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Improper nutrition, stress at work, the environment — all these factors can cause such an unpleasant disease as dysbacteriosis. The intestinal microflora is very susceptible to any changes in the body of an adult. It can take a long time to recover from a big feast, long-term use of antibiotics or strict diets.

With the following symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor to prescribe medications for dysbacteriosis:

  • Frequent diarrhea or constipation. Often there can be an alternation.
  • Constant bloating and discomfort in it, pain or cramps.
  • Nausea and belching.
  • Possible itching in the anus.

TOP 10 best drugs for the intestines

10 Polysorb


A universal and complex remedy can also help in the treatment of dysbacteriosis. The effectiveness of Polysorb is achieved due to the high concentration of absorbent substances. For intestinal infections, an emergency initiation of powder therapy is recommended. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions, observe the proportions and use only fresh solution for greater effectiveness. The treatment helps to restore balance in the intestines through cleansing, and the powder formula allows you to relieve pain as early as the fourth minute after application.

Polysorb is approved for use by pregnant and lactating women. In addition, a convenient form of the solution is advised to be given to children from birth. People who have undergone therapy claim that the drug is useful only in the first stages of dysbacteriosis and will be effective only with the first symptoms. However, it should be used with caution and be sure to consult a specialist if the patient’s health situation does not improve.

9 Hilak Forte

Hilak Forte

Drops for oral administration are used mainly for the treatment of diarrhea and indigestion. Despite this, the list of indications for use includes the normalization of the composition of microflora. This process takes place in a biological way, which is facilitated by the formula of the drops. A complex positive effect on the body is also expressed in the normalization of the acidity of the stomach. During the reception, a noticeable strengthening of the patient’s immunity is observed.

For the convenience of treatment, drops are advised to be diluted in any warm liquid, with the exception of all types of animal milk. Water will be the ideal environment for patients of all ages. Such a solution can be used even for the treatment of infants. Possible side effects include allergies, diarrhea and constipation. In this case, the use should be stopped and consult a doctor.

8 Duphalac


The effectiveness of this drug lies in lactulose. The substance at the chemical level helps the breakdown of the disaccharide. The process lowers blood pressure and has a positive effect on the mucous membranes. However, all representatives of this class, including Dufalac, cannot be used for intestinal obstruction. If the patient is diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, you should either refuse to use it or visit a doctor’s consultation to indicate the required dosage.

The drug has a fairly wide list of side effects. It can negatively affect both the digestive and central nervous systems. Simultaneous administration with antibiotics is also not recommended. The latter can reduce the effectiveness of Duphalac at times. Release form — syrup with a measuring cup.

7 Bifiform


The capsules of this medicine contain not only bifidobacteria. They also contain other bacteria that help restore comfort in the abdomen. In addition to the elimination of dysbacteriosis, Bifiform is recommended to be taken against diarrhea, rotavirus infections and acute intestinal diseases. A convenient capsule form of release allows you to combine private intake with activity — it is necessary to repeat therapy every four hours in case of exacerbation of diseases.

Reviews that this product is the best in the class against dysbacteriosis can be found almost everywhere. Bifiform is prescribed to patients with lactose intolerance. Some note the convenience of use in combination with antibiotics. The disadvantages may be the duration of therapy — 21 days for diseases of the microflora of the digestive tract. In addition, the treatment of children under three years of age with these capsules is prohibited.

6 Florin forte

Florin forte

The prebiotic is available as a powder for suspension and oral administration. The drug should be diluted in liquid food. To speed up the action, pharmacists advise mixing the contents of the sachet with a fermented milk product, kefir is ideal. To normalize the health of babies, Florin forte is bred in breast milk. This type of application restores the intestinal microflora, has an immunomodulatory, antidiarrheal and digestive effect. Many note that the solution works great when paired with antihistamine tablets to combat allergies.

Bulk medicine is characterized by low price and availability. Users highly appreciate its quality in the fight against diseases of the mucous membranes, and also note the local strengthening of immunity. The downside, according to many people conducting therapy with Florin Forte, is an inconvenient release form. The sachets are difficult to open without the danger of losing valuable milligrams of the drug. In addition, the temperature standards for storing the powder (from +10 to 0 degrees) become an obstacle for treatment outside the home.

5 Linex


One of the most popular products for dysbacteriosis contains eubiotics. This type of microorganism affects the active production of lactic acid, which helps in the fight against various types of intestinal problems and diseases of other mucous membranes of the human body. The work of the component is to shift to the acid side, in which harmful bacteria die and beneficial bacteria multiply. In addition, Linex helps to synthesize vitamin B, ascorbic acid and generally strengthen the oppressed immune system.

The drug is well tolerated by pregnant and lactating women. In general, it has no contraindications, except for unpredictable reactions to lactic acid. Usually this type of medication is contraindicated in patients with lactose allergy. For the treatment of children under 3 years of age, it is recommended to dilute the powder from the open Linex capsule in breast milk or its substitute.

4 Probifor


Bifidobacterium class product. Its active action, aimed at restoring the intestines, is associated with activated charcoal, to which bifidobacteria are attached. Thus, they penetrate faster, begin purification and a direct fight against dysbacteriosis, which brings results sooner. Probifor can also be used to get rid of diarrhea and ARVI, when the patient’s immunity is weakened, and the mucous membranes are prone to inflammation and ulcers.

The drug receives a positive assessment from users. Young mothers note its effectiveness in the treatment of intestinal diseases in children and even infants. The use can be started even in old age, but a doctor’s consultation is necessary. The only significant disadvantage when buying can be the overpriced price of tablets.

3 Bifidumbacterin


The probiotic is available in two forms — capsules and powder for suspension. The biological origin of the drug is due to the presence of bifidobacteria in it — a long-standing fighter for the stabilization of the intestinal microflora. For a long time, this type of tablet is considered the best of its kind. The medicine will be an excellent choice for cleansing the body. Activated charcoal in the composition will help with severe intoxication. Ideal for getting rid of problems with the digestive system in expectant mothers.

A significant disadvantage may be the content of lactose in the structure of the capsules. In case of individual lactose intolerance, the medication is not recommended. According to reviews, Bifidumbacterin is basically suitable for all categories of patients. It is praised for its versatility (can be taken by children), for its active work with antibiotics and for its availability.

2 Acylact


The suppository version of the product perfectly fights any kind of dysbacteriosis. The powder helps to cope with the problems of all the mucous membranes in the body. In addition, it will help restore the patient’s immunity and help with the acceleration of metabolism. The drug can be used to treat people of all ages, it is universal. It has no side effects and contraindications, and can also be prescribed for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

A significant disadvantage may be the form of release. The solution allows you to use the medicine on different parts of the body — in the form of tampons, inside and for rinsing. Nevertheless, its use in the middle of the working day may seem to someone inconvenient and difficult. The low price of Atsilact will be an indisputable plus.

1 Lactobacterin


The drug is available in two different forms — tablets and suppositories. The main task is to effectively combat the restoration of beneficial bacteria on different mucous membranes. Lactobacterin is usually taken for dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity and intestines. The obvious advantage of the drug is not only its versatility, but also the possibility of using it for the treatment of babies. Tablets can be given to children from the first days of life, and suppositories are intended for adult use only.

The main active ingredient in the formula are lactobacilli. They go well with antibiotics and do not have a negative effect on the liver. Nevertheless, due to only one necessary term, the remedy cannot be called a complex medicine that helps cleanse the body. This inexpensive drug will not help patients with severe disease.

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