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Protein bars are functional nutrition in a convenient portion format. Due to their high protein content, they are especially popular with athletes and nutritionists. Also, bars serve as a compromise alternative to harmful sweets, because they do not contain sugar and have a more balanced composition.

They contain either one or more types of protein, vitamin supplements, and sometimes fat burners. Most often covered with chocolate or yogurt icing and have a variety of flavors, from «nutty» and «chocolate» to «tiramisu» and «blueberry pie». They are convenient to take with you to training, on the road or to the office to satisfy your hunger. Due to the high protein content, the feeling of satiety is maintained for a long time.

Rating of the best protein bars

Weider 40% Low Carb 50g

Weider 40% Low Carb 50g protein bar

German bars have won the love of athletes around the world. They contain several types of protein (milk, soy, collagen), which makes their composition unique. Milk protein allows the body to evenly receive energy throughout the day, avoiding sudden spikes in sugar in the body. Soy protein helps create a beautiful muscular relief that attracts many looks and makes you feel envious. Collagen protein is responsible for the health of joints and skin. One serving (50g) easily replaces one protein shake. You no longer have to fiddle with dishes and strive to obtain the desired consistency, spending a lot of time.

Like many other protein strips, these are sugar-free, but with a high-quality sweetener in a non-addictive formula. The flavor line is quite banal, but it is especially worth noting the bar with the taste of stracciatella, which is extremely rare in other brands. Judging by customer reviews, it most closely resembles marzipan. Not cloying, but at the same time bright taste, will appeal to many. Dense texture, thin layer of glaze and pleasant aroma make these strips one of the best.

Quest nutrition quest bar


60 grams of a delicious snack are individually packaged, decorated with the brand logo and the image of the main ingredients. A rich selection of flavors is a real dream for those with a sweet tooth. Athletes can indulge in delicious combinations — raspberry and white chocolate, waffles with maple syrup, hazelnut chocolate, birthday cake, mocha chocolate and other delicacies.

The nutritional component is a multicomponent protein (here it is about 20 grams). But carbohydrates, on the contrary, are no more than 4 grams, and all of them are of natural origin. Energy value — 178 kcal per serving. The absence of sugar and trans fats is a significant advantage. The manufacturer guarantees that the sweet product will be an excellent alternative to traditional desserts and will not harm the figure in any way!

VP Laboratory High Protein Fitness 50g

VP Laboratory High Protein Fitness 50g protein bar

The manufacturer offers several options (banana, strawberry and chocolate), representing the classics of sports nutrition. Also, the composition contains a large amount of fiber, which positively affects the metabolism and the state of the body as a whole.

You should not replace the main meals with protein bars, they are only an additional source of energy that allows you not to overeat and not get carried away with snacks, as well as reduce cravings for sweets. Each serving (50g) contains about 180 kcal, so it will seamlessly fit into the daily allowance of both losing weight and gaining weight. Brand snacks are covered with a thin layer of chocolate glaze. The consistency is viscous, because of which they can stick to the teeth. Judging by the reviews, the chocolate strip is the best in taste, because it has the least pronounced «chimous» taste.

O12 waffle 65g

O12 waffle 65g protein bar

Unique protein bar offers O12. Its unusualness lies in the fact that it is waffle. No manufacturer produces this type of sports nutrition, so it’s already worth a try. The crispy healthy snack comes in five different flavors: three with nuts and two with berries. A strip with hazelnuts and chocolate is very popular. The brand’s bars are made without sugar, and stevia is used as a sweetener, known for its beneficial properties and considered a «super food».

Stylish packaging immediately attracts the attention of buyers, so it cannot be left unnoticed. The composition of the product is written on the label, the manufacturer can be trusted, he uses only natural products, thanks to which healthy snacks do not have a “chemical” aroma and unpleasant aftertaste. They can be consumed at any time of the day, using as a snack. They go well with coffee or tea, turning even a very short break into a pleasant ritual. Waffle bars containing protein will be the best ingredient in the recipe for a healthy beautiful body.

SCHWARZ Protein 33% 50g

SCHWARZ Protein 33% 50g protein bar

Good bars are produced by a domestic manufacturer. A large line of unusual flavors will delight any, even the most sophisticated, athlete. A fairly simple composition without the addition of «harmful» components will be an excellent addition to the main diet. It can be consumed either before an energy-intensive workout, or after. It will help restore strength and have a positive effect on muscle mass. The special prebiotics included in the composition will ensure good digestion of food, which means they will improve metabolism, which plays an important role in the race for a beautiful body.

Protein bars without sugar, but with a high-quality sweetener, thanks to which the calorie content of one strip is only 150g. Natural pieces of berries, fruits and nuts make the taste rich and rich. Thanks to Schwartz, sports nutrition is no longer tasteless, although many unaccustomed consumers find these snacks too sweet. In general, this is a great option for those with a sweet tooth who find it hard to refuse dessert. The bar will be the best and healthiest alternative to it. The only drawback is the high price, but the taste easily compensates for this.

