Top 10 Liquid Lipsticks


At all times, beautiful sensual lips were considered the main weapon of women in conquering men. Over the millennia, the means for giving them color has evolved, and today no representative of the fair sex can do without lipstick.

Liquid lipsticks have two finishes:

  • Glossy. Similar to gloss, but with a more dense coverage that covers the natural color of the skin.
  • Matte. After some time after application, the liquid dries up and becomes velor. This option is ideal for neutral makeup with an emphasis on the eyes.

To choose a worthy product, you need to make a lot of effort. Now liquid lipsticks are present in the lines of almost every cosmetic brand. To facilitate the purchase, we have prepared a rating based on customer reviews.

Liquid lipstick rating

10 Pupa Wow! lipstick

Pupa Wow! lipstick

This lipstick immediately became a bestseller right after the release, thanks to the unusual original texture created using innovative technology. Immediately after application, a matte finish is formed, but as soon as lips are closed, it turns into a brilliant coating that makes the shade more vibrant and deep, and make-up more sophisticated. There are 12 tones in the palette. All of them are super-resistant, they are distinguished by a high concentration of coloring pigments. The names are not commonplace. You will never forget them and you will not confuse them with anything: “Don’t be modest”, “My passion”, “It’s not for you to judge me”, “Take me to Mars”, “I want to decide”.

The bevelled shape of the applicator allows you to easily apply the composition and gently shade. It repeats the shape of the lips, so you can touch up the make-up even without a mirror. The formula is safe and has been dermatologically tested. The texture is comfortable, does not roll or spread. The case attracts attention even on the shelf in the store, and then pleases the eye during the entire time of using lipstick. She does not leave indifferent any user and becomes one of the frequently used decorative tools.

9 Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque

With the return of the trend for glitter and gloss, this product will be indispensable in any cosmetic bag. The caring formula with water lily extract will help keep the skin hydrated. According to the manufacturer, the effect lasts up to 10 hours, which is comparable to a good hygienic balm. The concentration of coloring pigment will completely transform the natural color of the skin and overlap it. The glossy finish compares well to nail polish because of the sheen. Before applying, the company advises using a contour pencil for a clearer and more graphic make-up.

Basically, lipstick has earned positive reviews. Consumers praise her for the elegance of the bottle, convenient applicator and sweet aroma. However, some women say that the Bourjois Rouge Edition does not hold at all, but rather behaves like glitter — it flows, it is strongly imprinted on mugs. Without a pencil, its use becomes impossible. However, the moisturizing effect was appreciated by all the fair sex, without exception.

8 Yllozure AQUA

Lipstick with a delicate gel texture that creates a beautiful color, while actively caring for the skin. French scientists tried to combine decorative properties with useful ones, and they succeeded. The gel instantly saturates with moisture, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates peeling. The polymer-based formula provides a perfectly even coating that gives volume and smoothness. It does not contain harmful ingredients, so the use of lipstick is absolutely safe.

Modern shades give the lips shine. They shimmer in different colors, creating a chameleon effect. The coating is practically not felt, lasts for several hours, does not spread. Lipstick is distinguished from others by a stylish packaging design. The silver tube with mirror details looks very presentable and takes pride of place in a cosmetic bag. According to reviews, lipstick intensively moisturizes, masks many imperfections, and helps maintain skin smoothness and elasticity. The applicator is convenient when applied, allows you to paint over all areas.

7 L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Lip Paint

L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Lip Paint

The cosmetic brand has several types of liquid textures. However, it is this line that is of the greatest interest. The palette is distinguished not only by durability, but also by diversity. You can purchase a glossy finish that resembles glitter, completely matte or classic, which will combine both gloss and subdued. Produced in interesting bottles, more reminiscent of paint tubes than justifies its name. The unusual shape of the applicator helps to outline the contour beautifully and evenly.

According to reviews, the product does not fully cover the natural skin tone, which helps in creating a light, unobtrusive makeup. The color does not hold very well when applied in one layer, however, in two layers, the durability increases to 5 hours. Thanks to caring ingredients, the product does not emphasize peeling and perfectly moisturizes. The consistency of the mousse is not felt, it lays down pleasantly and is distinguished by the absence of stickiness.

