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Persistence is the main criterion when choosing decorative cosmetics for a modern girl. I want makeup to last all day from morning to evening, and even a little longer. However, many products have very low durability and wear off even after a couple of sips of water. For those who do not like to constantly update their makeup, persistent models have been created that can stay on the lips for up to 24 hours.

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10 Estrade Catherine Lipstick infinie lasting

Estrade Catherine Lipstick infinie

A collection of long-lasting lipsticks for flawless makeup. 16 shades from delicate nude to extremely bright. A pleasant creamy texture and even application from the first time make this lipstick incredibly pleasant and comfortable. Contains carnauba wax, shoreya resin, castor and corn oils, vitamin E.

To create a spectacular and most durable lip makeup, apply lipstick, gently blot your lips with a napkin and lightly powder through the napkin. Finish off with another layer of lipstick.

9 Ga-De True Color Satin Lipstick

Ga-De True Color Satin Lipstick

Moisturizing lipstick with a texture from light pearly to medium glossy. Moisturizes and protects against the harmful effects of the environment and the sun. Hyaluronic acid in microspheres provides intensive long-term hydration of the skin of the lips. Contains vitamin E, an antioxidant.

8 Maybelline Color Sensational

Maybelline Color Sensational

The classic lipstick from the famous American brand has been on the cosmetic market for a long time. The tool managed to fall in love with many women, including because of its durability. A significant plus of the line is an incredible number of colors suitable for any skin tone and any mood. Along with the durability, the lipstick guarantees constant hydration, thanks to honey nectar and caring oils in the formula. The manufacturer guarantees maximum saturation of shades, which will be better manifested when using a base for lip makeup.

Color Sensational is a favorite of several generations of wearers. Curiously, the line also includes matte finishes that provide beauty and appeal to delicate lips. Any girl will be able to choose a lipstick to her taste and enjoy a bright color for up to 6 hours. It moisturizes, does not roll down and does not clog into cracks.

7 MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick moisturizing matte

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick moisturizing matte

Powder Kiss is a hydrating matte lipstick with a weightless texture for a romantic look with a soft focus effect. Lipstick will help reproduce the technique of shading contours. The revolutionary formula contains hydrating powder pigments to condition and hydrate lips. The delicate texture of the balm creates a matte finish without shine.

6 Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Sculpting

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Sculpting

Pure Color Envy Lipstick delivers color that can transform lips, style and mood. Lipstick gives lips a rich shade in one stroke. Expressive modeling shades are suitable for any skin tone. Multi-faceted pigment particles help to create a vibrant look: the lips acquire a seductive shape and curve.

The slow-release hydrating complex helps lock in moisture to keep skin hydrated throughout the day. The lipstick is easy to apply and provides an even coverage thanks to its creamy texture. Gives a unique feeling of softness, smoothness and comfort. Provides up to 6 hours of wear. The shape of the lipstick rod follows the contour of the lips.

5 Nyx Professional Makeup Full Throttle Lipstick

Nyx Professional Makeup Full Throttle Lipstick

The matte representative in the ranking of the best has a beautiful finish without shine. That is why, in order to less injure and dry lips, the manufacturer recommends moisturizing the skin with a balm before applying. The intense shade in the formula will lie brightly even from the first application. After drying, the coating becomes as velvety as possible and even suede. Lips become expressive. At the same time, there is absolutely no stickiness that is characteristic of other matte finishes. In addition, the beeswax in the composition helps to retain moisture and does not overdry the skin.

Ladies speak well of lipstick. For some, it is the best in the line of persistent products. Application becomes incredibly convenient due to the interesting shape of the stick. It is bevelled at various angles. You can apply directly from the stick, but girls are more likely to use a makeup brush. This trick will help not only gently apply the composition to the skin, but also extend the life of the tube.

4 Max Factor Lipfinity

Max Factor Lipfinity

A remarkable product, upon purchase of which the consumer receives a set of two independent products. In the box, the girl will find liquid lipstick with a rich color pigment and a colorless balm. You can use them individually, but they work best in a duet. At the same time, the manufacturer promises durability up to 24 hours and perfect lips that will withstand several meals and hot tea.

The colored fluid texture is gently applied with the included applicator. Then the dried bright layer must be covered with a moisturizing balm. Before applying, the brand advises to degrease the lips in order to extend the durability for additional hours. The girls note that the lipstick does not wash off for an incredibly long time and is difficult to wash off at the end of the day. However, it does not dry out the lips, thanks to the balm. The manufacturer advises to renew the colorless glossy layer several times a day, especially after meals. Girls who follow this advice are free from dryness and tightness of the skin.

3 Lancome Matte Shaker

Lancome Matte Shaker

In the line of luxury cosmetics, long-lasting lipstick is presented. However, in this case it is rather a caring tint with an interesting application. The manufacturer recommends shaking the bottle vigorously for a more intense color. The shape of the cushion sponge will allow you to create a “kissed” effect that has been fashionable in the last few seasons. To do this, just apply a shade in the center closer to the mucous membrane and shade it a little with your fingers. Such a coating will not be felt at all on the lips, but will provide a spectacular make-up.

The issuing company promises a weightless texture of the product. Women confirm this feature. The absorbent composition lays down like a «second skin». After drying, it becomes matte, which guarantees durability up to 8 hours. Economic consumption ensures the application of a highly pigmented solution in one layer.

2 Guerlain lipstick KissKiss colors of kisses

Guerlain lipstick KissKiss colors of kisses

The skilful dosage of unique ingredients makes KissKiss the finest Guerlain jewelery for all women’s lips. The secret of this lipstick? Enriched with mango butter, the formula guarantees hydration, comfort and velvety skin. Delicate, homogeneous and melting creamy texture reproduces the natural tenderness of women’s skin. The perfect combination of color and brightness provide perfect coverage, satiny, vibrant finish and impeccable wear. Flawlessly lying on the feminine curves of the relief, lipstick instantly gives the lips volume and softness thanks to the spheres of hyaluronic acid included in the composition. In turn, Commiphora oil helps to smooth the surface of the lips.

1 Clinique High Impact Lip Color

Clinique High Impact Lip Color

A well-known brand of hypoallergenic skin products has a line of decorative cosmetics in its arsenal. One of the best-selling is lipstick. The product comes in a stylish and modern metal bottle, which will decorate any dressing table. The tube is an excellent protection of an expensive stick from mechanical influences. The composition contains healthy oils that will care for the principle of balm. In addition, the SPF-15 sunscreen will help protect delicate skin from UV rays. Perfect lipstick for summer.

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