Top 9 Tire Repair Sealants


Many drivers have had to get into an unpleasant situation when a wheel is damaged at the most inopportune moment. This can be a tread puncture with a nail or a self-tapping screw, as well as a side cut on the sharp edges of the curb.

Sealant is a special liquid that, upon contact with the environment, is able to vulcanize. Such properties allow you to eliminate small cuts and punctures of the wheel. Basically, the tool is used as a temporary measure to get to the tire shop.

Sealant Rating

9 K2 Tire Doctor

K2 Tire Doctor

Tire Doctor aerosol sealant is designed for emergency wheel repair in the most unforeseen situation. A specially designed unique composition in a convenient spray can with a hose will help you easily fix tire damage without resorting to replacing it.

In order to inflate a punctured wheel, you need to shake the bottle, connect the tire valve to the sealant tube and press the button. In a matter of seconds, the tire will be filled with compressed gas and a sealant, which, after being evenly distributed over the chamber, will allow you to continue driving without speed limits (if the pressure created in the cylinder is not enough, you should pump up the wheel).

8 RUNWAY Tire Sealant 650ml aerosol (RW6125)

RUNWAY Tire sealant 650ml aerosol (RW6125)

Designed for fast and efficient repair of tubeless tires of motorcycles, cars and trucks. Instantly seals a tire puncture up to 6mm and pumps it up. Does not require an additional tool. Does not cause wheel imbalance. Can be used to prevent a flat tire in the event of a puncture. Non-toxic, odorless! Tire safe, non-corrosive!

7 Hi-Gear Tire Doc HG5316 Sealant

Sealant Hi-Gear Tire Doc HG5316

Composition for the prevention and elimination of punctures tires Hi-Gear TIRE DOC. Means for preventive protection of tubed and tubeless tires from punctures and for emergency repair of flat tires in cars and trucks. Contains carbon fiber, which has a specific strength higher than that of steel, and polymers used in bulletproof vests. Absorbs moisture, does not dry out inside the wheel and prevents corrosion of discs. One «refueling» permanently eliminates dozens of small punctures or 8-10 punctures with a diameter of 5-6 mm. As the wheel rotates, the centrifugal force evenly distributes the composition. When punctured, the composition is squeezed out by air pressure into the hole and forms a strong elastic plug, similar to «raw rubber». hide.

6 Sealant LIQUI MOLY Reifen-Reparaturspray 3343

Sealant LIQUI MOLY Reifen-Reparaturspray 3343

For repairing and pumping punctures in tubeless tires when operating a car in places remote from the service. Allows you to get to the tire shop without changing the wheel. The contents of the cylinder are sufficient for pumping into a tire up to size 215. Do not use if the tire is off the rim or if the tire is torn.
Set the damaged wheel to a position where the valve is in a horizontal position. Bleed the rest of the air out of the tire. Screw the bottle fitting onto the valve and release the contents into the wheel. Disconnect the hose and immediately start driving, after a couple of kilometers check the tire pressure, if necessary, bring the pressure to normal.

Attention: the product is extremely flammable, do not use on open flames and near heated objects. Do not use if the tire is torn or comes off the rim. It is not recommended for use in the presence of a centralized tire pressure monitoring system. At negative temperatures, it is recommended to preheat the cylinder using the car’s standard heater.

5 Sealant ABRO QF-25-R

Sealant ABRO QF-25-R

ABRO Tire Repair Sealant is designed for quick repair and inflation of punctured tyres. Automatically balances the wheel. The pressure in the tire after treatment with filler reaches 2.4 atm. Most effective on tubeless tyres, but also repairs small punctures in tubes.

4 Sealant ROSSVIK GB.10.K.1

Sealant ROSSVIK GB.10.K.1

Rossvik Bead Sealant is used to seal leaks between the rim and bead of tubeless tires in passenger cars and trucks.

• Reliably seals damage to boards up to 3 mm in size.
• Special composition based on airtight rubber does not shrink and dries quickly. When dismantled, it is easily separated from the disks.
• When thickened, the sealant is easily diluted with Rossvik Buffer Cleaner.

3 Orange Seal Bottle Tubeless Tire

Orange Seal Bottle Tubeless Tire

One of the best bead sealants, excellent for tubeless tire damage (eliminates air leakage through a hole up to 1 cm in size). It is based on latex and is a thick solution with composite particles of different sizes.

The owners of cars who have applied this tool in practice express their complete satisfaction with the achieved result in their reviews. So, the sealant does an excellent job with numerous punctures on large tires (commercial vehicles and SUVs). To restore pressure in damaged cylinders, it is necessary to have a pump. Sealing occurs almost instantly — it is enough to make 2-3 turns of the wheel, and the tire will stop releasing pressure. The substance is able to perform its functions for 30 days — such stability is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

2 MOTUL P3 Tire Repair

MOTUL P3 Tire Repair

For a long time, the repair sealant of the French manufacturer has been considered the best, and, despite the high price, is popular with car owners. With the help of MOTUL P3 Tire Repair, you can completely restore a wheel that has received minor damage, and with a large diameter cut, drive to a repair shop.

Its unique composition based on high-quality natural rubber allows you to instantly fill existing defects, and the residue remains unchanged for a long time and is ready to prevent air leakage from the tire when new punctures appear. This emergency sealant makes it possible to continue driving at any speed, as it allows you to create pressure in the wheel of a car at the level of 2.0-2.4 atm., Depending on the internal volume of the wheel.

1 AirMan Sealant

AirMan Sealant

First-class anti-puncture from the Japanese brand. AirMan Sealant is one of the best tire sealants around, with an almost flawless reputation. According to motorists, he does an excellent job even with large cuts — he restores tires in a matter of minutes. True, to achieve the ideal result, in addition to the sealant itself, you will definitely need a pump.

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