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Once upon a time, ship varnish was used to finish the wooden hull, deck elements and internal details. The formula has been developed in such a way as to protect as much as possible the wood that is constantly exposed to the open air and in contact with water.

But since many varnishes contain toxic substances, it is recommended to carefully study their composition or use them only on the street, observing safety precautions. Today we invite you to familiarize yourself with the rating of the best yacht varnishes from Russian and foreign companies.

Rating of yacht varnishes

10 Poli-R Yacht Gloss

Poli-R Yacht Gloss

A Russian brand that has managed to offer customers the golden mean between high quality and moderate cost. Colorless varnish is used to cover wooden surfaces subject to increased loads — floors, stairs, the external facade of the house. The tool visually levels the surface, protects the wood from the damaging effects of moisture, does not turn yellow under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. According to the manufacturer, the service life of the varnish coating without tinting is up to 9 years.

But users especially like the quick drying of the varnish — the second layer can be applied in an hour under favorable conditions, during which time the coating will seize and stop sticking. But before the introduction of the painted object into operation, at least a day must pass. It is comfortable to work with varnish — it does not have a pungent odor. It can be applied in different ways — with a brush or spray.

9 Absolute Coatings Marine & Door Spar varnish matte

Absolute Coatings Marine & Door Spar varnish matte

One-component, matte acrylic-urethane varnish for the treatment of wooden yachts, boats and their components. Due to the increased stability, it is widely used in everyday life during repairs to cover wooden walls, floors, and external elements of building facades. Transparent colorless lacquer favorably emphasizes the natural pattern and structure of wood. Can be applied with a brush or applicator.

Among the advantages of varnish, users highlight the absence of a strong, pungent odor, uniform distribution over the surface, and the absence of streaks due to optimal density. The surface is matte, very beautiful. The coating can be washed with non-aggressive household chemicals — the dirt leaves easily, does not eat into. Under the action of the sun, the varnish does not turn yellow, does not crack when exposed to temperature changes, and does not swell from high humidity and precipitation. The disadvantage is the high cost, which makes it unprofitable to use varnish when it is necessary to process large areas.

8 NEOMID Yacht semi-gloss

NEOMID Yacht semi-gloss

Semi-gloss lacquer, characterized by increased resistance to the influence of atmospheric phenomena, moisture, mechanical damage. The varnish is based on urethane resin, which not only increases the attractiveness of wooden surfaces, but also provides them with reliable protection. Suitable for processing all kinds of wooden coatings, used for interior and exterior work in the repair and construction of houses. You can apply varnish with a roller, brush, spray — in any of these cases, it lays down evenly.

In the product of this company, buyers like a very small consumption (up to 13 sq. / L) at a low cost — even when applied in several layers, repairs are not very expensive. Also, reviews often write about quick drying — no more than 8 hours, a moderate smell, which quickly disappears from the room if the doors are left open. Negative reviews about the varnish could not be found.

7 Dulux Celco Yacht 20

Dulux Celco Yacht 20 yacht varnish

Semi-gloss varnish from an Estonian company is in constant demand among buyers, despite the rather high cost. With equal success it is used for its intended purpose, as well as for facade and interior work in the construction and repair of houses. It is very easy to apply with a brush or roller, leaving no streaks or streaks. Due to the one-component composition, it has a moderate odor, therefore it can be used indoors.

The finished coating is distinguished by dirt and water-repellent properties, easily tolerates washing with conventional household chemicals, does not turn yellow and does not crack under the influence of the sun. Wear resistance is high — even with active use, there are no scratches on the surface. Users call the only drawback a long drying time — at least 48 hours must pass before the start of operation of the varnished surface.

6 EUROTEX Yacht glossy

EUROTEX Yacht glossy

High-quality yacht varnish from a domestic company is used to protect wood from negative external factors, as well as to improve their decorative appearance. In addition to its direct purpose (processing the surface of wooden yachts and boats), it is used for facades of houses, wooden furniture, walls, and floors. The finished coating is uniform, glossy, looks beautiful and lasts a long time. It perfectly withstands long-term exposure to negative factors — precipitation, detergents, dust, temperature changes.

The lacquer is transparent, therefore in the best way it emphasizes the natural structure and pattern of wood. Judging by the reviews, users especially like the quick drying of the product — only 4 hours, although it is recommended to wait up to 12 hours. A coating of 2-3 layers of varnish does not lose its performance characteristics for 10 years. Of the shortcomings, buyers note only a fairly high consumption if the varnish is applied in 2-3 layers.

