Top 5 Best Mini Excavators


Modern excavators, due to their versatility, often replace the work of many special machines. Where large equipment cannot be reached, and manual labor is impractical, small-scale mechanization tools come to the rescue. These multifunctional units will help you quickly complete the tasks, not only on a large construction site.

Any mini-excavators: both tracked and wheeled, are characterized by exceptional simplicity and ergonomic control. Very modest volumes and weight allow them to carry out earthworks in any cramped conditions and hard-to-reach places.

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5 GeoGid 15G

GeoGid 15G Mini Excavators

This is the most affordable mini excavator. Which, to be precise, is not. This is not a full-fledged technique, but based on a single-axle «passenger» trailer (category «B») earthmoving machine — with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 15 horsepower. This is a Chinese Lifan engine (as on motoblocks).

This trailed excavator does not have a covered cab, but with an equipped workplace for the operator. For stability in any manipulation, four support elements are provided. There is no turning mechanism on the GeoGid 15G working body, however, the captured soil can be raised to a height of 2.5 meters. This indicator is quite sufficient to release the bucket directly into the body of a nearby truck. There is a swivel handle.


HITACHI ZX10U-2 mini excavators

This mechanical assistant weighs just over a ton and is only 1.46 meters wide. Such dimensions make it possible to carry out complex earthworks in places inaccessible to conventional equipment. In addition, the tail section of the cab of the mini excavator has a zero reach, and the track width can be adjusted, reducing the track from 1 meter to 90 cm, which allows you to pass through wide doorways for indoor work. Rubber tracks prevent damage to the lawn, decorative coatings, etc.

Of the minuses, it should be noted the absence of a cabin, which can cause inconvenience when working in the open. The only protection for the operator is a metal arc and seat belts, but this is quite enough, given the miniature size of the unit.

3 GeoGid 60D

GeoGid 60D Mini Excavators

The special vehicle of this model is the most powerful tracked mini-excavator of the Chelyabinsk brand. This model is no longer in production. With almost the same dimensions as the «smaller brothers» — 4.2 x 1.4 x 2.4 m), this excavator has much greater productivity. The bucket volume can be 80 l (0.08 m3) or 140 l (0.14 m3). The digging depth is three meters, and the unloading height is 3.3 m.

The mass of this compact special vehicle is 3.3 tons. The power of the Kubota diesel engine is 60 horsepower (44.1 kW). The hydraulic pump operates at the highest capacity of 68.6 liters per minute. The width of the caterpillar undercarriage is 1.25 m — 1.35 m. The length of the caterpillar undercarriage is 1.5 — 1.83 m. The speed of movement is 6 kilometers per hour.


BOBCAT E32 mini excavators

One of the best solutions for working in confined spaces. The standard swivel boom allows you to dig a pit up to three meters deep. The model can also be equipped with an extended (sliding) handle, however, such an upgrade implies the installation of a more powerful engine, because. the weight of the car will increase. The caterpillar track is equipped with rubber tracks, which, if necessary, can be replaced with steel ones.

In operation, the model is distinguished by endurance and ergonomic control. The additional hinged equipment considerably expands functionality of installation. There is also a comfortable package, in which the frame canopy over the workplace is replaced by a sealed cabin (with an installed air conditioning and heating system).

1 JCB 18Z-1

JCB 18Z-1 mini excavators

The products of this brand are highly reliable and capable of working in difficult conditions. The mini excavator is distinguished by a large margin of safety of component parts and ease of maintenance. The molded counterweight runs across the entire width of the machine, and not only increases stability, but also performs protective functions.

For the convenience of transporting a mini-excavator, there are special attachment points (10 hooks throughout the body). Bucket drive hydraulic hoses are hidden in the boom cover, which not only helps to protect them, but also improves the external performance of the model. The JCB 2GO system completely overrides control and prevents the engine from starting unless the lever is in neutral. The lock prevents accidental movement while the manipulator is active, which ensures safe work.

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