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Skin cleansing is one of the first steps to beauty. This is especially true for women who actively use decorative cosmetics, which tend to clog pores. But in fact, not only the remains of cosmetic components, but also keratinized particles or impaired functioning of the sebaceous glands, and even dust in the air can pollute the skin of the face. As a result — permanent acne, oily sheen or vice versa dryness, uneven tone and lack of tissue tone. With regular cleansing procedures, you can avoid such problems and one of the most effective options is masks.

In addition to cleansing, masks can additionally have, for example, a detox effect, remove pigmentation, give elasticity, nourish the skin with vitamins. When choosing a cleansing mask, it is important to pay attention to its composition and take an interest in the reviews of real customers. To make your choice easier, we have compiled a selection of the best face masks based on forum ratings and overall reputation.

TOP 10 best cleansing face masks

10 Skinlite “Bubble. Volcanic ash»

This effective Korean mask is a disposable black impregnated cloth sealed in a sachet. The reviews note that the mask immediately after opening gives a reaction to oxygen, so it must be used immediately. Having straightened it on your face, from the first minutes you will feel slight tingling, and in this regard, the manufacturer warns that it is permissible to keep the cleansing mask on your face for no more than 10-15 minutes, in order to avoid irritation.

Micromassage will first expand the pores to get out all the impurities and toxins, but after washing with warm water, they will gradually begin to shrink. Apple and anise extracts, hyaluronic acid, a complex of fruit acids represented by lemon, papaya, orange and blueberries were used as active components, and the basis for all these components was the volcanic ash, which became famous as the best absorbent of cosmetic residues.

9 Vilenta Skin Perfector

This white clay mask is the best budget solution for sensitive skin as it contains a soothing phyto-complex. Witch hazel in combination with aloe vera will restore the epidermis and heal traces of post-acne; kaolin will dissolve impurities and lighten the skin slightly; zinc oxide will remove oily shine, give the skin a haze; and menthol will give a slight cooling effect. The mask is widely distributed, and has a low price, which makes it the most purchased.

Vilenta Skin Perfector has a recognizable bright design. Moderately thick texture of the product is easy to apply and will definitely surprise with its rich blue color. You can keep the mask on your face for no more than 20 minutes. It is permissible to carry out such cleansing procedures 1-2 times a week. After use, the skin tone is evened out, the pores are noticeably narrowed, the pigmentation brightens. The cost savings will also be an advantage.

8 Planeta Organica Secrets of Arctica «On arctic peat and kaolin»

The first thing you should pay attention to is that the manufacturer claims that the ingredients for creating the Secrets of Arctica cleansing mask “On Arctic peat and kaolin” are imported straight from Iceland, where ecology is at the highest level. The composition will really pleasantly surprise you with a large number of natural ingredients. Peat, formed over the course of a century, draws out toxins from the pores and fills the skin cells with ions, while kaolin will take over the fight against excess sebum.

The ultra-delicate texture, interspersed with retinol microcapsules, spreads easily and has a sweet, powdery scent that will not leave you for some time. It is very important that the product does not contain parabens, dyes and comedogenic components, and is not tested on animals. Immediately after applying the mask, you can notice the smoothness and uniformity of the skin and, of course, its purity; after 4 procedures, black dots can be forgotten.

7 Crown of Siberia Erilem Argentum «With persimmon juice and melon pulp»

As you know, it is clay that is considered the best natural absorbent in cosmetology. So, as part of the mask of the Russian manufacturer «Crown of Siberia», three types of mountain Altai clay were collected: blue, green and white. The manufacturer promises effective cleansing of even critically clogged pores after the first application. A set of alpha hydroxy acids produces a regenerating effect similar to salon peeling.

The mask will also be useful for owners of dry, dull skin, since the manufacturer diversified the composition of the product with melon pulp, vervain oil and persimmon juice — a combination of all these ingredients will enrich the tissues with vitamins, micro and macro elements. According to customer reviews, the skin is smoothed, the face becomes fresher, black dots are removed, the epidermis is moisturized, peeling is eliminated. The mask is very easy to apply and dries in about 10 minutes.

6 Petitfee Jeju Volcanic Clay Blackhead Mask

Volcano ash, sea salt, tangerine, kaolin, floral extracts (chamomile, calendula, tulip) — the combination of all these components gave women a product that can change the structure of enlarged pores, which are a common cause of inflammation and oily sheen. Jeju ash is known to be the best absorbent; sea ​​salt has strong antimicrobial properties; kaolin activates the synthesis of collagen — the source of youth.

