Top 10 best face creams after 25 years


Creams that are used by women aged 25+ have toning, moisturizing and nourishing properties. They are aimed not so much at rejuvenation as at proper care, care and maintenance of the natural beauty of the skin. Below are the three categories of products most commonly used by women. These are mass-market products that can be found in any store, pharmacy options for skin care cosmetics, as well as inexpensive creams that can also be bought almost everywhere.

Rating of face creams after 25 years

10 SHISEIDO Essential Energy Moisturizing

SHISEIDO Essential Energy Moisturizing

Shiseido’s light moisturizer will invigorate tired and dull skin. The weightless product is instantly absorbed, satisfying all the needs of a normal and dry epidermis.

The formula of the product contains innovative components of plant origin that saturate the skin with moisture, give it elasticity and charge it with vitality. The cream nourishes, softens and smoothes the epidermis, restoring a healthy tone and light radiance to the face. Another advantage is its beautiful unobtrusive aroma.

9 Himalaya Herbals Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Cream «Himalaya Herbals», enriched with valuable plant extracts. The cream, recommended for girls over 25 years old, has a complex effect on strengthening the contours and smoothing out shallow mimic wrinkles. The composition is based on aloe vera, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin, making it smooth and radiant. Grapes help to smooth out fine mimic wrinkles, while lentils, lemon peel and licorice are responsible for evening tone and increasing elasticity.

The reviews are mostly positive — «The cream is really chic, there is no feeling of stickiness or oily film after it!». In terms of texture, it is quite dense, at first glance it seems to many that it is too heavy for daytime, but the absorption rate leaves no room for doubt, and a slight matting effect is very useful. A 50-ml jar is consumed economically, the composition is enough for a long time.

8 Eveline Cosmetics Hydra Expert Professional 25+

Eveline Cosmetics Hydra Expert Professional 25+

Cream 2 in 1 (day and night) from Evelyn Cosmetics, recognized by users as one of the best for wrinkle prevention. The concentrated formula, whose active ingredients are hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, hydromanil, vitamin E, shea butter, etc., promotes deep skin hydration throughout the day.

The cream, placed in a tightly closed glass jar (50 ml), should be applied twice a day, literally in a pea. The composition easily falls on the skin, is well absorbed and does not roll down. “He does his job 100%! The complexion brightened a little, the skin became more hydrated, mimic wrinkles were smoothed out for a while. It didn’t cause any allergies or redness. Thick consistency, light aroma, ”they write in the reviews.

7MAVALA Aqua Plus

MAVALA Aqua Plus

Weightless Swiss care with a rich composition will make normal skin even more beautiful. A cocktail of multimolecular hyaluronic acid, mineral water and mallow extract eliminates signs of dehydration, nourishing, moisturizing and softening the epidermis.

The cream eliminates burning and redness, refreshes and evens out the tone of the face. An all-in-one product for morning and evening care that leaves no oily sheen and perfectly prepares the skin for makeup application.

6 BIOTHERM Aquasource Gel

BIOTHERM Aquasource Gel

Light cream-gel Biotherm is suitable for daily care of normal and combination skin. The product has a delicate mint shade and a delicate fresh aroma with citrus notes. Despite the lightness, the tool will take some time to absorb, but it really moisturizes the skin.

The active ingredients of the formula are ceramides, corn oil, vitamin E, as well as seaweed and nasturtium extracts. They saturate the skin with moisture, eliminate painful puffiness, and also tighten and smooth the dermis. The only drawback of the gel is that in the heat it provokes the appearance of a greasy sheen in the T-zone in owners of combination skin.

5 Librederm Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream

Librederm Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream

Cream from «Librederm» is included in the list of the most popular among girls after 30 years. Hyaluronic acid provides moisture retention in the deep layers of the dermis, which in turn has a general anti-aging effect. Another active component of the cream, camelina oil, tones, softens and refreshes the skin, making it more elastic. As a result of regular application of the cream, it is possible to remove fine wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones.

The cream cares for the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Among the advantages of the product, users indicate a vacuum bottle (pump system) with a dispenser, a delicate texture and absorption speed. Contains no parabens or synthetic fragrances. Owners of dry skin were mostly disappointed with the product, referring to the enduring feeling of dryness in the reviews. But girls with oily skin, all as one, sing odes to him.

4 Garnier Radiance of youth 25+

Garnier Glow of Youth 25+

The best series of facial products marked «25+», according to reviews, is the moisturizing line from Garnier. A series based on a special complex with caffeine extract is represented by day and night creams (50 ml each), as well as a remedy for the skin around the eyes (15 ml). The anti-aging effect is achieved by stimulating cell renewal — wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin is qualitatively moisturized, and the tone is evened out.

You can purchase the entire series and funds separately (about 215 rubles for each). “The skin looks rested, and the look is younger!” — say buyers who have tried the line. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims universality, some users do not agree with this. For example, for sensitive and combination skin, this is not the best option. But for other types, the line is generally not bad. Creams are light, instantly absorbed, complemented by an attractive aroma. They fit well under makeup, do not tighten the skin, relieve dryness and prevent inflammation.

3 Vichy Aqualia Thermal Riche-Rich

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Riche-Rich

For girls with dry and very dry skin, Vichy offers the first isotonic cocktail in its line. The cream is designed to smooth the lines of dehydration and restore the water-mineral balance of the skin of the face. The product provides moisture for up to 48 hours, during which the skin looks fresh and rested.

The reviews share that a 50-ml jar of moisturizer is used sparingly. The cream helps to avoid peeling and improves complexion. An important point noticed by users is that by saturating the skin with moisture, the product does not provoke the other extreme — oily skin. The texture is light, delicate, the aroma is pleasant. The cream is absorbed instantly without causing a feeling of tightness. Suitable as a base for make-up. The high cost is more than offset by the result — perfectly smooth, wrinkle-free, pleasant to the touch skin throughout the day.

2 KENZOKI White Lotus Moisturizing Jelly To Mattify

Kenzoki Whipped Jelly is a unique product that combines the properties of a moisturizer and mattifying powder. Its gel-cream texture is instantly absorbed into the skin, eliminating irritation and feeling of tightness.

The combination of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, lotus extract, flower water and absorbent ingredients intensively moisturizes, restores, softens the skin and normalizes sebum production. Lightweight, non-comedogenic, with a subtle scent of white lotus, it provides comprehensive care and gives real pleasure.

1 Clarins Multi-Active Jour SPF 20

Clarins Multi-Active Jour SPF 20

The key to preserving youth — this is how they write about the face cream against the first wrinkles «Clarence», the most expensive nominee of the rating. A remedy with an antioxidant effect is intended for girls after 30 years. According to experts, everyday stress is one of the leading provocateurs of premature aging of the dermis. This anti-stress day cream is suitable for all skin types without exception.

In the reviews you can find many comparisons of the cream with the elixir of youth. The composition really reduces wrinkles and evens out the tone, as the manufacturer assures. The product reliably protects the skin from UV exposure, as evidenced by the mark «SPF 20». The cream copes with dryness with a bang, it is absorbed in a matter of seconds, leaving no oily sheen on the face. Among other advantages is the luxurious unobtrusive aroma of the product.

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