Top 10 Burn Remedies


In everyday life, it is very difficult to protect yourself from the troubles associated with skin damage. It is like a sense organ through which a person’s connection with the environment is realized. In the process of this connection, a person, through negligence, can get a tissue burn. Exposure to high temperatures causes severe damage and causes severe pain. However, modern remedies designed specifically for burns help relieve pain and promote wound healing in the shortest possible time.

Best Burn Remedies for Adults

5 Solcoseryl

Solcoseryl for burns

A universal remedy for burns of varying severity, including skin damage from boiling water. The restorative effect is observed after the first application. The immediate effect is due to the universal composition, which includes deproteinized blood hemoderivative of dairy calves. It provides fast healing and heals wounds effectively by covering them with a protective film. Solcoseryl has in its arsenal a gel and an ointment against burns. For first aid, a gel is applied, then, at the second stage of treatment, an ointment. The recommended period of application is one week.

4 Emalan


Collagen hydrogel Emalan is distinguished by its combined composition, which contains all the components necessary for the rapid healing of a burn. The main active ingredient is collagen, a material necessary for rapid tissue regeneration. Allantoin in the composition is responsible for softening the site of damage, cleansing it of dead cells and accelerating the healing process. Emoksipin has an antioxidant effect, and dimexide relieves inflammation and pain, disinfects the skin. In addition to burns, Emalan gel can be used for other skin lesions. In a number of reviews, there is information about the unpleasant smell of the product, as well as the appearance of allergies against the background of its use.

3 Bepanthen


The ointment is used in case of burns of any type. You can not worry about the integrity of the skin if there is this remedy in the medicine cabinet. The most effective effect of the drug, which minimizes the negative consequences of damage. Bepanten almost instantly soothes the affected skin, moisturizing and cooling its surface. The best way to treat a burn at home is to use this ointment. It has a medium consistency and is easy to apply.

Bepanthen contains a substance such as dexpanthenol. It has a healing property, which allows you to restore the healthy appearance of the skin and make it more elastic. The danger of scars and cracks disappears due to an increase in the intensity of cellular regeneration. The drug has a wide range of users and is suitable for almost any person, as it has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the components that make up the composition.

2 Celgel


Cellgel is a unique drug based on a lyophilized extract of chick embryo cells. It is effective for any skin damage, including burns, helping to quickly heal wounds and restore the integrity of the integument without the formation of scars and scars. The gel is often called the «second skin», because when it is applied, tissue regeneration really occurs very quickly. The tool is positioned as a medical and cosmetic, as it is often used after peeling and other cosmetic procedures. The gel is not cheap, there are still relatively few reviews about it, but the unique composition and characteristics really make it one of the best.

1 Burns.NET


Gel Burns.NET is produced in Canada and is positioned as a cooling agent that allows you to quickly relieve discomfort when used in the first minutes after a burn with boiling water or other substances. The tool reduces the temperature of the skin in the area of ​​its damage, thereby reducing its damage and preventing the development of complications. It also has a mild disinfectant effect. At a relatively low cost, Burns.NET gel can indeed be considered as one of the best first aid for burns. This is confirmed by the reviews of people who have tried this drug and its simple but high-quality composition.

The Best Burn Remedies for Kids

5 Actovegin

Actovegin from burns

Young mothers note that Actovegin is an indispensable assistant for children’s burns. It helps to improve the metabolism in skin tissues. The extract obtained from the blood of calves helps to deliver oxygen to the cells and heals the wound quickly. In the affected area, the drug stimulates blood circulation, restoring the skin. Children are always very active, and the use of medical devices is sometimes difficult. However, this ointment is easy to apply. In addition, it is quickly absorbed.

The cooling effect will relieve pain. With large and small burns, the ointment can be used for a long time, because it will not harm the child’s body. Its therapeutic effect will facilitate the general condition and allow the skin to “breathe”. Kids will feel much better, and the calming effect of the drug will cheer up both children and their parents.

4 Levomekol


An economical and effective drug that is suitable for use by children. The composition is gentle, but effective. It will protect the wound from the penetration of bacteria and restore damaged areas of the body. One of the most common household injuries is a burn with boiling water. The child who received it suffers from severe pain. This ointment is able to quickly correct the situation and bring relief.

It is worth noting that this remedy can be applied to children older than one year, since in newborns it can cause an allergic reaction. The treatment time is generally one week. Thanks to the combined composition, the skin begins its recovery from the first application. The ointment perfectly prevents infectious complications, acting in a complex manner.

3 Olazol


Disinfection of burn wounds is the most important task facing any remedy against thermal skin damage. It is Olazol who perfectly copes with this. Children’s immunity requires special attention and care. Due to the composition, the ointment blocks the entry of harmful bacteria deep into the epidermis and prevents infections. Basically, this remedy is used for household burns at home, for example, with a burn with boiling water, it begins to act effectively from the first days of use.

The epithelization of tissues is improved due to the active ingredients that make up the composition. The tool will show itself positively when applied immediately. The main feature of Olazol is its analgesic property, because it is so important to alleviate the intensity of the pain syndrome when it comes to young children. The application will be a salvation and will be safe for a fragile body. It is enough to use the product 1-4 times a day to get rid of the negative effects.

2 Radevit


The ointment is very popular among buyers. It effectively fights the consequences of burns of varying severity, especially gently affecting the delicate skin of babies. Vitamin composition: A, D and E promotes rapid recovery without the formation of scars and scars. The tool has a regenerating effect, which helps to stimulate the growth of new tissues and rapid healing.

It is recommended to use the ointment in the first minutes after the injury. It should be applied 1-2 times a day in a thin layer, if necessary, apply a bandage. Absorbs quickly, leaves no residue and is non-sticky. The ease of use and effectiveness of the product was noted by young mothers. Timely therapy will normalize metabolic processes and relieve pain, and the unique composition will completely heal the skin in a short time.

1 Baneocin


A good tool from a famous manufacturer will become an indispensable tool for kids. It will quickly relieve pain, allow you to get rid of any type of damage (redness, blisters and swelling). It is applied in two accounts, which allows you to immediately alleviate the condition of the child. The natural composition acts gently, cooling the wound. In addition, this ointment has a wide spectrum of action, it is simply necessary if there is a child in the house.

The product is easy to use and economical. The complex of antibiotics has an antimicrobial effect, which is important to prevent complications after a burn. One of the best advantages of this drug is that its action does not stop when it enters the biological fluid. Thanks to this, the use of Baneocin will be comfortable and effective.

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