10 best nude lipsticks


Glossy magazines, social networks and television openly declare the need for bright makeup for every woman. According to many, it is better not to choose between emphasizing the eyes or lips, but to choose both. At least, with such a «war paint» you definitely cannot be left without attention. However, some girls do not like catchy makeup, and prefer translucent tint balms to all saturated colors. Someone is not allowed to wear makeup because of a work or school dress code. In such situations, nude shades of lipsticks come to the rescue.

It is incredibly difficult to choose from a matte and wet finish, to decide between classic and liquid forms today. In order to make the right decision in favor of the best nude lipstick, we recommend using our rating based on consumer reviews. Then the purchase will bring only joy.

TOP 10 best nude lipsticks

10 Vivienne Sabo Rouges a Levres Cabaret

Vivienne Sabo Rouges a Levres Cabaret

Nude lipstick with a metallic tint has settled in the cosmetic bags of many girls for a long time. Dense coverage, surprising for such an inexpensive product, covers the natural color of the lips in one layer. Moisturizing, nourishing and comfortable application comes from natural oils and special ingredients that help keep the skin smooth and hydrated. The pleasant fruity aroma of retro lipstick will cheer you up for the whole day. The coating lies on the lips like a hygienic balm, there is no feeling of heaviness and dryness even with such dense shades.

Girls note a high duration of use of the product. For many, this will be an obvious and positive factor. The coating will withstand hot tea and a light lunch. Not every luxury lipstick can boast of this. Accordingly, it is very pleasant that the manufacturers of such a budget tool took care of their customers.

9 Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Nude

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Nude

The classic line of lip products of this brand has been on the market for many years. In addition to the standard glossy shades, characterized by high pigmentation and brightness, the company has recently released a collection of matte lipsticks. Moreover, the velvet coating in this case is ideally combined with nude shades that visually enlarge the lips. Unlike other matte products, this product does not dry out the lips due to the beneficial oils in the composition. However, the coating does not become completely matte even after several hours. For some, this will be a big plus, because the product will definitely not dry the skin.

In use, according to the reviews of the girls, lipstick proved to be the best. The combination of low price, rich color and quality makes many customers come back again and again for this nude line. A pleasant aroma becomes a nice bonus to such an inexpensive lipstick. It really moisturizes the lips, does not dry them out and stays on.

8 MAC Retro Matte

MAC Retro Matte

Stylish minimalist design of this product from the professional cosmetics segment has captivated more than one girl. The pleasant aroma of the composition, characteristic of all lipsticks of this brand, provides comfortable application and uplifting mood. The collection features nude shades, which can also be found in the line of classic lipsticks with a wet finish. However, in a particular product, not only the neutrality of colors in some samples is combined, but also a resistant matte finish. The manufacturer promises durability up to 8 hours, no rolling and chipping. For a better and more precise application, a droplet applicator is built into the bottle, which helps to accurately outline the contour of the lips.

More girls are perfect for this nude lipstick. Many consider it the best in their cosmetic bag. The velvety texture allows you to create a discreet, but at the same time effective and eye-catching makeup. For some women, the product did not fit, there was dryness. Makeup artists advise moisturizing lips well before applying. Then the coating will delight beautiful ladies with durability, color and will not cause a feeling of discomfort.

7 Too Faced Natural Nude

Too Faced Natural Nude

Luxurious creamy lipstick is packaged in a remarkable and stylish matte bottle. Its surface is decorated with a white lace ornament. The catchy design is just a small plus from among the other advantages that this line, which consists of nude shades, has. Each stick mainly contains coconut oil. It helps to achieve a smooth application. The color does not smudge and stays on the lips well. In many ways, the main component of the product is also responsible for constant hydration. The oily and highly pigmented coating is not felt on the skin and leaves behind a pleasant feeling.

Girls speak positively about this rather expensive lipstick. Particularly satisfied are those who have tried all the methods of applying the product recommended by the manufacturer. For example, for lightness and invisibility of makeup, the company advises to distribute the composition only on the lower part and make the shade invisible with the lips. Can also be applied with fingers. It will provide not only a light, weightless coverage, but will also allow you not to renew the product after 6 hours, as it “impresses” the color into the skin.

6 Pupa I’m Pupa

Pupa I’m Pupa

The palette of the budget Italian brand pleases the fair sex with pleasant creamy colors in the collection. The famous line of lipsticks has two finishes — glossy and matte. For a more natural look, we advise you to opt for the first one. The product is carefully packed in a cardboard box, and the stick itself is hidden in a metal case. This design raises the level of respect for an inexpensive brand that allows itself to sell products with the chic of luxury cosmetics. The reviews of the girls confirm that it is pleasant to use the tool. The gel-like formula provides an even and smooth application. The final color does not lie with a film. It absorbs and becomes a «second skin».

