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A frying pan is an important attribute in any household. But it is necessary to correctly select this kitchen accessory, because not only the taste of the dish depends on its quality, but also the preservation of useful components in cooked food. The ideal pan for pancakes can have different characteristics depending on who uses it — a housewife or a restaurant chef.

The secret to delicious pancakes is in a good recipe and the right pan. It is in such dishes that nothing sticks and does not burn. Dishes differ not only in material, size and shape, they have a huge number of additional parameters. For example, the height of the sides. It depends on them whether you can easily turn the pancake over and throw it into the air.

Rating of the best pancake pans

10 Nadoba Marmia 728321

Pancake pan Nadoba Marmia 728321

The NADOBA MARMIA 728321 pan is made of forged aluminum with a high quality non-stick coating that is free of PFOA, cadmium, lead and any other harmful substances and is completely safe. The high strength of the coating allows the use of non-sharp metal tools when cooking. The massive forged aluminum body provides uniform heating of the entire surface of the dish and does not deform when heated or after frequent use. The comfortable Bakelite handle with Soft-touch coating does not heat up and does not slip out of the hands.

9 Tefal Unlimited G2553872

Pancake pan Tefal Unlimited G2553872

Pancake pan 25 cm TEFAL Ultimate ON G26038AZ. Suitable for all types of hob, including induction. Cookware goes through a lot during its lifespan. With this in mind, Tefal applies all its knowledge, experience and innovation to create the Ultimate series. Thanks to the wide bottom and low sides, this pan is perfect for baking golden thin pancakes, hash browns and fluffy pancakes. The ultra-durable Titanium non-stick coating is reinforced with titanium particles, so it maintains perfect non-stick properties up to 3 times longer. Thermo-Fusion+ induction technology guarantees fast and even heating of the cookware for quality cooking of all ingredients. The Thermo-Signal temperature indicator shows when the pan has reached the ideal temperature and you can start cooking. Enjoy the process of cooking your favorite dishes with Ultimate cookware.

8 TimA TVS art granit AT-3125

Pancake pan TimA TVS art granit AT-3125

The TimA Art Granit pancake pan is made of aluminum with a non-stick coating. The seven-layer heavy-duty non-stick coating of the new generation Art Granit series consists of several layers of stone chips with a high mineral content. This provides maximum non-stick effect for cooking of any complexity and resistance to scratches and abrasion. In the process of cooking, it is possible to use metal cutlery. Comfortable bakelite handle with soft touch coating does not heat up and does not slip in the hands.

The flat shape of the pan is ideal for making pancakes or scrambled eggs. The dishes are not afraid of overheating, do not emit hazardous components even at high temperatures. The cover is easy to clean. Suitable for all types of hob except induction. Can be washed in the dishwasher. The inner diameter of the pan along the upper edge is 25 cm. The height of the wall is 2.5 cm. The length of the handle is 18 cm. The wall thickness is 5 mm. Bottom thickness 6.7 mm.

7 KRAUFF Jessica

KRAUFF Jessica

KRAUFF Jessica is an aluminum frying pan with a ceramic coating. It is more resistant to scratches and abrasion due to multiple layers. The bottom of the cookware is much thicker than traditional non-stick pans, so pancakes are quick and easy to bake. They heat up evenly and don’t stick. The sides of the product are very low, it is only suitable for frying. According to the manufacturer, no harmful substances are released during cooking, and the amount of oil and fat used is halved. The pan has an induction bottom and a comfortable handle with metal inserts. It does not heat up, but it is forbidden to put it in the oven.

6 Tradition Marble TM6241

Pancake pan Tradition Marble ТМ6241

A cast pancake pan of the Mramor TM Tradition series of medium diameter (22 cm) is just what you need for making small neat pancakes. The bottom thickness of the crepe maker is 4 mm, and the walls are 3 mm, which ensures uniform heating of the product. Bottom diameter 19.5 cm. Thanks to the 6-layer non-stick coating, pancakes will not burn to the bottom surface. The coating itself is not afraid of scratches and is safe, since it does not use PFOA. The product is equipped with a comfortable bakelite handle, does not slip on the burner, suitable for all types of stoves, except for induction. The pan is made in accordance with the requirements of GOST 51162-98. Cookware of the Mramor TM Tradition series provides the maximum non-stick effect for cooking dishes of any complexity, incredible resistance to scratches and will become an indispensable item in your kitchen!

5 Maestro Granite

Maestro Granite

Maestro Granite is one of the few aluminum non-stick pans designed for frying. pancakes. The bottom of the product heats up quickly and strongly, and then also cools down. The coating is made using granite chips, it is safe for health, does not contain toxic substances and is easy to clean. The bakelite handle does not get hot during use. Frame pans designed for many years of service, it can be put in the dishwasher and wiped with the hard side of the sponge.

Special attention deserves the induction bottom, which prevents the deformation of dishes. The manufacturer says that the product is designed for frequent and intensive use. The handle is easily detached by pressing the green button, and is also simply fixed back. However, buyers say that the clip is not the strongest and is a little wobbly. Over time, carbon deposits appear on the surface, which cannot be cleaned without scratching the bottom.


Pancake pan WALMER

Walmer introduces a collection with increased bottom and wall thicknesses — especially to make the baking process even faster and more convenient.

Lightweight, but at the same time not susceptible to temperature deformation during prolonged use — this is how real pancake pans should be.
Aluminum heats up quickly and has maximum heat dissipation — just what you need to evenly fry thin, tender dough.
Pay special attention to the four-layer Dyflon (PFOA) non-stick coating: thanks to it, excess oil is not required during frying, and pancakes do not burn, retaining their aesthetic appearance.

3 Rondell Mocco & Latte

Rondell Mocco & Latte

Rondell Mocco & Latte is a large pan for frying pancakes weighing 1160 grams, with a diameter of 28 cm. It fits a lot, while heating quickly and evenly. The depth of the sides is about 5 cm, the use is not limited to pancakes. The frying pan is made in coffee color with a brown non-stick coating. Thanks to this, traces of water are not visible on the bottom, as on stainless steel. It is easy to care for her, it is allowed to leave her dirty for a while. Even after a couple of years after not very careful use, the dishes look new. The inner coating is made of tri-titanium, which is not only wear-resistant, but also resistant to metal blades.

2 GIPFEL 1333

Pancake pan GIPFEL 1333

Classic cast aluminum pancake pan. The model is equipped with everything you need — a non-stick coating, an induction bottom, as well as a handle with a soft touch coating that does not heat up when cooking. The bottom diameter of the model is 25 cm.

1 Fissman Moon Stone

Fissman Moon Stone pancake

First place among the best was taken by Fissman Moon Stone, which offers a very high quality four-layer Platinum coating for a small price. It consists of stone chips interspersed with mineral particles that are difficult to scratch or erase with acidic products. The handle is rubberized for ease of use, but does not come unfastened, so do not put in the oven. The pan can be used on all stovetops, including induction. The manufacturer allows you to put it in the dishwasher.

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