Top 10 best car refrigerators


Now there are many models of refrigerators, so you have to study the specifications and descriptions of brands in order to choose a device. First, let’s see how they work.

Refrigerators by type of cooling system differ in:

ten Camping World Unicool DeLuxe 42L

Camping World Unicool DeLuxe 42L refrigerator

Camping World Unicool DeLuxe 42L is an absorption refrigerator with a maximum capacity of 42 liters. Equipped with vertical loading of products with rapid cooling at 22-25° from the ambient temperature. Electricity and gas supply (economical consumption: 5 liters for 7 days). Of the minuses, the lack of freezing, large size and high cost stand out.

9 Indel B TB45A

Indel B TB45A refrigerator

Indel B TB45A is a compressor type model with a capacity of 45 liters. Its cooling occurs at +5 to -18 °, powered by the mains or cigarette lighter. There is a special compartment for drinks. The disadvantage of this model is a large weight of 19 kg.

eight Starwind CB-125

Starwind CB-125 refrigerator

Starwind CB-125 has a capacity of 25 liters and a temperature regime below the external one by 12-16°. The device is made in the form of a portable bag, the dimension of which allows to provide 1 person with food supplies for 2 days, and a family of 5 people with two full meals.

7 Arb Freezer Fridge-47

Arb Freezer Fridge-47 refrigerator

Arb Freezer Fridge-47 is in the line of reliable expensive models, and its cost reaches $ 1,000. The refrigerator compartment has a capacity of 47 liters, and also boasts patented solutions and proprietary designs, high-level external indicators and temperature settings.

6 Mobicool U26 DC

Mobicool U26 DC refrigerator

Mobicool U26 DC, along with others, is distinguished by its affordable price. The device has a compartment with a capacity of 25 l and is distinguished by such advantages as: compactness and low weight, good thermal insulation, the possibility of lowering the temperature from the initial one by 17 °. Of the shortcomings, operability only from a 12v network stands out.
If the buyer needs to satisfy only basic needs, then you can choose the auto-refrigerator of the presented model.

5 Coolfort CF-0232B

Coolfort CF-0232B car refrigerator

Coolfort CF-0232B combines a relatively light weight of 2.5 kg with a considerable volume of 32 liters. It maintains a temperature lower than the external temperature by 15 °C, which allows frozen products not to lose their appearance for 4–5 hours, and chilled products for 2 days. Cooling of the equipment is slow, but after switching off, there is a rapid equalization of the external temperature with the internal one.

four CoolFreeze CFX 50W

CoolFreeze CFX 50W refrigerator

The CoolFreeze CFX 50W leads the pack with its high technology and versatility to meet the needs of any rider.
The CFX 50W modification has a 50-liter refrigerator with built-in LED lighting, as well as a separate container for storing fruits and vegetables. Equipped with a screen showing the current temperature, which should be between +10 to -22 ° C and a USB port for charging devices. Its main qualities include: control via Wi-Fi, high build quality and wide functionality, recharging from solar energy, almost silent operation, high energy efficiency and power supply from 12/24/110/220v. But the auto-refrigerator has a significant disadvantage — its considerable cost.


AVS CC-22WA refrigerator

AVS CC-22WA is equipped with touch screen and programming capability. The device is able to withstand a given temperature without being connected to the network for 2 hours. Working temperature range – from -2 to +65°. Chamber volume — 22 l.

2 Mobicool G30

Mobicool G30 refrigerator

Mobicool G30 is the leader in the low-cost line of refrigerators for cars. Its main characteristics: weight 4.3 kg with a chamber volume of 30 liters, the presence of a fast cooling function up to 18 ° C below the external temperature indicator, low power consumption.
The advantages of the equipment include compactness, workmanship, power supply 12 / 220v, and the disadvantages are the absence of freezing, the full influence of the ambient temperature on the cooling efficiency.

one Ezetil EZ 4000

Ezetil EZ 4000 refrigerator

Ezetil EZ 4000 is equipped with a 40 l chamber. and a function to lower the temperature by 25 ° lower than external indicators. The level of cooling is available for self-adjustment. Gas consumption per day is not more than 0.4 kg. The advantages of Ezetil include efficiency and low weight, and the disadvantages include its cost.


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