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So-called granite frying pans appeared on sale. Under the strange name, not purely stoneware is hidden, but products with a special non-stick layer. In fact, this is the same Teflon, but with the addition of granite or marble chips. Frying pans with such a coating are called granite, marble, stone.

Granite and marble are environmentally friendly materials that are completely safe for humans. But since the stone chips are mixed with Teflon, there is no need to talk about increasing the benefits of cooked dishes either. Marble pans are not recommended to overheat above 300˚С. This is their main, and perhaps the only drawback.

Rating of the best granite pans

10 Alpenkok Evolution Granite AK-0091A/24N, 24 cm

Frying pan Alpenkok Evolution Granite AK-0091A/24N, 24 cm

Diameter: 24 cm. Height: 4.5 cm. Bottom thickness: 4 mm. Cast aluminum pan with Granite non-stick coating. The 4 mm thick induction bottom guarantees durability and high cooking efficiency. Heat-resistant Bakelite handle with anti-slip coating and flame retardant. Suitable for cooking with little oil. Do not wash in dishwasher. Can be used on all types of cookers: electric, gas, halogen, induction, glass-ceramic.

9 Termico Granito, 28 cm

Frying pan Termico Granito, 28 cm

The frying pan is made of die-cast aluminum with an internal non-stick porcelain stoneware coating. The product is equipped with an ergonomic wood-like plastic handle with a soft touch coating. The material of the frying pan does not contain harmful substances, including PFOA, lead and cadmium.

The frying pan has such characteristics as high heat dissipation, durability and reliability. Can be used on gas, electric, glass-ceramic stoves, also induction. Suitable for washing in a dishwasher.

8 Scovo Stone Pan ST-005

Scovo Stonepan ST-005

Universal frying pan made of aluminum, which has excellent heat distribution properties and resistance to deformation even after many years of active use. Reinforced non-stick coating is completely safe for health, as it does not contain PFOA. High sides make the pan suitable not only for frying, but also for stewing.

Of the advantages of the model, users in the reviews indicate the plastic coating of the handle — it does not heat up, does not slip in the hand. The coating is really very high quality, non-stick properties are excellent. Washing in the dishwasher is allowed. The pan is compatible with all types of stoves, except for induction models.

7 Nadoba Greta 728617, 26 cm

Frying pan Nadoba Greta 728617, 26 cm

The body is made of die-cast aluminium. It has a 5-layer Pfluon non-stick coating based on the structure of granite inside and out. Suitable for all types of plates. It has a non-heating Soft-touch handle and an induction bottom. Can be washed in the dishwasher.

6 Dream Granite

Dream Granite

A multi-purpose frying pan from a popular Russian brand is available in two colors — black and gray. Very light model (1.18 kg) — hands do not get tired during cooking. Cast aluminum is often used for the manufacture of cookware, it combines several positive properties — lightness, uniformity of heating, strength. The handle is not removable, but very comfortable and reliable, it is attached to the pan with screws, it does not hang out. Granite non-stick coating is made with high quality, even after several years of operation, it fully retains its properties.

As advantages of the frying pan, users highlight the low cost compared to foreign counterparts, solid appearance, and convenience. Most note good non-stick properties. The disadvantages are the inability to use as a baking dish and the ban on use on induction cookers.

5 Berlinger Haus Metallic line

Berlinger Haus Metallic line

A multi-purpose frying pan from one of the most famous Chinese manufacturers that has been supplying various dishes to the Russian market for more than a decade. During this time, the brand has earned popularity among users. The model in question is somewhat different from other pans included in the rating. This is a forged aluminum deep frying pan with a clear glass lid. The design provides two handles — the main and additional. The main handle is made of bakelite, fits comfortably in the hand, does not heat up. High-quality granite coating completely eliminates the possibility of burning.



Despite the Chinese origin, this brand is considered quite good. GiPFEL brand frying pans are distinguished by their convenience, durability, and increased wear resistance. According to the characteristics of the pan, it does not differ much from other models with a granite coating. Versatile, round shape, good non-stick properties, cast aluminum base. The pan can be used not only for gas, but also induction cookers.

3 TimA TVS art granit AT-1028

TimA TVS art granit AT-1028

Frying pan of universal purpose of unusual brown color. Made of die-cast aluminium, removable bakelite handle. Thick bottom (6.7 mm) ensures uniform cooking of any dishes. The marble non-stick coating is made with high quality — nothing sticks to it, the products do not burn, but are covered with a uniform golden crust. A frying pan without a handle can be used for cooking in the oven.

2 Nadoba Mineralica 728416

Nadoba Mineralica 728416

A multipurpose frying pan from a popular Czech manufacturer. The product is of high quality, designed for frequent, long-term use. A fairly large diameter (28 cm) and high sides make the pan suitable for preparing second courses for a full family. The material chosen for manufacturing is cast aluminium. This determines such qualities of dishes as lightness, fast heating, ease of maintenance. The handle is fixed — the model is not intended for use in the oven. The frying pan is compatible with all types of cookers.

Judging by the reviews, users in this model like the appearance, quality factor, quality and properties of the non-stick coating. Many people write that the pan is suitable for cooking various dishes — it is equally convenient to stew vegetables and fry pancakes in it.

1 Kukmara Marble

Kukmara Marble

Universal frying pan from one of the best domestic manufacturers. Cast aluminum was chosen as the material for manufacturing, since it is reliable and lightweight — the weight of the product is only 1.09 kg. In addition to the main bakelite removable handle, there is an additional short handle on the opposite side of the pan. The bottom is quite thick — 6 mm, which ensures full frying of any products without burning and drying them out.

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