According to cosmetologists, after using the mask, the complexion improves, blood microcirculation in thin layers increases, and most importantly, the pores breathe! Chamomile and calendula are excellent soothing ingredients that prevent inflammation. And thanks to the essence of mandarin, after you wash off the product from your face, you will not leave a feeling of freshness and tone throughout the day.

5 The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Daily Mask Foam

Lava ash, which is part of this Korean foam mask, draws impurities from the pores according to the principle of a magnet. The manufacturer used lavender extract not only to flavor the mask, but also to make the cleansing procedure delicate and gentle. The product is ideal for oily skin, as it contains sebum-regulating ingredients such as orange and grapefruit, which also lighten the skin slightly.

In the reviews, many consider the mask format to be the most convenient, because it is a 2 in 1 product that is suitable for everyday use as a facial wash or a cleansing mask. The symbiosis of rosemary and algae helps to activate the metabolic processes of the epidermis, supplying oxygen and enhancing cell regeneration. The positive effect of the mask is noticeable after the first application: the number of black dots decreases, inflammation disappears, pores narrow.

4 Nature’s Purifying Face Mask

An effective mask from the Italian brand of professional cosmetics is suitable for any type of skin, but it has become one of the best due to its high-quality composition, from which animal fats are excluded. Nature’s Purifying Face Mask tightens pores and removes sebum plugs in them. The basis for the mask was clay and bergamot infusion, rich in acids, often used for cosmetic purposes to rejuvenate and renew keratinized skin.

Cleansing is deep, but quite gentle, the mask does not dry the skin at all, but even nourishes it, because you can also see oils in the composition: olive, almond, jojoba and vitamin E. With regular use (2 times a week for a month), it tightens oval of the face and the relief of tissues is leveled. The volume of 50 ml is enough for more than 10 procedures. The only drawback is the fact that the mask is not widely distributed in cosmetic stores, but this problem can be solved, because it can be purchased on the Internet even cheaper.

3 Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

With the help of a mask created on the basis of volcano ash, you can not only cleanse, but also heal the epidermis. Green tea, orchid and camellia, chocolate tree, mandarin and bamboo essence are only half of the organic composition. Walnut and lactic acid, exfoliating dead cells, activate the process of their regeneration, thereby, as it were, renewing the skin.

But the key ingredient is volcanic clay from Jeju Island, a natural sebum absorbent that tends to clog pores, creating a favorable environment for bacteria, which ultimately leads to acne and inflammation. If you have problematic skin, then this is the best option for regular cleansing in order to improve your skin. According to customer reviews, the mask significantly reduces the amount of acne after two procedures. Healthy radiance and skin tone — guaranteed.

2 Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask

The Elizavecca brand mask, famous for its huge range of effective skin care cosmetics, will deeply cleanse the pores of fatty particles that clog them, as well as the remnants of decorative cosmetics. In the composition, plant components flicker one after another that contribute to delicate care: eucalyptus oil, aloe juice, blackcurrant extract, propolis, swallow’s nest.

By the way, the swallow’s nest is a seaweed and small plankton of the coasts, which are glued together by bird saliva — a real storehouse of micro and macro elements. The component often flashes in the compositions of luxury cosmetic products, because it has the effect of stopping skin aging. Gold and collagen are two other anti-aging ingredients that restore firmness and health to tissues. This Korean mask will be the best for women over 30, as it cleanses and restores at the same time.

1 Holika Holika Soda Clean Pore Deep Bubble Mask

The cleansing mask from the Korean company Holika Holika, one of the most popular, is today the absolute leader in terms of price-quality ratio. The key component of the composition was ordinary soda. Sodium carbonate perfectly cleans pores mechanically and regulates sebum production without drying the skin. But this soda is not so simple: after application to the face, a voluminous foam appears — these are oxygen bubbles that saturate the epidermis with excipients.

Tea tree extract is famous for its effective bactericidal action and the ability to soothe the skin, relieve inflammation from it. Grape seed oil is an antioxidant that protects against negative environmental influences and neutralizes free radicals, while kiwi extract will become a source of vitamins B, C, E and macronutrients: calcium and magnesium.

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