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Ham is a delicacy that has not lost popularity for many centuries. Store-bought products contain various additives and preservatives. That is why it has become popular to cook ham with your own hands at home.

For this, in addition to desire, ingredients and recipes, you only need one device — a ham maker. With its help, you can get meat or fish delicacies for every taste, color in the volume that is optimal for short-term storage. Such products are not only useful, but also safe.

Manufacturers produce food-grade metal or plastic devices that meet current standards. Their design is simple enough for mastering even by a beginner. Despite the similar principle of operation of different models, each of them has its own characteristics, which are decisive when choosing kitchen appliances.

Criterias of choice

To avoid mistakes when choosing, you need to know what to look for. Consider the main indicators:

  1. The form. Shapes are square and round. There is no difference in technical characteristics between them. They do not affect the taste of the finished product. The choice depends only on your preferences. Round hams are more common.
  2. Volume. The most popular are models for 1.5 kg of the finished product. This volume is enough to prepare delicacies for a large family (do not forget that the finished product can only be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, because it does not contain preservatives). If you plan to cook on a large scale, you can purchase a large volume of 2.5 or 3 kg.
  3. Material. The most reliable, safe and high-quality material of course is food grade stainless steel. Such models can be placed in the oven for cooking. Products made of such steel will last much longer than plastic ones. Plastic models may be more convenient to use, but may not be suitable for everyone.
  4. Dimensions. The larger the diameter of the cylinder, the more difficult it will be to find a vessel (pan) for cooking. When buying, consider how you will cook. Standard sizes with a diameter of 11 cm are placed in a multicooker with a volume of 5 liters.

Rating of the best hams

Endever SkyLine HM-010

Endever SkyLine HM-010 ham maker

The use of new engineering development has changed the appearance of the device. Now you will not see external springs familiar to this type of device. The internal spring mechanism ensures high-quality pressing of the ingredients, turning them into a healthy delicacy during cooking or baking. The cylindrical body made of low-carbon steel is wear-resistant, less susceptible to scratches, and can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees.

This is the most practical model that allows you to cook boiled pork, ham or roll from prepared minced meat up to 2.4 kg. In this case, it is not necessary to use the entire internal space of the container. The cover can be fixed at level 0.9 or 2. For better tightness, reliable sealing discs are provided in the design. Along with a heat-resistant package and high-quality assembly, this approach protects against accidental leaks during heat treatment and gives the owners of the equipment only pleasant emotions.

Tescoma PRESTO 420866

Tescoma PRESTO 420866 ham

The original proposal of the Czech brand received a lot of positive feedback due to its modern design, ergonomic shape, compactness (17x11x11 cm) and excellent functionality. The model is made of heat-resistant plastic, which is pleasant to the touch, reduces the overall weight of the device and at the same time has a high thermal conductivity. The body rests on wide legs that maintain the necessary stability.

In addition, some structural elements are made of food-grade heat-resistant silicone. And the universal thermometer included in the package, with which it is easy to control the extinguishing process, is made of stainless steel. It must be removed when placed in the dishwasher. Among the advantages of the product is the ability to use a special adapter to use half the volume of the tank. Beginning housewives will benefit from the attached brochure with branded recipes.


biowin ham

Fans of minimalism in design and optimal functionality will certainly be satisfied with this ham maker. It is based on a one-piece cast metal case, in which there are no side springs, nor any holes or grooves. The interior space is suitable for accommodating up to 3 kg of prepared food, which is pre-packed in a heat-resistant bag or baking sleeve.

From above, the workpiece is covered with a pressure plate and only then with a lid with a single central spring. What is important is the presence of a hole in the middle, into which a steel thermometer with a probe 16.5 cm long is inserted. It helps to maintain the right temperature at any time to obtain a high-quality final product.

The diameter of the bottom of the case is 14 cm, which is an advantage over a number of analogue models. Therefore, the process of extracting compressed meat is quite comfortable. Design flaws — no holes for steam output, no division into levels by volume when placing minced meat.

Redmond RHP-M02

Redmond RHP-M02 ham

The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of the manufactured product group that it guarantees the flawless operation of the Redmond ham maker for at least 5 years. This is a record figure compared to models of competing brands. The design of such a device is made of high quality food grade stainless steel, characterized by strength and reliability. It can be easily disassembled and washed both by hand and in the car.

This Redmond model maintains an optimal temperature regime, as a result of which the delicacies retain moderate juiciness and do not dry out. The maximum loading of products reaches 1.5 kg with case dimensions of 13x13x16.5 cm. Consumers also include the possibility of adjusting the volume, as well as good processing of the edges of the case, about which hands cannot be injured, to the pluses. The neat shape of the product, elegant design, ease of use and best performance — all this allows us to recommend the Redmond device as a gift to a loved one.

