Top 5 Cheapest Freezers


The freezer is an indispensable tool for storing food for a long period.

They are quite capacious, therefore they are used for freezing and further storage of various products (meat, fish, vegetables, berries, semi-finished products, etc.) in the winter.

A fairly common situation is that there is already a refrigerator with a freezer at home, but its volume is not enough to store all the necessary frozen foods. You can buy a separate chest, but everything depends on the lack of finances. If you just need a little extra storage space, consider the cheapest freezers available.

Rating of the cheapest freezers

5 Biryusa 100VК

Chest freezer Biryusa 100VK

Chest freezer Biryusa 100VK allows you to freeze and store a large amount of food. The dimensions of such a device are 56.5×81.4×54.5 cm. The body of the presented model is made in white. For its production, metal and plastic were used. There is a hanging basket inside the chamber.
Chest freezer Biryusa 100VK is designed for a volume of 100 liters. The temperature inside the device can reach -18 °C. Camera requires manual freezing. The body has a lock. The noise level from the operating device does not exceed 43 dB.

Briefly about the product

  • WxHxD: 56.50×81.50×54.50 cm
  • total volume: 100 l
  • defrosting: manual
  • minimum temperature: -18 °С
  • energy consumption: 328.5 kWh/year


Chest freezer ZARGET ZCF 164W

Chest freezer Zarget ZCF 164W is supplemented with a mechanical switch, which provides the choice of the required mode of operation. The products located inside the device will not lose their original appearance even with a long absence of power supply — and all thanks to the autonomous cold storage technology implemented in it, designed for 30 hours.

The Zarget ZCF 164W model has 2 hanging baskets for storing a wide variety of products. Scheduled defrosting of the device is carried out by disconnecting it from the power supply. Strong legs at the base will guarantee increased stability of the chest freezer on any surface.

Briefly about the product

  • WxHxD: 63.20x85x55 cm
  • total volume: 158 l
  • number of drawers/shelves: 2
  • freezing capacity: up to 6.5 kg/day
  • autonomous cold storage: up to 30 hours
  • minimum temperature: -24 °С
  • energy consumption: class A+ (246 kWh/year)
  • features: super freeze

3 Biryusa 170CH

Chest freezer Biryusa 170KH

Chest freezer Biryusa 170KX is presented in a white case with dimensions of 63.2x85x55 cm. Thanks to its capacity of 146 liters, the device is suitable for home use: it will place meat preparations, as well as berries, fruits, vegetables and everything that summer gives us. The freezing capacity of the model corresponds to 14 kg/day. The minimum temperature maintained inside the chamber is -18 degrees. To adjust this indicator, a mechanical regulator is used, installed in the lower part of the case.

Biryusa 170KX is a compact and capacious chest that uses one chamber. The absence of drawers provides easier access to products. It also allows food placed in large packages to be placed inside. The use of R600a refrigerant indicates that the device is completely safe to operate, since it does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and does not affect human health. Thanks to the ST climate class, the device can be installed on an insulated balcony.

Briefly about the product

  • WxHxD: 63.20x85x55 cm
  • total volume: 146 l
  • defrosting: manual
  • minimum temperature: -18 °С


Chest freezer RENOVA FC-110C

Food will stay fresh for a long time with the Renova FC-110C freezer. Due to the electromechanical control, you will comfortably use the device. With this 110 liter freezer you can freeze large amounts of meat, vegetables and berries. The device has good performance and freezes up to 5 kg of fresh food per day.

Briefly about the product

  • WxHxD: 51.50×84.50×52.50 cm
  • total volume: 110 l
  • freezing capacity: up to 5 kg/day
  • defrosting: manual
  • energy consumption: 310 kWh/year



Freezer NORDFROST DF 156 IAP is optimized for home use. It comes in a silver color and is compact in size and will be a reliable choice if the freezer space in the refrigerator is not enough for you. This model is characterized by a useful volume of 73 liters. For food storage, 2 drawers and 1 drawer with a door are offered. The minimum cooling temperature is -18°C. The inner walls of the cabinet have an antibacterial coating, which ensures hygiene. In the event of a power outage, the NORDFROST DF 156 IAP freezer is able to keep cold for 10 hours.

Briefly about the product

  • WxHxD: 57x84x62 cm
  • total volume: 101 l
  • number of drawers/shelves: 3
  • freezing power: up to 7 kg/day
  • defrosting: manual
  • energy consumption: class A+ (180 kWh/year)
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