Top 10 vitamins to take in the fall


No matter how many fresh fruits and vegetables you eat in the summer, it is impossible to stock up on vitamins for the whole year. The body constantly needs them. August and warm September are the best time to strengthen your immunity with an additional intake of vitamin complexes. They are of two types.

  • Vitamins. The formula contains one type of required component. Often a person gets them with food.
  • Multivitamin complexes. They contain a combination of several useful components.

The best vitamins to take in the fall for adults

5 Centrum


Centrum is a complex that replenishes all the necessary nutrients in the body. One of the positive properties of tablets is the presence of antioxidant components that help remove free radicals from the body. In itself, the action is both relaxing and helps to accumulate energy. Due to its composition, Centrum has a positive effect on muscles, bones, internal organs and the visual apparatus. It is likely the acceleration of metabolism after a course of taking these pills.

The composition also helps to absorb useful trace elements that come into the human body from food. Antioxidant properties are fully justified by excellent health and vigor. In addition, the protective properties of the skin, which can suffer in the fall, are noticeably improved. In general, loyal reviews about these vitamins only emphasize their effective impact, many users consider them to be the best.

4 Multi-tabs


In its lineup, the European drug does not have such a wide variety. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to because of the presence of a special composition aimed at maintaining immunity. Two-layer tablets contain not only 11 vitamins and 7 minerals, but also a prebiotic. It is known that this component helps to keep the microflora of the digestive system normal and saves from dysbacteriosis. That is why it is better to drink Multi-tabs in the fall, when the risk of colds is high, which have a bad effect on damaged intestines.

In addition to a specialized tool, a classic complex is presented to choose from, helping in the overall strengthening of the condition. There are also pills to increase energy and productivity, helping to endure emotional stress. Such a composition can be drunk by students during the session. A pregnant woman can stop at perinatal capsules. Reviews about the drug are mostly positive.

3 Complivit


Multivitamin and multimineral cocktail for adult health. The medicine is produced in our country, which can guarantee its effectiveness. Before creating the formula, manufacturers studied the diet of the average Russian to find out the lack of certain useful components. Therefore, the reception will be especially effective. Adjusting the dose will help you use the medicine for a long time and avoid overdosing.

The customer can take 1 of the 19 types of medicines available. In addition to beauty complexes, pills to improve vision and strong bones, there are vitamins for expectant mothers, divided into trimesters of pregnancy. Also, a woman from 45 years old can choose the right drug for herself. The tool is also available in the form of chewing marmalade for adults.

2 Vitrum


The classic white jar is filled with 60 white tablets. In the formula of each of them — 14 vitamins and 17 minerals. The tool is ideal for the treatment of beriberi and to strengthen the general condition of the body, including immunity. A daily dose of nutrients normalizes the functioning of organs and helps an adult protect against colds and flu. A package with a minimum number of tablets is enough for two months of therapy.

In addition to classic vitamins, the line contains drugs that eliminate hypovitaminosis, help the body of adults from 50 years old, formulas for the prevention of atherosclerosis. There are also complexes for pregnant women, girls who take care of the beauty of hair and nails, and restore vision.

1 Immunal


The drug is available in two convenient forms. Tablets can be carried with you, and the solution can be drunk at home. The active ingredient in these medicines is purple echinacea juice. It helps to relieve the primary forms of the common cold, which is easy to get sick in the fall. Strengthening the immune system is considered an active action. Due to its high efficiency, echinacea helps the body to restore its protective properties on its own.

In general, the best effect on immunity is noted by many patients. However, most do not advise to abuse the use of this medication and replace it with multivitamin complexes that bring all the necessary elements to the body during outbreaks of autumn diseases.

The best vitamins to take in the fall for children

5 Biter


The main component of the drug is Omega-3 or fish oil. Its release in capsules will not scare the child, but rather will interest. The beneficial effects of this component have long been proven by many years of experience of mothers and grandmothers. It helps to focus on learning, develops perseverance, enhances brain function. In addition, if you drink the drug in the fall, it will have a beneficial effect on maintaining the child’s immunity. Strengthening sleep occurs due to vitamins A and D.

4 Supradin kids

Supradin kids

Multivitamins help the child not only strengthen the immune system during dangerous diseases in the fall, but also contribute to the development of such important functions for him as memory, attention, perseverance and intelligence. As a result, the baby begins to learn better, remember and reproduce information. There are vitamins in the form of chewable pastilles-bears and fish. The manufacturer advises to alternate the forms of release of the drug for greater efficiency.

3 Alphabet


Useful components in the composition of the drug are divided into three meals. This not only does not interfere with their effects, but, on the contrary, helps to be better absorbed. This approach to the release of tablets helps to increase efficiency, as well as reduce the risk of allergies to zero. Release form — chewable lozenges. This will help in the treatment of even the most picky children, because the pills look like regular sweet marmalade. For the smallest, the company produces powder.

The low level of allergy provocation increases the confidence of parents in this medicine, which is confirmed by the reviews. The use improves the child’s sleep, accelerates growth, strengthens the nerves when passing school tests and tests. Of course, the complex increases the immunity of a small family member.

2 Pikovit


The use of funds can be started from one year. It contains 9 vitamins that help eliminate beriberi and improve the health of the baby. A child will not be able to assimilate many elements from food, so their artificial synthesis is necessary. The only drawback may be the lack of minerals in the formula of the drug. However, due to the versatility of the composition, parents actively recommend each other. The syrup can be taken as a supplement for children from 1 to 14 years of age.

According to reviews, the drug has a cumulative delayed effect. The child’s well-being improves only after two weeks of use. Many mothers choose the tablet format instead of sugar syrup, but this is a matter of taste. The main thing is that the remedy works, and this has been proven by many families.

1 Vitamins


Another vitamins in our ranking, which are available in the form of gummies beloved by children. When they are used, nutrients are replenished, protection against colds and viral diseases is enhanced, and the immune system increases its protective functions. An important plus is the absence of harmful additives such as dyes and preservatives, as well as artificial flavors in the formula. One of the active ingredients is sea buckthorn.

Parents are satisfied with the action of the remedy and the willingness with which they are accepted by children. Most likely, this is due to the pleasant fruity taste of the medicine. However, a significant disadvantage can be the price of funds. In some pharmacies, it is too high. And the very shape of the “bears”, if stored improperly, causes unpleasant sticking of lozenges with each other.

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