Top 11 Best Creams for Oily Skin


Among the common myths about oily skin, perhaps the most common one is that this type does not need moisturizing. In fact, this is not so, but quite the opposite — oily skin, not receiving the right amount of moisture, tries to produce it on its own, which leads to hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands.

The problem of oily skin occurs in almost every 3rd woman. An easy solution is the use of special creams that can moisturize the epidermis. For oily skin, creams with zinc and jojoba oil in the composition are ideal. This will restore the water balance and transform the face.

The best creams for oily skin 30+

4 GARNIER Green tea

GARNIER Green tea cream

Inexpensive cream of light consistency, designed specifically for the care of oily skin. If you apply it on previously cleansed skin, it will be quickly absorbed and will not roll down. The effect is felt immediately — the skin is visibly moisturized, it becomes smooth, the oily sheen disappears for a while. But for the whole day matting action is not enough. Some women like to use it as a makeup base. The aroma of green tea is quite pronounced — this can be attributed to both advantages and disadvantages. Some may find it too harsh. But this minus is mitigated by the fact that the smell on the skin does not last long. As an individual reaction, rashes sometimes appear in women.

3 Natura Siberika Care and moisturizing

Natura Siberika Care and moisturizing

The domestic brand is famous for its ingenuity, especially for high-quality cosmetics. The cream is presented in two types: day and night. Users note that complex use gives the best result. This is due to the fact that the night cream contains polypeptides, and the day cream contains phytopeptides. Together they stimulate skin regeneration and collagen synthesis. The day cream gives a mattifying effect, and the night cream is able to narrow the pores. Both of them have a wonderful composition that works effectively and fights skin problems. The cream does not contain silicone, sulfates and parabens. In the reviews, many women call it a “miracle cream”, because, despite the budget cost, it gives an amazing result.

2 Day Vitamin Cream Mulsan Cosmetic

Day Vitamin Cream Mulsan Cosmetic

With this cream, there is a unique opportunity to forget about problem skin. After all, the vitamin composition allows you to restore the epidermis and give it smoothness and elasticity. Chamomile extract, which is contained in the cream, will help relieve inflammation, and vitamin B7 regulates the fat balance, penetrating deep into the cells. Vitamin C plays a huge role, it tones the skin and eliminates oily sheen. The naturalness of this product allows you to care for the skin gently and at the same time effectively. The cream belongs to organic cosmetics, does not contain harmful substances. It has a complex effect — moisturizes, mattifies, helps to cope with pimples and generally has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

1 Vichy Normaderm Corrective care against imperfections

Vichy Normaderm Imperfection Corrective Care

This cream is a real find for women after 30. After all, the skin condition begins to gradually deteriorate and, therefore, it needs an effective remedy. NORMADERM is able to make the texture of the face even and smooth. The cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin, which helps prevent oily sheen. After several days of use, judging by the reviews of women, a positive result appears. Lipohydroxy acids and salicylic acid in the composition help eliminate oiliness and cleanse pores. Vitamin C tones and makes the skin supple. The complex effect allows you to eliminate visible imperfections, such as redness, enlarged pores, uneven complexion and others.

The best creams for oily skin 40+

3 Christina Comodex Mattify & Protect Cream SPF 15

Christina Comodex Mattify & Protect Cream SPF 15

A reliable manufacturer guarantees a matting and moisturizing effect from the use of Comodex Mattify & Protect Cream. It allows you to rid the skin of oily sheen, giving it a fresh look. Cosmetics of this brand is professional and medical. The anti-aging effect is achieved through a competent composition, which includes various oils: avocado, macadamia seeds and shea. In addition to all these functions, the cream also has protective properties, which helps prevent negative environmental influences. The high cost is justified by the quality and efficiency — the skin becomes smooth, soft to the touch and matte. In addition, the cream is able to accelerate the healing of microcracks and provide the surface with a healthy look.

2 Librederm SERACIN Mattifying Day Cream For Oily Skin

Librederm SERACIN Mattifying Day Cream For Oily Skin

The action of this cream is aimed directly at solving the problem of oily sheen and inflammatory rashes. It will not help get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging, but it will make the skin more youthful due to the general improvement of its condition. Regular application of the cream helps to normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, give the skin a pleasant, velvety matte finish, and prevent rashes. Gradually, the face becomes more fresh, looks healthy. But it cannot be said that it is very pleasant to apply it — due to the peculiarities of the composition in the reviews, some women note a clear smell of sulfur. True, it quickly disappears and is no longer felt during the day.

1 Uriage Hyseac 3-Regul

Uriage Hyseac 3-Regul

An expensive, but effective cream that fully copes with its purpose. With use, oily sheen and inflammation disappear, pores narrow, the skin acquires a healthy dullness. The consistency and aroma are pleasant, using the product is a real pleasure. And the effect pleases — the skin becomes soft and velvety. The product is hypoallergenic — will not cause irritation. It is quite economical to use. The content of the tube does not run out for 2 months. This is evidenced by numerous customer reviews who regularly use Uriage Hyseac 3-Regul. Satisfied with the use of women actively recommend this tool to friends.

The best creams for oily skin 45+

5 Lotus Beauty Moisturizer for oily skin GIGI

Lotus Beauty Moisturizer for oily skin GIGI

Despite the relative high cost, this cream is worth paying attention to. Thanks to the regulation of the sebaceous glands, the product completely eliminates the problem of oily sheen. White tea extract, camphor and witch hazel in the composition can relieve inflammation and have an antiseptic effect. White lotus flower extract gives the skin a fresh look, and the cream perfectly tightens pores, which visually tightens the face. The matte effect evens out the tone, the face looks fresher, healthier and younger. With regular use, the skin becomes soft, tender, velvety and more toned. But buyers warn that sometimes you can run into a fake.

4 Elizavecca Milky Piggy Sea Salt Cream

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Sea Salt Cream

Quite an interesting cream of a popular Korean brand. It is not so much the composition that is unusual in it, but the sensations when applied. An ordinary-looking cream, upon contact with the skin, turns into practically droplets of water, which are easily distributed and immediately absorbed. If the product touches the area of ​​​​the lips, a salty aftertaste remains on them due to the content of sea salt in the composition. Despite the lightest texture, the cream has not only a matting and moisturizing effect, but also rejuvenates. This is due to the content of collagen, which increases elasticity, triggering the processes of natural recovery. But the cons are very hard to find.

3 Lifting Cream Bark

Lifting Cream Bark

A visible and better result in a couple of weeks is guaranteed by the manufacturers of this cream, and the reviews of women, in turn, confirm this. Hyaluronic acid nourishes and moisturizes the skin, evening out the tone, verbena extract stimulates collagen production. The oils included in the composition smooth wrinkles, gradually turning them into less noticeable ones. The cream has a consistency of medium density, so it easily penetrates into enlarged pores, narrowing them, which helps to visually tighten the face. After application, the skin becomes smooth and soft. With regular use, the face will shine with health and youth.

2 La Miso Ampoule Cream Peptide

La Miso Ampoule Cream Peptide

A pleasant cream with peptides and Korean-made snail mucin is liked by many women who are faced with the problem of skin aging. With regular use, it really smooths out small mimic wrinkles, makes the skin more nourished, smooth and elastic. But you should not expect miracles from him — he will not remove the pronounced signs of aging. If you do not have too high hopes, the impressions from the product will only be pleasant — a good aroma, delicate texture, economical consumption, a convenient spatula in the kit. Negative reviews are more often associated with an individual reaction — in some women, the cream clogs the pores and leads to the appearance of subcutaneous acne.

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