Top 10 Aquarium Filters


An aquarium is a small artificial reservoir with a closed space, in which there are no processes of natural water purification from the waste products of the inhabitants. As a result, the water is polluted with waste, a population of small algae, pathogenic bacteria grows in it, and the environment becomes detrimental to the life of fish.

The purpose of modern filters has gone a little further than in the first stages of development. Now every advanced apparatus is able not only to eliminate pollution, but also to provide a constant supply of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, as well as to mix the layers of water, maintaining the optimal temperature balance and the amount of dissolved oxygen for fish.

The best internal filters for an aquarium

5 Juwel Bioflow Super filter

Juwel Bioflow Super Filter

JUWEL Bioflow Super is an excellent internal filter for aquariums up to 100 liters, the use of which gives you many advantages and convenience. Bioflow Super works according to the principle «Water must remain in the aquarium!» and it is the safest option for filtering the water in your aquarium. The Bioflow Super filter works without hose connections through which water can leak. The filtration system stands out for its large filter volume, providing space for excellent mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Unlike many other filters, especially external filters, Bioflow Super can be cleaned in just a few minutes.

In filters Bioflow Super a unique two-pole system works, which allows you to maintain the speed of various water flows. This helps to ensure very high filtering performance. For mechanical and chemical filtration, a relatively fast flow rate is used at the top of the filter. A slower water flow is used at the bottom of the filter, ensuring optimal development of anaerobic bacteria vital for biological filtration.

4 Filter Ferplast Blumodular 3

Filter Ferplast Blumodular 3

The BLUMODULAR large aquarium filter is a completely new product from Ferplast. Which creates a safe, elegant, innovative, high quality world for your aquarium fish. Therefore, all BLUMODULAR filters have everything to function properly. Every detail of the filter complies with international safety standards. The BLUMODULAR filter is part of a range of internal filters suitable for all your needs. This is an internal modular filter with adjustable flow, which is available in three different models with high filtration quality. The mechanical filtration produced by the product is distinguished by the high quality of the water in the aquarium from small particles. Modules containing synthetic sponges for the qualitative removal of mechanical particles and organic waste. To detach the module, simply press the two buttons located on opposite sides and remove it. Other modules can be added to the modular system if desired. Flute and nozzle with vein tube.

3 AQUAEL Turbo 2000 h.max 1.9 m

AQUAEL Turbo 2000 h.max 1.9 m

The Aquael Turbo aquarium filter is designed for large aquariums up to 350 liters, it processes the liquid at the highest rate up to 2000 liters in one hour. At the same time, it consumes only 27 W — an economical result, providing an energy-saving motor, high-quality gasket under the impeller, minimizing performance loss. The design feature of the filter is the ability to install any filtration blocks and sponges. The containers are equipped with BIOCERAMAX 600 filler, which traps nitrite and ammonium compounds. You can purchase additional containers for deeper water purification (if necessary), then AQUAEL Turbo 2000 h.max 1.9 m can be used for larger tanks, including those with densely populated inhabitants. The direction of the water can be conveniently changed with an ergonomic regulator.

A functional and efficient pump gets the fourth place in the rating for not the most aesthetic appearance and low-frequency rumble that creates discomfort for a person at night. In addition, the complete filtration sponge is large for the container and requires trimming, otherwise the device “spits” air due to insufficient flow. The motor has been warmed up. Thus, the AQUAEL Turbo 2000 h.max 1.9 m is more suitable for large aquariums in living rooms or public places, but not in the bedroom, and also requires skillful hands of a master for maintenance.

2 Hydor CRYSTAL 3 R10 Duo

Hydor CRYSTAL 3 R10 Duo

The internal filter with a cover is intended for capacities from 100 to 200 liters. Moreover, it can be installed both in aquariums with fresh water and salt water. The Italian manufacturer offers a filter pump that works on a 2-level cleaning principle. At the initial stage, water seeps through the foam sponge, getting rid of large impurities, and then undergoes chemical or biological treatment. The chamber is designed for the use of various types of filter materials. At the same time, the device supports a power of 11 W, which allows pumping 800 l / h.

The body of the device is quite compact, moreover, it has practically no sharp corners. All lines are smoothed, and the outer shell reliably protects the inner part from mechanical stress. Thanks to the tripod included in the kit, the product can be easily mounted in a corner without taking up much space. Along with high-quality tightness and small size, the model has another advantage — it is equipped with a special control system with which you can adjust the performance, flow direction and, in general, the degree of water saturation with oxygen.

