Top 5 cheapest refrigerators


The refrigerator is an indispensable item in everyday life. Without it, the storage of perishable products is almost impossible. You can buy a good refrigerator on a limited budget. For a very affordable price, you can find a refrigerator of a well-known proven brand.

Budget models usually have a smaller volume and are not equipped with many additional options. The No Frost automatic defrost function is extremely rare in them, but there are still exceptions. To make it easier for you to choose and buy a good refrigerator, check out a small rating that we have compiled based on user reviews.

Rating of the cheapest refrigerators

5 ATLANT XM 4208-000

ATLANT XM 4208-000

One of the most popular budget models. The electromechanical refrigerator is equipped with a drip evaporator in the refrigerator compartment. Freezer does not have this option. Electricity consumption is small — class A. The noise level is very low for a cheap model — no more than 43 dB. The total volume of the refrigerator is 173 liters. Pay attention to the climate class N — it can be used in rooms from +16 to 32˚С.

4 Biryusa 6

Biryusa 6

This is a full size refrigerator with a small freezer. In terms of total volume, the Biryusa 6 model outperforms all rating participants. It is 280 liters, 252 of which are in the refrigerator compartment. There is really a lot of space inside — there are four shelves for food storage, two pull-out containers for vegetables and fruits, and there are also four small drawers on the door.

The shelves are made of tempered glass, which is scratch resistant and can withstand considerable weight. Many appreciated the special limiters on the edges, which do not allow flooding the lower tiers if some kind of liquid suddenly spills. Unlike cheaper models, there is a light indication that will tell you when the refrigerator door is not closed tightly. As with most of the units in the selection, defrosting will have to be done manually, and buyers complain that this has to be done quite often.

3BBK RF-098

BBK RF-098

Unlike most models in the rating, the BBK RF-098 refrigerator is two-chamber, which provides certain advantages. A separate door for the freezer allows you to maintain the optimum temperature inside, which is much more beneficial in terms of energy efficiency. Also, according to user reviews, this design is simply more convenient and functional. At the same time, the capacity of the device is decent: for the refrigerator — 65 liters, for the freezer — 33 liters.

2 ATLANT X 1401-100

ATLANT X 1401-100

ATLANT X 1401-100 is the most compact refrigerator in the ranking. The dimensions of the device are 48×44.5×85 cm, so it can be placed under the countertop or used as an additional shelf in a small kitchen. A big plus of this model is drip defrosting. This technology is often used in budget devices. Of course, this is not the No Frost system, but generally close to it.

The Atlant model is the best option if you want to buy an additional inexpensive refrigerator for your home. The device is very energy efficient and will not become a source of new costs — the consumption level is no more than 112 kWh / year. In addition, the device is quite roomy, and for convenience there are three drawers for products. The unit could be called ideal, if not for one significant minus — there is only a refrigeration compartment. If you also need an additional freezer, then this option will not suit you.



This is the most budget refrigerator in the ranking. The price is due to the lack of additional features, and not the low quality of materials. According to customer reviews, the device is solidly assembled, and the parts of the structure are made of durable metal and plastic, which makes the model very reliable and durable.

Of the pluses, capacity is usually distinguished — the total volume is 111 liters, quiet operation — the noise level here is only 38 dB, as well as high energy efficiency — the consumption does not exceed 119 kWh / year. Users note that such a unit can be bought for a summer residence or used at home as an additional place for storing and freezing food. The functionality of the device is very limited — there is no backlight, a container for vegetables and fruits, a temperature display. The Nordfrost refrigerator is a good solution if you need a cheap, but quiet and energy-efficient appliance without unnecessary tricks.

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