BombBar Natural Bar + Vitamin C 60g

BombBar Natural Bar + Vitamin C 60g protein bar

Perhaps the most famous useful strips are produced by BombBar. A very wide range, easy availability and an ideal price-quality ratio are combined in them. Whey protein and casein dominate in the composition, making up 40% in total, which is quite a lot. The calorie content of the bars is very low, and the weight is large, this gives them another advantage over similar products. They are produced without yoghurt or chocolate icing, at first glance they look more like nougat, so they are ideal for consumption in warm weather, when the icing strives to melt.

The most popular flavor of snacks among athletes is «chocolate-hazelnut». It contains whole nuts, and together with chocolate, all this is a wonderful duet. They are not cloying, moderately sweet. Some note that snacks from BombBar give off a slightly powdery taste, and this is most often noticeable in fruit bars. A wide range allows you to find the one that you like the most. Useful strips of the brand can be called the best for their excellent composition, fast saturation and low cost.

IRONMAN Protein Bar with Collagen 50g

IRONMAN Protein Bar with Collagen 50g protein bar

Few people think about the role of collagen in human life. Nevertheless, it plays an important role in the race for beautiful and healthy skin, and is also responsible for the high wear resistance of joints and ligaments, which like to fail at the most inopportune moment. The Russian manufacturer has released a real «magic wand» for athletes — a protein bar with collagen. We can say that this is a breakthrough in the sports industry. The high content of quality whey protein, collagen and the coveted inscription «sugar free» make the bars the best.

They are recommended as a healthy dietary supplement during high-intensity workouts, but you should check with your doctor before using them. It is best to eat two strips a day, do not forget to take into account the parameters of the athlete and correctly calculate the dose. They should be consumed in a course for a month, then take a short break in the amount of a couple of weeks. Following the recommendations compiled by experts will help you achieve high sports results and conquer new horizons.

Base Bar 60g

Base Bar 60g protein bar

A fairly budget option for protein bars is offered by a domestic manufacturer. It is based on whey and milk protein, which helps to maintain a good mood and not feel hungry for several hours. To make the bar more useful and nutritious, the manufacturer added several vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on the state of the body. Fiber and prebiotics in the composition are responsible for comfortable digestion and a good metabolism. Snacks will take an important place not only in the diet of an athlete, but also in any person who seeks to create a complete menu and monitor their health.

The range of flavors is very unusual, so you should definitely try each one. Buyers note that the strips from Base Bar are quite sweet, but not cloying. They make a good low-calorie substitute for dessert (one serving contains no more than 250 kcal) or make a great healthy snack. The main distinguishing feature of snacks is their weight. Many strips come in 50g, but these are 60g. With such an attractive price and high-quality composition of the product, this snack option is one of the best.

LadyFitness Slim Bar 35g

LadyFitness Slim Bar 35g protein bar

The name already makes it clear that protein bars are intended for women who are fond of sports and strive to get a decent result. Light weight and low price will help to fit the snack even in the lowest calorie diet. The manufacturer recommends eating them a couple of times a day as a snack. Before training, you can eat it an hour before, or half an hour after. Just over 300 mg of L-carnitine will help fight fat deposits, 14% of protein will saturate the body, and the vitamin complex in the composition will support overall tone.

The flavor line is small, it consists of three types of bars that athletes have already fallen in love with: corn, raisins, banana. All of them have a good composition with a minimum amount of sugar. Flavoring additives are natural, so edible strips do not have the smell of «chemistry» and an unpleasant aftertaste. The texture is dense, they can be eaten on their own or with tea or coffee, they do not stick to the teeth and are easy to chew. This is a great option for a healthy snack. The only drawback that has been noticed is a rather large amount of carbohydrates, so you should not get carried away with them in the evening.

BODYBAR Protein 22% 50g

BODYBAR Protein 22% 50g protein bar

Bars, compared to others, contain a small amount of protein, but this is quite enough for those involved in amateur sports. As with many inexpensive options, the composition is dominated by milk and whey protein, which have undergone a high degree of purification. The strip is covered with dark chocolate, which is recommended by sports nutrition gurus. Few manufacturers can boast of a glaze with a high-quality composition, so Bodybar will appeal to all chocolate lovers.

The range of flavors is not high, but original: nuts, cherries, creme brulee and dried apricots with honey. Protein bars with cherries are very popular among sports fans. They note the harmonious combination of cherries and dark chocolate. When biting off, you can notice the slightly moist texture of the filling, which makes it easier to consume the snack — you don’t want to drink it right away. It cannot be said that the products of the brand are sugar-free, because they taste like an ordinary candy, but despite this, they contain a small amount of calories. In general, a great option for those who can not part with sweets.

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