1 Eheim Biopower 200 filter

Filter Eheim Biopower 200

Aquaball concept with external filtration technology. Closed filter baskets are filled with EHEIM SUBSTRATpro. Other filter materials may be used. The suction basket contains a filter. element for mechanical and biological filtration. The filter mat in the pump head holder provides additional filtration. The volume of the filter can be adapted to the aquarium by adding or removing modules (baskets). Thanks to the modular structure of the filter. the material can be cleaned at different times, protecting bacterial cultures. The spherical pump head can be rotated around and the outflow of purified water can be directed in any direction. The pump capacity and flow rate are set using the rotary knob on the outlet nozzle. Air supply, oxygen enrichment in the aquarium is regulated by the attached diffuser. For aquariums up to 200 l. Produces. pump 0.43 m. Power consumption 6 watts. Filter volume 0.53 l. For sea and fresh water. Height 27 cm. Diameter 9.6 cm.

Best External Aquarium Filters

5 Fluval FX4 filter

Filter Fluval FX4

Canister external filter Fluval FX4 with a capacity of 1,700 l/h for aquariums up to 1,000 liters. The innovative FX4 filter has been developed from the proven FX5/6 filter line. The unique patented Smart Pump consumes 10% less energy than previous models. Every 12 hours, all FX series filters stop to get rid of air bubbles and use the entire area of ​​the basket for maximum benefit for filtration.

4 Aquael MINIKANI 120

Aquael MINIKANI 120

A simple and inexpensive filter designed to purify water in aquariums up to 120 liters. It is unpretentious in maintenance, for which it has gained particular popularity among lovers of keeping aquarium fish. It has no restrictions on the used filter elements, so you can use any type of filler, and most importantly in large quantities. The main feature is that, unlike classic models, the pump can be placed both outside and inside the aquarium, and the filter box is much lower than the bottom. Ideal for home use. Among the pluses, one can also note the presence of a large compartment for the filler, the implementation of 3 types of cleaning.



External filter for aquariums from 200 to 500 liters. In terms of cleaning performance, it is perhaps one of the best mid-budget models at the moment. In the basic configuration, it has 5 pre-installed fillers: ceramic rings and a special bio-sponge, balls and carbon absorbent, as well as a fibrous membrane at the finishing stage. The autostart system is integrated, so the pump does not need additional pumping of water after installing or replacing filters. The device is guaranteed to appeal to those for whom breeding aquarium fish is more than just a life hobby.

2 Filter JBL CristalProfi e402 greenline

Filter JBL CristalProfi e402 greenline

The Greenline Series was developed by JBL to save energy while being quiet in operation.

Economical external filter for aquariums 40-120 l., up to 150 cm long. Suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums, aquariums with invertebrates and aquariums for aquatic turtles.

  • External filter for clean and healthy aquarium water: closed water circulation system for 40-120 l (40-80 cm) aquariums.
  • Fully equipped and ready to connect: built-in quick start system means starting the filter without water suction.
  • Silent, productivity 450 l/h. Patented prefilter 100% larger than model 401. High biological filtration with 4.6L filter volume, water stop, 360° rotatable hose connections, easy filter media change.
  • Proven, reliable and efficient: amazing energy savings.
  • Included: external filter, hoses, tubes 12/16, intake tube, kink, suction cups, filter materials (biofilter balls and sponge).

1 Eheim eXperience 350 filter

Eheim eXperience 350 filter

External filter Eheim EXPERIENCE 350 for aquariums up to 350 liters has replaced the legendary line of filters of the PROFESSIONEL series. The filter is fully equipped with everything necessary for quick installation and commissioning. As always, in the manufacture of a new series of filters, Eheim used a reliable and durable plastic, an impeller on a ceramic axis that allows you to keep both saltwater and freshwater fish, transparent elastic hoses for contamination control.

  • Complete set of filter media and sponges media set
  • Hose adapter allows you to disconnect the filter for further maintenance or rinsing of filter media.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Quiet and reliable operation.
  • Convenient containers for placing filter components and substrates.
  • Easy and convenient to wash.
  • Rubber feet provide reliability and stability of the filter.
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