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There are usually no problems with choosing a coffee machine for home use. If you do not brew coffee too often, even the simplest horn device will do. Deciding on a model for a coffee shop is somewhat more difficult. It is necessary to take into account its performance, activity of operation, consider a set of additional options. Professional coffee machines are distinguished not only by their high cost, but also by the excellent quality of the finished drink. For small coffee houses, you can choose simpler models — there are good carob options.

For large catering establishments, overall automatic or semi-automatic coffee machines with the ability to connect to a water supply are more suitable. In the ranking, we have collected five of the best professional coffee machines for coffee houses of different levels.

Rating of professional coffee machines

5 Faema E98

Faema E98 coffee machine

The coffee machine is distinguished by its elegant appearance and workmanship, characteristic of all Faema machines. The two-group carob model E98 produces up to 240 cups of quality drink in 60 minutes, which corresponds to the level of large cafes and popular coffee houses. It belongs to the semi-automatic type, it does not prepare cappuccino automatically, it works only with ground grain, therefore the installation of an independent coffee grinder is required and there are increased requirements for the professionalism of the barista.

On the other hand, if these conditions are met, competent human participation ensures the best result due to the point adjustment of the amount of water, grain and temperature, taking into account the wishes of the visitor. In order for the specialist to deal exclusively with taste and not be distracted by technical factors, a thermosiphon system has been introduced into the design for temperature stability, which is very important in preparing the right espresso.

4 CMA Pratic Avant

CMA Pratic Avant coffee machine

The classic design horn coffee machine is designed for commercial use with volumes up to 250 cups per day. It is a pleasure to prepare espresso, americano for a professional barista on it, another of its useful applications is the supply of hot water for tea. The model is available in two versions: semi-automatic (AER) or electronic (SAE) with 1, 2 or 3 working groups, as well as in 3 stylish colors — cream, red and black in combination with the color of stainless steel.

The standard equipment includes automatic water refilling (AWR), 2 steam tubes in 2- and 3-group units, built-in motor pump, light indication of the water level in the boiler. Optionally, the manufacturer offers to install a cappuccinatore, LED surface lighting and an electric cup warmer. In the reviews, professional baristas praise the device for efficiency, reliability and safety, but note some noise that appears if the machine is not cleaned in time.

3 La Cimbali M1 Milk PS

Coffee machine La Cimbali M1 Milk PS

Small for a professional machine dimensions (350 x 620 x 760 mm) and balanced power (3.7 kW) allow it to be used at home, in the office and in establishments where up to 150 cups of espresso are ordered per day. More than 100 years old, La Cimbili specializes exclusively in the production of coffee machines and constantly improves technology. One of the latest introduced in the M1 Milk PS model is the Smart Boiler. It is responsible for the constant pressure of the water and steam supply, even at peak loads, in order to extract all the strength and aroma of the coffee beans.

Other innovations are the Milk PS milk pump, which allows you to prepare multi-layered drinks at different temperatures, as well as the Cappuccino System for making cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button. An optional telemetry module is available that analyzes coffee consumption statistics and opens up the possibility of planning. Russified software of the device diagnoses its operation, sets autowash cycles and reports errors and malfunctions.

2 Schaerer Coffee Prime

Schaerer Coffee Prime coffee machine

Professional coffee machine brews 40 types of coffee with powdered and fresh milk and is designed for use in hotels, conference halls, sports clubs. With an intuitive interface with obvious one-touch drink selection buttons, the machine can be interacted with directly by the visitor, freeing up staff for other tasks and giving the business autonomy.

The capacity of the Coffee Prime model is 80 cups of espresso, with the connection of the Power Pack option it increases to 100 cups. The design is built on a modular basis, to expand its functionality, a full set of additional components is provided: a powder product supply system, a steam boiler, a second coffee grinder, a brewing accelerator, etc.

1 WMF Espresso

WMF Espresso coffee machine

Expensive, but very high quality professional coffee machine with a capacity of 7,000 watts. The best option for large establishments where you need to quickly prepare large volumes of coffee. Carob model, prepares a drink exclusively from grains. The built-in coffee grinder holds 1,100 g of coffee. The degree of grinding can be adjusted depending on the desired taste of the finished drink.

The model is equipped with a pressure gauge, the strength of coffee and portions of hot water can be adjusted. To prevent the cups from bursting, the coffee machine preheats them. Technically, the model is very reliable and durable — the body is made of durable metal. The coffee machine is semi-automatic — frothed milk must be added to the cappuccino separately. Despite this, the owners of coffee houses and restaurants leave only positive reviews about it.

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