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Repair is always the chores of choosing building materials, worries about the process and the end result. Key areas are the floor, ceiling and walls. We are talking about floor coverings, or rather a draft layer for laying laminate flooring — the substrate.

After laying the laminate, the substrate is no longer visible, but the life of the floor covering largely depends on its quality. Not all laminate buyers purchase and install underlayment. However, it performs a number of functions: damping, sound and moisture insulation, insulation, surface leveling. Its presence significantly increases the life of the laminate.

Laminate underlay rating

9 Ventilated underlayment «Penoterm» 3.5 mm 12 m²

Ventilated underlay «Penoterm» 3.5 mm 12 m²

Rolled ribbed material made of polyethylene foam, laminated with a polymer film.
The ribbed surface of the polymer substrate forms a system of air channels through which water vapor is removed when walking on the floor.

The polymer film on the substrate is an additional barrier between the finishing base of the floor and the laminate, providing additional waterproofing.

The Penoterm underlay compensates for small differences in floor level. Creates an even and firm base for flooring. Prevents damage to lock joints and the appearance of a creak when walking.

8 Cross-linked polyethylene foam

Underlayment EcoHeat PNP 2 mm 6 m²

EcoHeat PNP underlay refers to rolled materials, designed for laying under a laminate. The product acts as an insulating layer located between the finishing floor covering and the subfloor. The main material of manufacture is polyethylene foam. The functions of the underlay are moisture isolation, shock absorption, linear expansion compensation, sound absorption and additional thermal insulation.

7 Underlay for laminate and parquet board Secura Extra Aquastop 3mm

Underlay for laminate and parquet board Secura Extra Aquastop 3mm

The substrate is necessary to increase the service life of the coating, and this is at least two times. Also, the substrate acts as a shock absorber, taking on the main load.

    Secura Aquastop underlay is a 3 in 1 underlay integrated with vapor barrier and tape.

  • High sound insulation rate — neighbors below will hear less noise from steps, respectively, and sound insulation from neighbors below will be better.
  • A high rate of thermal insulation — if the floor is cold and there is a task to insulate the floor as much as possible.
  • Evens out uneven floors up to 2mm.
  • Base waterproofing layer — no need to additionally lay the film.
  • Easy to style accordion shape 5 times faster styling.

6 Underlay for laminate and parquet board Tuplex 3mm

Underlay for laminate and parquet board Tuplex 3mm

The substrate, due to its operational characteristics, significantly increases the service life of parquet and laminate. Tuplex Original underlay is designed for laminate, parquet:

  • Prevents the penetration of moisture due to the strong sealing of the strips of the substrate with a patch valve;
  • Under the substrate, constant air circulation, excess moisture is removed;
  • Perfectly retains its shape, has a high resistance to deformation;
  • Styrofoam balls reliably level small floor defects — 2, 3 mm;
  • Thermal insulation 0.08m2K/W;
  • Noise isolation 20dB.

5 Laminate underlay Pergo UNDERLAY FOAM 2 mm

Underlay for laminate Pergo UNDERLAY FOAM 2 mm

Pergo underlay is a modern underlay used for laminate flooring. Pergo offers underlay options for high or low traffic areas, as well as an option used to reduce operating noise.

4 Bonkeel Smart pad 9000x1050x3 mm

Underlayment Bonkeel Smart 9000х1050х3 mm

The universal underlay is suitable for any floor covering (laminate, natural wood parquet, linoleum, etc.). The underlay is used to eliminate floor irregularities up to 2-3 mm before laying the floor covering. It has excellent soundproofing and waterproofing properties. Such a substrate can be used when installing the floor in any room — residential, commercial or public.

3 Substrate NPE 5mm 1mx25m (25m2/roll)

Substrate NPE 5mm 1mx25m (25m2/roll)

Porilex NPE — a substrate for parquet and laminate. Highly efficient and technologically advanced heat-insulating material of Russian production. The basis — high pressure polyethylene (low density) — gives it flexibility, high resistance to aggressive building materials. It has a closed cell structure. Does not support combustion, does not emit toxic substances in a fire. It is produced on the latest Italian line using modern ozone-saving technology by foaming with a propane-butane mixture.

Advantages of Porilex NPE substrate
— Smoothes uneven surfaces of the concrete floor.
— Reduces impact noise.
— Increases the heat capacity of the floor.

2 Axton XPS underlay 3 mm 6 m2

Underlay Axton XPS 3 mm 6 m2

The 3 mm Axton laminate underlay is an important element in arranging a high-quality indoor floor. It improves the thermal insulation of the flooring, reduces the likelihood of extraneous noise when walking, and extends the life of the laminate. Such a substrate under the floor significantly increases its sound insulation, provides the owners with full comfort. This useful repair accessory is sold in a roll with a total area of ​​6 m? at a bargain price. It is important to know that in order to comply with the technology of laying the floor covering on a concrete base, you will need a vapor barrier film. Sheets of film are overlapped and fastened together with special adhesive tape. The same adhesive tape is convenient to use for the substrate itself. Advantages: — easy, convenient material in work; — Made from durable extruded polystyrene — can be used at temperatures from -30 to +60 °C.

1 Cork underlay for laminate Go4Cork 2mm (1x10m) 10m2

Cork underlay for laminate Go4Cork 2mm (1x10m) 10m2

Natural cork underlay is designed for flooring installation in commercial and residential areas.

This substrate is made of compressed cork wood shavings, without the use of adhesives.

The substrate is made from environmentally friendly materials in Portugal, in compliance with all strict requirements of the European standard. It has high noise and heat insulation properties, which will be relevant in any room (commercial, residential).


  • Cork is an ideal option for heat and sound insulation. It will be warm to the touch on its own.
  • Natural cork has properties that allow it to stabilize temperature and humidity; as a natural material, it has a positive effect on the room climate and acoustics.
  • Cork is fairly fire resistant.
  • Cork is five times lighter than water, so it is suitable for any type of ceiling.
  • Due to its structure, it is incredibly resistant to damage, which is why it is ideal for a practical substrate.
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