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Sprinklers are devices that automatically irrigate the soil by simulating heavy rain. With the help of such sprinklers, you can achieve uniform watering of the lawn or garden without erosion of the soil under the plants.

Today, in specialized stores, summer residents and gardeners are offered a wide range of sprinklers that are connected to a watering hose.

Rating of the best sprinklers


Sprinkler HOZELOCK 2336

The HoZelock 2336 Pro Pivot Sprinkler provides 100% uniform watering. Ultra-reliable hydraulic motor operates at water pressure from 1 to 10 bar. The sprinkler can water a full circle or part of it — it is easy to adjust it using a special regulator. 2 types of irrigation and 5 jets are perfect for watering lawns and established plants. It also provides a fine mist spray for a smaller area — ideal for watering lawn seeds, seedlings or moistening a greenhouse. The sprinkler is skid mounted for a high degree of stability on any surface.

Briefly about the product

  • Type of sprinkler: rotary
  • Number of nozzles: 7 pcs
  • Number of watering modes: 2
  • Irrigated area: 314 m²
  • Irrigation distance: 20 m
  • Irrigation area shape: circle, sector
  • Connection diameter: 1/2″ (13mm)

5 GARDENA 8205-29

Sprinkler GARDENA 8205-29

Turbosprinkler Gardena T 380 (08205-29.000.00) has a retractable design and is an element of the irrigation system. The device is made in a durable plastic case with a sealed turbo drive, which guarantees stability and long-term operation. A built-in filter is provided to protect against the ingress of foreign objects. This model makes it possible to adjust the irrigation distance within 6-11 m and smooth adjustment of the irrigation sector in the range of 25-360 degrees. Gardena T 380 is designed to irrigate a plot up to 380 m². Support for the memory function allows you to water the previously set sector after turning it on again. The connection to the irrigation system is made with a 3/4″ internal thread.

Briefly about the product

  • Sprinkler type: impulse
  • retractable
  • Number of watering modes: 4
  • Irrigated area: 380 m²
  • Irrigation distance: 11 m
  • Irrigation area shape: circle, sector
  • Connection Diameter: 3/4″ (19mm)

4 FISKARS 1023657

Sprinkler FISKARS 1023657

The Finnish sprinkler FISKARS 1023657 has a rotary design. The experts liked the solid assembly, interesting design and low price. The model is equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to move it without turning off the water. The advantages include durable steel tips, a universal connector for connecting watering hoses from different manufacturers. Of the shortcomings, it is necessary to mention a small area of ​​irrigation (up to 150 sq. m) and only circular irrigation. The maximum jet range is limited to 7 m. Domestic consumers liked the affordable price, ease of movement, ease of connection. As for the minuses, the most complaints come from the limited area of ​​​​irrigation and a large mass (900 g).

Briefly about the product

  • Type of sprinkler: rotary
  • Number of nozzles: 10 pcs
  • Number of watering modes: 1
  • Irrigated area: 150 m²
  • Irrigation distance: 7 m
  • Irrigation area shape: circle
  • Connection diameter: 1/2″ (13 mm)

3 GARDENA 8136-20

Sprinkler GARDENA 8136-20

The Premium GARDENA Sector Circular Impulse Sprinkler easily irrigates large areas. It is made of durable metal and plastic elements, which provide high reliability of the spray head. The rotary knobs allow you to easily and precisely select the irrigation sector from 25° to 360°. Such regulators allow you to know the selected sector at any time. Precision brass tip ensures precise water distribution. The irrigation distance is regulated by a large and convenient regulator and can vary from 5 to 12.5 meters. It is possible to water the area from 75 to 490 m2. The spray head is equipped with a 21 mm (G 1/2) thread. The sprinkler is mounted on a metal peg for easy placement of the sprinkler on the lawn and easy movement. The sprinkler is equipped with a GARDENA system fitting and end cap, ready for use. Several sprinklers can be connected to each other using the GARDENA nozzle (art. 901) for easy watering of larger areas.

Briefly about the product

  • Sprinkler type: impulse
  • Number of nozzles: 1 piece
  • Irrigated area: 490 m²
  • Irrigation distance: 12.5 m
  • Irrigation area shape: circle, sector

2 GARDENA OS 90 8364-20

Sprinkler GARDENA OS 90 8364-20

Oscillating sprinkler Gardena makes watering your summer cottage as easy as possible. This is a useful acquisition for those who, due to poor health, lack of time, cannot or does not want to water the beds with a watering can. The sprinkler is designed for watering rectangular areas. If necessary, it can be easily rearranged or a system of several pieces can be made for the entire site at once. The range and pressure of the water jets are adjustable in several positions. The manufacturer also provides height adjustment. You can mount the device both to a rigid plastic pipe and to a regular irrigation hose. The disadvantages of users include high cost. It is especially noticeable if you need to install several sprinklers in different places.

Briefly about the product

  • Type of sprinkler: oscillating
  • Number of nozzles: 16 pcs
  • Irrigated area: 90 m²
  • Irrigation distance: 13 m
  • Irrigation area shape: sector, rectangle

1 GARDENA AquaZoom M

GARDENA AquaZoom M Sprinkler

The GARDENA AquaZoom M Sprinkler is sure to become an indispensable tool, especially on sunny days. An oscillating sprinkler can ensure that a lawn area from 9 to 250 m? will receive uniform and accurate watering without the formation of puddles. Enjoy every moment of summer!

After installation, you can take advantage of many configuration options. Use the sliders to set the distance (3-18 meters) and width (3-14 meters) of watering, as well as control the flow of water to ensure that only areas that require it are irrigated. If you want, you can even turn on watering from one side only. This practical helper will keep your lawn in top condition. Two extra-wide legs provide high stability. Made in Germany, the AquaZoom M sprinkler uses high quality materials such as metal to ensure durability and stability. As a result, UV radiation and frost do not pose a risk to the device, and the quality of the materials is backed by an impressive 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, innovative methods are used for cleaning. The water contains lime, so lime deposits can sometimes form on the spray nozzles. However, since the nozzles are made of soft plastic, you can easily clean them by simply running your finger over them. In addition, dirt particles are caught by the built-in stainless steel filter, preventing them from entering the AquaZoom M. To remove the filter, simply turn the water connection, after which it can be easily removed and rinsed under running water.

Briefly about the product

  • Type of sprinkler: oscillating
  • Irrigated area: 250 m²
  • Irrigation distance: 18 m
  • Irrigation area shape: rectangle
  • With lock for long-term watering
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