The high concentration of pigments appealed to a large number of women. Many note a really dense coating and rich color from the first layer. Forum members in the reviews are happy to mention the pleasant sweet aroma of the product. However, it categorically did not fit some girls — it flowed into the folds of the lips, spread and smeared over the face. The manufacturer in this case advises using a pencil when applying and a powder base.

5 L’Oreal Paris Riche Intence

L’Oreal Paris Riche Intence

The collection of comfortable and nourishing lip sticks has been replenished with rich nude shades. The effect of care is achieved with the help of useful components in the composition. The melting texture is not felt on the lips and allows girls to layer color if necessary. However, the coating itself is distinguished not only by its care properties, but also by its dense saturated pigment. Even a weightless color will beautifully fall on the lips after the first application. The creamy oily texture does not spread, behaves well in the heat and protects the skin from the first cold weather. High durability helps the product stay on the skin for a long time.

The comfort of application is confirmed by a large number of women. The moisturizing effect due to the long “life time” of the coating lasts all day. The most convenient cut in the form of a drop helps to accurately distribute the product without the help of a pencil, which is also a definite plus. A pleasant aroma that has not changed for many years evokes a feeling of nostalgia.

4 NYX Lip Lingerie

NYX Lip Lingerie

The entire specific line from this brand is created as an ideal tool for creating nude lips. The matte finish that remains after application is durable and wear-resistant. The creamy formula does not dry out the lips and protects them from the effects of the external environment. Due to the composition, the product is not felt at all, but it looks great and holds well. According to reviews, makeup can endure several meals and a coffee break.

In the palette of shades there are colors that will suit any girl. In the collection, you can also find provocative pigments, for example, a cool gray-violet, which, however, looks amazing when applied correctly and combined with clothes. Amazing red, which does not look flashy and catchy, has earned the love of many customers. They note the ease of application, which provides a flat applicator with short fibers. With it, you can carefully circle the lips and carefully paint over the center.

3 Make Up Factory

make up factory

Delicate creamy lipstick with a pleasant aroma. It fits well on the lips and moisturizes them for a long time. The smoothing of the skin surface is due to the hop extract in the composition. It prolongs the erasing time and helps in imparting an unrivaled shine. The rich pigment in the formula delivers deep color from the first application. Despite the «nude» shade, it fits snugly and without bald spots. However, translucent application is also possible.

The stick with a creamy consistency is packaged in a stylish metal-look bottle. Interesting packaging is a pleasure to hold in your hands. The coloring agent itself has a peculiar cut, which facilitates the application of lipstick. Despite the fact that it is better to use it in tandem with a pencil, you can outline the contour for a natural make-up with this independent product. Girls speak positively about him.

2 Clarins Joli Rouge

Clarins Joli Rouge

The famous French lipstick was radically changed a few years ago. After the accepted innovations, manufacturers began to add mango butter to the formula. It is known for its healing properties and helps the stick literally melt on the lips. Creamy oily texture, thus, lays down a weightless veil. The coating does not roll off during the day, the company promises the durability of this product up to 6 hours. Soleros extract in the composition helps to nourish the skin with moisture. In addition, visual swelling of the lips after application will be a significant plus.

Consumers note that the tool is not as persistent as the manufacturer promises, but it holds well and disappears gradually. The effect of moisturizing and rich color will be noticeable only when layering the product. Otherwise, it is just a good lipstick, which should be in every makeup bag. The nude shades in the collection are 747, 751, 746, 750 and 745.

1 Kylie Jenner Liquid Lipstick Kit

Kylie Jenner Liquid Lipstick Kit

An unusually popular set on the Internet also made it to our rating and became the most expensive one in it. Many girls dream of a product from a famous American socialite, but cannot afford it due to the high cost. Nevertheless, the price is absolutely justified by the erasing time and the complete set of the set. First of all, consumers will not have to think about choosing a contour pencil to match the color of the main product. The necessary product is provided in a stylish white box. The liquid texture of the product helps in quick and easy application. The shade is not faded, the most saturated. After a while, the coating becomes completely matte.

According to reviews, girls note the high durability of nude shades. However, they warn that the product should not be layered to avoid excessive dryness, characteristic of matte coatings. This trick will also get rid of possible chips and cracks. Lipstick Kit survives both hearty meals and hot coffee, while looking natural on the lips.

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