Top 10 Acrylic Nail Powders


Today, manicures are a must for women who want their hands to look well-groomed.

Acrylic powder is a synthetic material, a mixture of liquid and powder. Used to strengthen and create creative nail designs. It is completely safe and significantly expands the list of services provided by a manicurist.

Rating of acrylic powders for nails

10 TNL Professional Classic

Powder TNL Professional Classic

TNL acrylic is easy to use, very strong, and also has a porous structure, which allows air to enter the nail, in addition, acrylic becomes very hard after hardening, so it can stay on the nails for months. It has a high polymerization rate. It is used in the procedure of building on tips and forms, ideal for use in French manicure. Allows you to create the perfect smile line, laid out evenly.

9 NOGTIKA Super Cover Peach

Acrylic powder NOGTIKA Super Cover Peach

Camouflage (opaque) acrylic modeling powder with a very natural peach hue. An excellent option for lengthening the nail bed. Imitates a natural nail, while hiding imperfections of the nail plate, such as redness or white spots. It is easy and convenient in work.

8 Nayada Nail Sculpting Powder 36g Soft Peach

Nayada Nail Sculpting Powder 36 gr Soft Peach

Pure high-quality powder, a new generation of acrylics!

Very fine dispersion, which makes acrylic plastic and easy to lay out, and predetermines excellent adhesion to the nail plate. Work without detachments. The powder does not flow and is perfectly compressed, after compression and polymerization it does not expand, it perfectly holds the Arch. No bubbles.

Pros and differences:

Soft Peach camouflage was created for modeling and lengthening the nail plate using the French technique. The dense natural color of the powder allows even a thin layer to hide the natural nail. The absence of «marble» in the work. A comfortable polymerization time allows the master of nail extension, without rushing anywhere, to qualitatively bring to perfection each stage of laying out the material.

7 CND Perfect Color

CND Perfect Color

CND professional acrylic powder is designed to strengthen the thin nail plate. It allows you to grow nails and provides high durability of a manicure made using shellac or gel polishes. The texture of acrylic is homogeneous, so it lies on the nail without roughness and makes natural irregularities less noticeable. The best choice for those who want to “regenerate” nail cracks with acrylic powder and save base consumption.

Unlike similar products, this acrylic has an unlimited shelf life. Another of its advantages is hypoallergenicity, so it is suitable even for girls whose nails are very susceptible to any influences. Of the minuses: not a very successful jar with a wide lid, which is why the powder constantly wakes up.

6 Patris Nail Excellent

Patris Nail Excellent

Transparent acrylic Patrisa Nail Excellent is ideal for reinforcing the free edge area. Thanks to its convenient format and economical packaging, the powder will not take up much space in your nail kit. Particles of fine grinding dissolve perfectly, forming a texture that is easy to apply. When set, this acrylic powder becomes very hard and strong, so we recommend using only a carbide cutter to remove it.

Among the main advantages: absolute transparency, no swelling and smudges even on almond-shaped nails. Patrisa Nail Excellent powder is available in various shades: white, red, blue, black, yellow, etc. The choice depends on your preferences and the purpose of using acrylic. Disadvantages: high cost and loose fit of the cap, which is why the powder constantly wakes up.

5 Voice of Kalipso

Acrylic Powder Voice of Kalipso

Transparent powder for acrylic modeling. Due to its fine structure, it is extremely easy to dissolve in the monomer, making modeling easy. It is also used to strengthen the nail plate in combination with a base for gel polish.

4 Kodi Professional Power Clear

Kodi Professional Power Clear

For perfect nail modeling, choose Power Clear Acrylic Powder from Kodi Professional. It allows you to carefully level the surface of the nail plate and fill in all the irregularities, as well as strengthen and correct the shape of the free edge. One of the advantages of this acrylic powder is its fine grinding, which makes it very plastic and easy to work with. The product is highly pigmented, so you can complete even the most complex designs with it. When applied, the acrylic material creates a transparent layer without voids and bubbles inside.

Powder Kodi Professional Power Clear is available in various shades. The most popular choice is a colorless remedy. It is perfect for strengthening nails, and also allows you to solve problems with delamination of the plate, cracks, etc. The best choice for girls whose manicure does not last more than 1-2 weeks. Acrylic powder has high adhesive properties, therefore it firmly fixes the gel polish, preventing the formation of chips.

3 Iris Professional Clear

Iris Professional Clear

Transparent acrylic powder Clear from Irisk Professional is versatile in use. It is perfect for creating aquarium design, modeling of varying complexity, as well as strengthening natural nails. Its distinctive feature is the absence of smell even when heated under a lamp. The finely dispersed structure of the powder ensures the convenience of its calculation and the ease of sawdust. The best choice for both professionals and beginners.

The component composition of Irisk Professional Clear acrylic powder makes the design with its use even more stable. The period of wear increases many times: with it, your manicure is not threatened by peeling, cracks or chips. When opened, the translucent powder has a whitish tint, but when applied to a base or colored gel polish, it is completely invisible. After the acrylic hardens, you can give the nail absolutely any shape.

2 INM OTD Powder Natural

INM OTD Powder Natural

Acrylic type powder lays down evenly in a thin layer and is easily drawn out with a regular brush. The two-component system does not produce a marbled effect and is an excellent option for creating a natural design due to the absence of yellowing over time.

1 EzFlow A-Polymer White Acrylic Powd

EzFlow A-Polymer White Acrylic Powd

White powder is the best tool that strengthens the nail plate. The kit includes a small plastic spatula, which makes it easy to scoop up the right amount of product and sprinkle it on the nail. It has a slight smell and a pleasant velvety texture. No streaks after application.

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