Top 10 Kitchen Mixers


A mixer is an indispensable and convenient tool in the kitchen when you need to mix or beat something. This device is simply necessary for those housewives who value their time and strive to make the cooking process as comfortable as possible.

How to choose the right mixer for your home

When choosing a mixer, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer, materials, number of functions and attachments, check the quality of work.

  • It’s better to stop at brands with a good reputation. The mixer contains many rotating parts, gears, an electric motor. Poor assembly and poor quality of components can lead to the fact that a device that normally works “idle” in a store refuses to knead tough dough (for which it was actually purchased) or “burns out” during operation.
  • Worth to prefer stainless steel mixer attachments and bowl (a cheaper option is a plastic bowl). They can be washed by any means, including in the dishwasher, they are durable and do not emit harmful substances into food.
  • Additional functions help to save, for example, on the purchase of a blender.
  • The device must be checked for marriage at idle. It is possible that the nozzles cling to the mixer bowl and to each other, the mode switch is stuck, or the bowl refuses to turn, although it should. All this can be established only empirically for a particular product.

Rating of kitchen mixers

10 Mixer Polaris PHM 5015

Mixer Polaris PHM 5015

With a high power of 500 W, it stands out among others with a combination of a pleasant price and high functionality. Ideal for cooking at home. With the help of whisks and metal, eggs and cream are whipped at high speed, forming a gentle foam, various sweet milk desserts and cocktails are prepared. For whipping creams, preparing sauces, mayonnaises, liquid pancake dough, average speed is used. Spirals with a hook at the end, with increasing speed, make it possible to obtain a homogeneous, thick and elastic dough for pizza, pies and dumplings.

9 Mixer Philips HR1552 Daily Collection

Mixer Philips HR1552 Daily Collection

The body is made of ABS plastic. The device works with a power of 250 W at 5 speeds, while the modes switch very smoothly. Additionally, a turbo mode is provided, powerful and high-speed. The set includes a steel dough hook and cone-shaped beaters, due to which the mass is more airy and tender.

8 Mixer Bosch MFQ 36480

Mixer Bosch MFQ 36480

The device with an elegant body, an anti-slip handle and a power of 450 W allows you to quickly and easily whip, chop or mix food. Includes beaters, dough hooks, shredders with bladed legs and a tight lid, blender. The unused socket for the nozzle is closed with special valves for safety reasons. All parts can be washed in a dishwasher.

7 Mixer Braun HM 3135 WH

Mixer Braun HM 3135 WH

The practical and inexpensive Braun HM 3135 WH impresses with its efficiency and light weight. Housewives choose this appliance for its unique design and full range of functions to achieve high results in cooking. Great for making delicious desserts and cakes. This device is universal, as it performs the functions of both a mixer and a blender at the same time.

6 Mixer Bosch MFQ 4070

Mixer Bosch MFQ 4070

Convenient and functional handheld device from the popular German brand Bosch. This device is particularly easy to use, good result and high performance. The mixer is presented in a classic form and is sold at an average price. The power of the device is sufficient for home cooking — 500 W, and the number of speeds — 5. The product is equipped with an impulsive mode, which makes it possible to work with it intermittently in order to avoid overheating when processing hard foods such as carrots, walnuts, beets, etc. the kit includes all the main attachments: 2 whisks for whipping, hooks for kneading dough (mostly more liquid, but can handle dense ones), a blender leg equipped with a chopping knife. All nozzles are made of stainless steel, simple and easy to fix. The package also includes a large measuring cup, but you will have to use your own dishes to knead the dough. This mixer is very light in weight, equipped with a comfortable handle — this makes the process of working with it very comfortable.

5 Mixer Bosch MFQ 3555

Mixer Bosch MFQ 3555

A multifunctional appliance for constant use in the kitchen, which allows the hostess to do other things while the device is processing food. The mixer operates at 5 speeds with a power of 350 watts. The plastic bowl, despite the material from which it is made, has a high strength. It rotates during operation and is easy to clean. Whisks and hooks provide the perfect cooking result. There is a recess for attaching the blender.

4 Mixer Philips HR3745,00 Viva Collection

Mixer Philips HR3745,00 Viva Collection

The device with a power of 450 W is suitable for housewives who love cooking, as well as for large families. The device is equipped not only with high-speed whisks, but also with a rotating bowl with a volume of 3 liters. Thanks to this, everything mixes faster and the mass becomes more homogeneous. While the technique is “cooking”, you can do any other things. The mixer can be used in different ways, with or without a stand, as a manual one. Using a cone-shaped nozzle, you can get a more airy and tender dough. The device can be fixed on the surface with special suction cups.

3 Mixer Kitfort KT-1308

Mixer Kitfort KT-1308

It is one of the most powerful devices. The bowl from stainless steel differs in the environmental friendliness and durability. Its volume is 4.2 liters, which is quite enough for home cooking and convenient for large families. The special cover prevents strong splashing in the course of preparation. Customers choose this model because it has proven to be stable, reliable, durable, has an attractive design, firmly fixed on a hard surface and is quiet in operation.

2 KitchenAid Mixer 5KSM150PSE

Mixer KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE

Handles every task in the kitchen. The main feature is planetary mixing. Perfectly shows itself in the preparation of steep dough for noodles, dumplings and other dishes. The large volume of the bowl allows you to cook immediately for a large family. The mixer looks very elegant and solid, has a metal body in the style of «American vintage». The impressive size of the machine works with a low noise level. Buyers can choose the device in one of several color options: Gzhel, Khokhloma, Provence, plain.

1 Mixer Gemlux GL-SM-88

Mixer Gemlux GL-SM-88

The model is equipped with a powerful motor (1000 W) and a wide variety of nozzles, ideal for quick whipping of various products and dough preparation. The device operates at 12 speeds. The stainless steel bowl has a volume of 4 liters. The set also includes whisks, hooks and a beater. The device is very heavy — 6.65 kg, as it is assembled from expensive parts, but at the same time compact. The impulse mode, which is equipped with the device, makes it possible to obtain an excellent result when working with soft products. The machine has a low noise level and almost does not vibrate.

How to choose a mixer so that it does not fail and serve for a long time

When choosing a mixer, you should pay attention to the number of nozzles, the variety of functions, the duration of the service life, as well as the following points:

  • Give preference to a well-known brand. If the assembly is of poor quality, then the product will not properly perform all functions and will quickly fail.
  • The nozzles must be made of stainless steel, they are harmless and wash well.
  • The presence of many features that eliminate the need to buy additional equipment.
  • It is imperative to check whether the mixer and its parts are defective.
  • It is more convenient to work with a timer so as not to be constantly distracted by the countdown.
  • The device itself must be made of metal or metal with plastic.
  • It is desirable that the cord be long, preferably from 2 meters.

For a family, a bowl of 2 liters is enough, but if the family is very large, and you need to cook often and in large volumes, then you should look at more powerful models with an impressive bowl.

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