Lara LR02-99

Lara LR02-99 ham

This is not to say that the model can surprise something very much. Rather, these are well-made household appliances in a traditional design solution, which primarily attracts attention with ergonomic shapes, even with a somewhat sophisticated design. The silvery sheen of the metal is in perfect harmony with the similar surfaces of the kitchen interior.

As for capacity, it is excellent for this group of goods — up to 1.5 kg of prepared minced meat. The wall thickness of the mold 0.5 mm, according to the owners, is enough for comfortable and safe operation of the device. The case does not deform under prolonged exposure to temperature, is inert to food acids, and is easily cleaned of fat. The disadvantages of users include the absence of a central hole in the top cover for measuring the temperature of the contents of the container.

Leomax «Gourmet»

Leomax «Gourmet» ham

Do not believe that you can quickly and easily cook your favorite meat delicacy at home? With the help of the Gourmet ham maker, your little dream will come true. This miniature assistant diversifies the menu with delicious and most importantly completely natural dishes, in which there is no place for unsafe food additives.

The design of the device allows you to press the meat in 2 levels, while the pressure cover with a handle is securely fixed to achieve the desired result. The maximum volume of raw ingredients is 1.5 kg, and the final product is about 1 kg. When placing the device in water, it should be remembered that there must be at least 5 liters in the pan. In addition, the device is suitable for air grills, pressure cookers, ovens. Such versatility and simple control can be distinguished among the main advantages of the model, because inserting 3 springs into the grooves is not difficult.

Keya 248 F

Keya 248 F ham

Not all manufacturers include sets of heat-resistant bags with their models of ham makers, in which a mixture of components prepared for processing is placed. In this case, you get not only the device itself, but also consumables for it. The cylindrical body is made of metal, like the rest of the set. In this case, the total weight does not exceed 460 grams. The design cannot be called durable, and the warranty period is only 1 year. However, with frequent use, the purchase will fully justify itself.

Among the advantages, the owners name the presence of 3 cooking levels by volume (maximum for laying up to 1.5 kg of minced meat), convenient holes for fixing all 4 springs and steam outlet. Thanks to its small dimensions of 17.5x14x14 cm, the kitchen accessory can be easily placed in the refrigerator for cooling.


«Belobok» ham

It is easy to please family members and surprise guests with this ham maker, which allows you to get tender ham, roll, fragrant bacon, saltison or pudding in 2-3 hours. The design of the device is made of food steel, so it does not rust over time, does not oxidize from products, does not absorb or emit unpleasant odors. The owners note the high build quality: here you will not find random gaps, weak fasteners or traumatic areas. Thanks to the assembled dimensions of 13x13x16.5 cm and a minimum weight of 350 grams, the device will not take up much space on a shelf or countertop.

In addition to the cylindrical body, the set contains 2 covers and 3 springs. The presence of rings on the latter for convenience, users distinguish among the advantages. The capacity of the press itself has volume marks, the maximum weight of minced meat reaches 1.5 kg, which can be considered a plus of the model. From such a mass, about 1 kg of the finished product will be obtained at the output. Moreover, you can process meat or fish both by cooking and baking in the oven.

Smile S 302

Smile S 302 ham

If you are not a fan of round shapes, then this device will definitely appeal to you. Its stainless steel case features a square shape with rounded corners. This is one of the most compact yet functional models, as the pressing volume is adjustable in 3 levels. Therefore, it is not necessary to fill the interior of the flask with minced meat each time in a maximum amount of 1.2 kg. You can cook your favorite dish in a portioned version.

The work of the ham maker is based on the action of 4 springs at once, which provide uniform pressure on the metal lids on both sides. A positive point is the ability to place a hermetically sealed case in any container of boiling water or an oven. In addition to the instructions, recipes for specialties are included to help novice housewives.


Vetta ham

The device is a stainless steel cylinder 17.5 cm high, 11 cm in diameter. On both sides, the structure is equipped with metal covers with sides and slots for steam to escape. The body material withstands both thermal and mechanical loads, does not crack, does not deform. The warranty period declared by the manufacturer is 2 years.

The kit additionally includes 3 springs that are inserted into special grooves and contribute to the pressing of meat during the cooking process. It should be borne in mind that the prepared minced meat is placed in a container pre-coated with a heat-resistant bag purchased separately. In the reviews, users point to the simplicity of the design, good spring stiffness, and the ability to press in 3 levels. Moreover, the device filled with minced meat can be placed both in an ordinary pan or a slow cooker, and in an air grill. The disadvantage of the model is the lack of a thermometer.

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