6 NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie

NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie

The line of liquid products from this brand of semi-professional cosmetics is widely represented on the market. All products have different finishes — some with a metallic effect, perfect for a party, some with glossy shines. Last year’s novelty is a velvet collection in nude shades. It presents colors from neutral beige to muted brown. Initially, the palette was conceived to emphasize natural pigment. But among consumers, all shades are popular — both standard calm ones and dark ones that take all the attention to themselves. The formula is fragrance-free. The applicator evenly applies the consistency to the skin even without the use of a pencil.

5 Nouba Millebaci

Nouba Millebaci

The product is incredibly durable and nourishes the skin. The components make it absolutely imperceptible, which the manufacturer compares with a silk coating. Ideal for special occasions with dinner, as it does not imprint on appliances. Such a coating does not need to be constantly corrected. In addition, thanks to vitamin E, boranchik and alba oils, decorative cosmetics retain the best caring properties.

Buyers note that the lipstick really combines all the qualities that the manufacturer stated. The convenient applicator helps to quickly and accurately apply the creamy texture. It is thanks to him that an even coating is achieved, which does not require subsequent modifications. The product dries in less than a minute and then stays on well and long until makeup is removed. For girls who are just starting to experiment with cosmetics, this quality can be a minus. Correcting irregularities with such a coating is almost impossible.

4 Pierre Rene Cover Gloss

Pierre Rene Cover Gloss

A lipstick that provides a beautiful dewy finish. It helps to create makeup with intense decorative coverage that lasts all day long. Creamy texture with one application forms an even layer without smudges. It dries quickly, does not form stickiness. The composition is enriched with useful substances that maintain not only the normal state of surface tissues, but also restore functions in all layers of the skin.

Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect, neutralizes free radicals, and provides an anti-aging effect. Argan oil saturates with vitamins and microelements, softens, eliminates roughness, accelerates regeneration. Customers like shades, among which there are gentle ones for a daytime make-up and brighter ones for an evening or festive one. Also noted is a very comfortable texture, easy application, minimal consumption and a very gentle, sensual aroma. The applicator has a convenient shape that allows you to fill all parts of the lips.

3 MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

One of the brand’s bestsellers are liquid lipsticks. The entire line repeats the shades of their classic «big brothers» in cases, but differs in greater durability and ease of use. The applicator is made in the form of a drop. This innovation allows you to beautifully outline the contour. The composition is well recruited and kept. When used, it does not spread, it is conveniently distributed over the surface. This is made possible by the creamy texture. It gently moisturizes and is not felt at all. The finish becomes completely matte in 2-3 minutes.

An incredible variety of pigments can provide the perfect look for even the most daring girls. Reviews confirm the convenience of application and distribution. As disadvantages, the presence of a plastic fragrance in the aroma is noted, which is completely absent in the classic forms of the brand’s products. However, this is noticeable only at the time of applying the make-up. The composition lays down nicely and does not roll down.

2 Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color

The stylish matte plastic bottle contains an interesting combination of ingredients. Cream-gel mixture helps to apply the product without errors. The packaging promises deep color even with one coat. You can’t call it a completely matte finish. There is a slight sheen that indicates the presence of oils in the components of the product. Indeed, the formula is enriched with shea butter, which contributes to constant hydration. The caring effect will also be achieved with the help of aloe vera gel extract, which will help in the healing of wounds and microcracks.

Incredible stability is confirmed by the feedback of the girls. Many consider this tool to be the best for care and makeup. The composition is kept for more than 9 hours. The pleasant creamy smell of the creamy texture only reinforces the positive opinion. The applicator makes it easy to apply the care product. In general, women confirm the effectiveness of this lipstick.

1 Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid

A mass-market product with a velor finish. On the wave of trends, the budget brand creates a product that combines what has long been popular in the luxury cosmetics segment — a liquid form and a velvety finish. Thanks to the components, the lipstick, according to the manufacturer, fits snugly the first time without layering. This fact indicates a high content of pigments. No sticky layer remains on the skin after drying. This provides an absolute matte finish for a unique look.

A stylish bottle managed to take place in the handbags of many girls. Vivid Matte Liquid is praised for its ease of application and creamy texture that helps the applicator glide over the lips. The line does not include neutral and calm shades, which for some will be an absolute plus. The product is not particularly durable, as consumers say. However, for moisturizing, many consider it the best.

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