5 Belinka Yacht semi-gloss

Belinka Yacht semi-gloss

Semi-gloss yacht varnish suitable for a wide range of applications — floor, ceiling, furniture, stairs. Can be used outside and indoors. The varnish is completely colorless, therefore it does not change the color of the wood, but only favorably emphasizes its natural pattern. In work, it is very convenient — it is easy to apply with a brush or sprayer, it dries completely in a day. The finished coating is very reliable, resistant to water, sunlight, and mechanical damage.

Judging by the reviews, users consider this brand to be one of the best among other yacht varnishes. They like the versatility of use, ease of application, lack of strong odor, natural shine of the treated surface. Many note that the coating is very durable, does not turn yellow, does not crack as it is used. Among the disadvantages are high consumption — to obtain a durable coating, it is recommended to apply 3-4 layers of varnish. Another disadvantage is increased toxicity.

4 Marshall Protex Yat Vernik 90

Marshall Protex Yat Vernik 90

Glossy alkyd-urethane-based yacht varnish from a well-known company can be used for any work related to the treatment of wooden surfaces. It is suitable for covering floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, stairs. Lacquer can be used even for rooms with high humidity. After using the varnish, the coating becomes more attractive and completely protected from various adverse factors — the sun, moisture, low and high temperatures. Due to the elasticity, the coating does not crack, due to its strength it is not covered with scratches.

After using this yacht varnish, buyers leave mostly positive reviews about it. They like that the varnish is easy to apply without streaks and streaks, forms a very even, beautiful glossy finish — it gives shine even to old wooden products. Some of the disadvantages include the presence in the line of only transparent varnishes without any shades and long drying (up to 48 hours), depending on the air temperature and humidity in the room.

3 Profiwood Yacht high gloss

Profiwood Yacht glossy

Glossy yacht varnish of this brand is used for all types of work — indoors and outdoors. Equally well suited for processing surfaces made of metal and wood — window frames, external walls of the house, fences. Possesses the increased resistance to natural and household negative factors. Due to its fast drying and low odor, it can be used indoors.

Users like this varnish for quick drying (no more than 24 hours), uniform application, the ability to use a sprayer, brush or roller for work. Many point to the natural effect — yacht varnish favorably emphasizes the natural pattern of wood, protects it from negative factors. The treated and completely dried coating can be washed with conventional household chemicals. An additional plus is the low cost compared to yacht varnishes from foreign companies.

2 Pinotex Lacker Yacht semi-gloss

Pinotex Lacker Yacht semi-gloss

Alkyd-urethane varnish forms an elastic semi-gloss coating, resistant to temperature extremes and humidity. Treated wood does not absorb water, easily tolerates the effects of non-aggressive detergents, and is easily cleaned of dirt. Yacht varnish of the Estonian company can be used both for its intended purpose and for processing parquet, stairs, furniture. It is recommended to apply it in two coats every four hours. The total drying time of the varnish is about 5 hours.

In the reviews of the positive properties of varnish, users note the ease and uniformity of its application, resistance to moisture. Many note that it has the same wear resistance as parquet varnish — it serves without cracking for up to 7 years. The tool is universal — it can be used for facade work or renovation of premises. The only negative is a rather large flow rate up to 15 sq. / L.

1 Tikkurila Unica Super 20

Tikkurila Unica Super 20

Alkyd-urethane semi-gloss yacht varnish is suitable for a wide range of works — for covering furniture, floors, and other wooden surfaces. It can be applied with a brush or spray, depending on the type of surface to be treated. It can be used for interior work due to quick drying and relatively low odor.

Yacht varnish from a well-known Finnish company is popular among users due to good protection from sunlight (does not turn yellow), quick drying, increased wear resistance with active use of treated surfaces. Of all the assortment presented in stores, it is considered one of the highest quality. A big plus — the manufacturer offers 36 different shades of varnish. But in the reviews there are also small disadvantages — high consumption (12-14 m2 in one layer) and the high cost of varnish.

Rules for the use of yacht varnishes

Regardless of which company’s yacht varnish you have chosen to cover wooden surfaces, a number of standard rules must be followed when using it.

  • Before applying the varnish, it is desirable to treat the wood with a primer with antiseptic properties.
  • The tree must be well dried — the residual moisture should not exceed 20%.
  • The varnish is applied in 2-3 layers. If possible, it is better to make a three-layer coating — it will be more durable and last much longer.
  • If you need to get some shade, you can use special colors that are compatible with the type of yacht varnish.
  • The second layer is applied only after the first has dried. The required gap is always indicated on the bank with the product.
  • If the varnish is used for surface re-treatment, the old coating must be carefully removed to avoid cracking and achieve a more attractive appearance.
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