Top 10 Grill Pans


Manufacturers of cookware produce a variety of types of frying pans. There are universal options, models designed for frying pancakes, stewing. Grill pans with a ribbed inner surface, specially designed for steaks, deserve special attention. But with the same success you can fry cutlets, fish, vegetables on them.

This is a specific dish that requires compliance with certain parameters in the manufacture. Therefore, you need to opt for trusted brands that have earned a good reputation among users.

Top 10 Best Grill Pans

10 MAYER & BOCH MB-26024


Cast iron square pan. The design provides two handles — one short, the second long folding. The main handle has a wooden coating that does not heat up even during long cooking. Has a handy sauce spout. The model is designed for electric and gas stoves, the handle is fixed, so you can’t cook in the oven in a frying pan.

9 AMT Gastroguss AMTE285BBQ

Grill pan AMT Gastroguss AMTE285BBQ

A capacious grill pan AMT E285BBQ (diameter-28 cm, height-5 cm) is suitable for daily use even in a large family. Its convenient and compact storage is ensured by a removable handle that can be detached with just one push of a button. Plus, the heat-resistant handle does not heat up during operation. It doesn’t take much effort to clean the pan after cooking. It is enough to wipe it with a dry cloth or wash it with water and detergent.

The production material of the AMT E285BBQ grill pan is cast aluminum coated with a high-quality Lotan® non-stick coating, which allows you to use no oil or use a minimum amount of it when cooking. This fact is very important for adherents of a healthy diet.

8 Rondell Escurion RDA-869

Rondell Escurion RDA-869

Aluminum grill pan from a well-known German company. The main feature of the model is the outer coating that imitates the skin of a reptile. The pan is square, with a spout for the sauce. The handle is removable, made of Bakelite — a material with low thermal conductivity. Ribs are high enough, non-stick coating — Teflon. The model is compatible with any type of stoves, easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. Thanks to the removable handle in the pan, you can cook in the oven.

Of the advantages, users note the lightness of the pan, its attractive appearance, a very smooth inner coating, which completely eliminates the possibility of burning. They like the presence of a removable handle, the possibility of cooking in the oven. Among the shortcomings, an insufficiently reliable coating is distinguished — even with careful operation, scratches appear on it after a couple of years.

7 Dream Granite

Dream Granite

Despite the fact that the grill pan is made of aluminum, it warms up strongly and evenly, the meat does not burn on it, it is perfectly fried. The shape is square, on both sides there are spouts for draining excess melted fat and meat juice. The bottom is thick enough — 6 cm. The modern marble coating completely eliminates the possibility of food burning.

Users in this pan like the attractive appearance, the quality of the coating, the convenience of the handle, and the low cost. Among the shortcomings, they indicate incompatibility with induction hobs, the impossibility of cooking in the oven. There are no complaints about the quality of meat preparation.

6 Panairo Lordom LO-27-G

Grill pan Panairo Lordom LO-27-G

The Lordom collection is an aristocrat in the world of tableware. High-quality non-stick cookware of this series has high functionality, confident strength of the body and coating. Dishes with Russian-made granite chips will greatly facilitate your work in the kitchen. Owners of the «Lordom» collection know what ease of care for dishes, durability and safety mean. A real revelation for every professional chef or gourmet culinary enthusiast will be the Panairo «Lordom» grill pan, made from the highest safety class materials.

5 Tefal Expertise

Tefal Expertise

Aluminum frying pan-grill square shape. Like all Tefal frying pans, it is equipped with an indicator of the degree of heating. The handle is non-removable, made of Bakelite. Modern titanium non-stick coating prevents food from burning, promotes uniform frying. The model is suitable for all types of stoves — induction, electric, gas. Machine wash is allowed, manual care of dishes is also not difficult.

In the reviews, users note the consistently high quality of the pan from a well-known manufacturer. They indicate an excellent and resistant non-stick coating, ease of removal of contaminants from the inner surface of the dishes. The downside, some consider a rather high cost.

4 Biol 1128

Grill pan Biol 1128

The black Biol 1128 grill pan has a corrugated bottom, thanks to which you can cook delicious meat, fish or vegetable dishes on the stove at home. Made from cast iron, the pan is suitable for use on all hobs, including induction. You can also bake dishes in the oven in it or put the pan on an open fire. The thick walls and bottom of the pan heat evenly and retain heat for a long time, allowing you to cook delicious meat steak or fish.

The cast construction of the Biol 1128 grill pan makes it convenient for everyday use. The cast-iron handle of the pan is a continuation of its body, so its accidental breaking off is excluded. This frying pan has good strength, which means it will last a very long time. In the process of cooking on a grill pan, it is possible to use metal spatulas for mixing and turning the dish. It won’t harm the pan in any way. After use, the pan can be easily washed under running water.

3 NEVA METAL WARE Ferra induction 54026

NEVA METAL WARE Ferra induction 54026

Round grill pan made of die-cast aluminum with high-quality titanium non-stick coating. The metal heats up quickly and the high fin height ensures optimum cooking quality. Additional convenience is created by a removable bakelite handle. It does not heat up, if you need to use the pan in the oven, it is quickly removed. Extremely easy to maintain, machine washable, use on induction hobs.

Judging by the reviews, buyers like the design of the pan, its relatively low weight compared to cast iron, and a removable handle. Many note a good non-stick coating that does not peel off with any inaccurate action.

2 Lodge Fish L8SGPWLFI

Grill pan Lodge Fish L8SGPWLFI

The Wildlife Series Fish cast iron grill pan lets you enjoy juicy steaks and grilled vegetables. Thanks to the grill ribs located at the bottom of the pan, you can get an appetizing pattern on any dish. The inner surface is coated with natural refined vegetable oil based on soy, which gives it natural non-stick properties and a classic black patina, and also prevents oxidation of the metal. The coating does not contain dyes, allergens and other substances harmful to health. If you use a small amount of oil or fat during cooking, the non-stick qualities of cast iron will only get better over time.

1 Kelli KL-115 32 cm

The gas grill pan from Kelli is a full-fledged barbecue on a regular stove. Thanks to a special grate, there is no contact with the heated surface, food is cooked under the influence of hot air convection under the lid. Meat, fish, kupaty in a grill-gas pan turn out as if they were cooked on the grill. The frying pan has a round shape, made of high-quality steel, the handle is bakelite. The kit comes with a special grate (grill gas) and a steel lid.

You can fry in a pan without using a grate — the inner surface is covered with a high-quality marble non-stick coating. The model is suitable for use on gas stoves, not compatible with induction. Reviews about the pan are mostly positive. Users like its design, the taste of cooked dishes.

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