding of the error that has occurred. Among other things, this one of the most «advanced» on-board computers can be used as an oscilloscope (you need a special cable) to diagnose sensors. Work with gas equipment is also supported (calculated corrections allow more rational use of «blue» fuel).

2 Staff 110×4-M Zoom

Staff 110×4-M Zoom on-board computer

A whole set of diagnostic and auxiliary functions can be offered to its owner by the on-board computer State 110 × 4-M Zoom. This device is designed for installation in a regular place on the dashboard of VAZ 2110-21123 cars and can display up to 10 displays, the output parameters of which can be selected directly by the user. The device monitors emergency situations in engine operation, reads ECM error codes and gives their textual interpretation. In addition, the on-board computer has a lot of informative messages (low fuel level in the tank, time to replace consumables, and even warns about the expiration of the insurance policy).

One of the strongest advantages of this BC, many owners consider the presence of the «Plasmer» function, which makes it easier to start the engine in cold weather. Also very useful is the «Tropic», which changes the temperature of the operation of the cooling system fan, allowing you to warm up the interior more intensively. The Fast and the Furious mode, which resets the internal combustion engine settings to factory settings, can be used when switching from one type of fuel to another (gas / gasoline).

1 Gamma GF 315T

Gamma GF 315T trip computer

The BC is installed in a regular place on the instrument panel, and is compatible with the electronic engine control systems of VAZ 2109-2113 cars. The on-board computer is quite informative and can monitor the parameters of the motor, calculate the speed and record it (the so-called black box), read controller errors (their removal is available) and many other functions, including an organizer, temperature overboard, etc.

The on-board computer has a special sport mode that displays maximum speed, peak speed, estimated time to accelerate to 100 km / h or pass a section of the road. Also useful is the engine test mode, which allows you to check most of the parameters of its operation for deviations from the norm. Among other things, this BC has the most reliable memory and will promptly remind the owner of the approaching deadline for changing the oil in the internal combustion engine or gearbox, filters of various systems, timing belts and generator, and even spark plugs.

The best on-board computers for the Chevrolet Niva

3 Multitronics C-570

Multitronics C-570 on-board computer

One of the most popular on-board computers for the Chevrolet Niva is installed in a regular place on the dashboard instead of a control lamp unit. It has a small LCD display that displays both line data and visual images (hour dial or speedometer with tachometer). In addition, all information can be duplicated by a voice synthesizer, including warnings. The most important advantage of this model is the ability to use it as a parking sensors — the model supports the connection of two radar sensors.

The on-board computer turns on the dipped headlights at the beginning of the movement, keeps refueling logs, analyzes the quality of gasoline, monitors the economy, the voltage level in the network, and performs many other useful functions. If an error occurs in the engine management system, it immediately informs the driver about it. If necessary, it is possible to remove them. The great popularity of Multitronics C-570 is also affected by the presence of advanced diagnostics of car systems, which takes into account up to 30 different indicators.

2 Prestige-V55

Prestige-V55 on-board computer

The on-board computer for the Chevrolet Niva has a built-in speech synthesizer and can duplicate the modes and parameters of the output data, as well as make voice warnings and voice possible malfunctions. Despite the fact that the Prestige-V55-01 supports operability with various ECU models and may well be considered a universal device, in our rating we have chosen it specifically for the Chevrolet Niva. A convenient and intuitive menu with the function of programming operating modes, software updates via the Internet and the ability to install in any suitable place in the cabin, whether it be a dashboard or a windshield, are the undeniable advantages of the model.

Engine diagnostics, injector operation control and many other parameters can be displayed on the device screen. In addition, such calculated readings as instantaneous fuel consumption, speed, remaining fuel in the tank (it is necessary to calibrate the fuel sensor) and others are available to him. The on-board computer analyzes operational performance for the reporting period (from one trip to a month), There are more than seven built-in functions, including a taximeter, an econometer and programmable alerts (including speeding), which makes this model one of the most practical to use .

1 Chevy State Vector-L

State «Chevy» Vector-L on-board computer

The device is installed instead of the standard block of control lamps on the Chevrolet Niva dashboard. At the same time, the on-board computer completely duplicates the BCL indication and outwardly does not attract excessive attention to itself — it looks very organic. The memory of the device does not depend on an external power source, which allows you to connect it from the ignition switch. The device has the ability to diagnose the parameters of the internal combustion engine, sees and decodes the error codes of the injection system. A large selection of multi-displays for different modes of operation of the car will facilitate the perception of the necessary information.

In addition, the trip computer displays data on fuel consumption, speed and much more. This equipment can work with alternative types of fuel and has several preset special modes for vehicle operation in winter. By the way, the display remains operational down to -30 ° C, which is not available to all models. One of the most attractive features is the ability to mark the full filling of the cylinder (for cars running on gas) and calculate the remaining mileage.

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