Top 8 Best Washer Dryers


To get rid of the need to dry clothes after washing, it is worth taking a closer look at functional devices for cleaning and drying various types of fabric.

A combined appliance of this plan saves space. The hostess does not have to decide the issue of placing two cars, as well as hanging damp laundry for drying. In addition, such a purchase is more profitable from a financial point of view, and will allow you to return the item to operation faster, since drying takes much less time.

Rating of washing machines with dryers

8 Washer-dryer Electrolux EW7WR468W

Washer-dryer Electrolux EW7WR468W

Electrolux EW7WR468W is a multifunctional washing machine. It has a DualCare system that automatically adjusts the cycle according to fabric type and weight. This is the case when washing and drying can be called a single, well-established process. What’s more, the best result is complemented by the SteamCare garment repair program and the presence of a special fragrance. And this means that each thing will retain its appearance, shape and quality for a long time.

The SensiCare function will give you individual settings for each load of laundry. It weighs each load of laundry and adjusts the cycle to precisely select the duration of the wash. You’ll also love the 60 Minutes Non-Stop programme, an exceptionally fast and efficient wash and dry cycle for small loads in just one hour. The Wash&Dry program takes care of all your clothes at the touch of a button. Choose a single, well-established dry-to-dry process. You can also choose between wash and dry cycles separately. Such capacities will be able to satisfy all your needs in maintaining the cleanliness and beautiful appearance of your belongings.

7 Washer-dryer Candy CSWS43642DB 2

Washer-dryer Candy CSWS43642DB 2

The Candy CSWS43642DB/2 washer-dryer is a great solution for your home. The device covers all the needs of the hostess in its direction. The washing quality is good, this is confirmed in the user reviews: 16 programs allow you to choose the best solution for each type of fabric, including those requiring a delicate approach. The spin is adjustable, the number of revolutions reaches 1300 per minute. Drying by time, two programs are provided for this. The machine is able to dry up to 4 kilograms of laundry, but it is worth considering that some things remain wet. Nevertheless, the owners note that Candy CSWS43642DB / 2 is one of the best, especially considering the low price.

6 Washer-dryer Bosch WNA254XWOE

Washer-dryer Bosch WNA254XWOE

If you have a small bathroom, then the BOSCH WNA254XWOE washing machine will suit you. Front loading type, 10 kg capacity, class A washing will not leave anyone indifferent. Many programs will allow you to select the desired mode in a matter of seconds. The washing machine is equipped with a display and has a touch control panel. For more comfortable use, there is a drying mode that prevents the formation of dents and creases on clothes.

For the safe operation of the BOSCH WNA254XWOE washing machine, leakage protection, as well as blocking against accidental pressing, are responsible. Universal design will perfectly fit into the interior of any bathroom, and modern technology and professional assembly guarantee a long service life.

5 Washer-dryer LG F1296CDS0

Washer-dryer LG F1296CDS0

Washing machine LG F1296CDS0 deservedly entered the ranking of the best. This model has a decent build quality, washes well and makes very little noise. Here, simple, intuitive operation, the electronic display displays all the information necessary for the user. The hostesses appreciated the characteristics that are optimal for home use: small dimensions, good spin, rather large drum. At the same time, the cost of LG F1296CDS0 is moderate, and the model is very well presented in stores. As for drying, the reviews here are mixed. Many are satisfied with the functionality and the result, but there are also many who note that things dry for a long time and not always efficiently.

4 Washer-dryer Weissgauff WMD 4748 DC Inverter

Washer-dryer Weissgauff WMD 4748 DC Inverter

The compact Weissgauff washing machine, equipped with an inverter motor using special BLDC technology, holds up to 8 kg of laundry for washing and 6 kg for drying and provides a spin speed of up to 1400 rpm. With a depth of only 47 cm, the device can be installed even in the smallest apartment. Optimum capacity allows the machine to handle the entire volume of clothing in one cycle. The spin speed up to 1400 rpm significantly reduces the time of further drying of the laundry.

The 15-minute Quick Wash mode is great for those who make every minute count. The baby mode adds extra rinsing, effectively removing detergent residue. Quiet mode is ideal for washing at night. After activating it, all electronic sound signals will be disabled, so the program will run without signals and additional notifications. The «Wash + dry in 1 hour» mode will allow you to quickly get completely dry and clean clothes.

The «My Program» function allows you to store in the machine’s memory a new laundry program created on the basis of individually selected parameters. The delayed start timer allows you to delay washing up to 24 hours. The function of reloading laundry after the start of the program provides additional convenience. The inverter motor, built with Technologic Motor BLDC technology, which uses an electromagnetic field to rotate the drum without brushes, significantly reduces noise, wear and energy consumption.

Thanks to energy efficiency class A+++, washing class A, the washing machine guarantees minimum energy consumption. The child lock will protect the washing machine from program malfunction due to unintentional button presses or switch turns.

3 Washer-dryer SAMSUNG WD80K5410OW

Washer-dryer SAMSUNG WD80K5410OW

The washing and drying machine with an antibacterial drum coating from Samsung is distinguished by the possibility of reloading laundry during the operation of the device. The model holds up to 8 kg of linen. For drying, the maximum load is 6 kg. It occurs according to time, that is, the period of processing the linen with a stream of warm air is set by the program. The model provides for a bubble wash, which prevents wear and tear of products in the process of cleaning from dirt. The washer-dryer has a direct drive, which significantly reduces the likelihood of a breakdown. Spinning is performed at a speed of 1400 rpm. The manufacturer took care of the possibility of blocking the panel. The delay start time is one day.

2 Washer-dryer Beko WDW 85120 B3

Washer-dryer Beko WDW 85120 B3

The Turkish brand Beko WDW 85120 B3 washer-dryer will delight housewives with the quality of washing and ease of use. The model is equipped with an inverter motor and direct drive, which, according to experts, significantly increases the service life of the device. The body is protected from leaks, while with hoses you should be more careful and not move the machine close to the wall. The touch control panel is intuitive, there is a child lock. Beko WDW 85120 B3 is quite quiet in operation, almost does not vibrate. The hostesses note that during drying, the right side of the machine is very hot, which should be taken into account when placing. Of the serious shortcomings — frequent cases of display failure.

1 Washer-dryer Vestfrost VD914T30W

Washer-dryer Vestfrost VD914T30W

Washing machine with tumble dryer, load capacity 9/6 kg, spin speed 1400 rpm. The washing machine is equipped with an inverter motor — Digital Drive Motor. Touch control and Jog Dial programmer will help you start the washing machine with a light touch of your hand. The Boomerang case will make the spinning process almost silent.

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