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With back pain, fatigue or overexertion, it is extremely rare for a person to think about going to a massage therapist. It takes time and is also costly. Here, home vibrating massagers come to the rescue, often with the most extensive functionality.

Vibratory massagers also help to remove excess fluid from the body and accelerate regeneration processes. These devices are ideal for people suffering from osteochondrosis or other diseases associated with the spine.

The main purpose of vibration massagers is to fight excess weight and improve the contours of the figure. 30 minutes of training on a vibrating massager is equal in efficiency to an hour and a half tedious workout in the gym. With regular use, you can get rid of cellulite, improve skin and muscle elasticity, and lose weight.

The best floor electric vibrating massagers

Kampfer MAGIC KV-1103

Kampfer MAGIC KV-1103 vibration massager

The MAGIC KV-1103 vibration massager model, presented by the well-known manufacturer of sports equipment Kampfer, is a powerful and multifunctional device. With it, you can carry out all types of massage on almost any part of the body.

Classes on MAGIC KV-1103 help to improve subcutaneous circulation, increase muscle tone and skin elasticity, and maintain good physical shape. Customer reviews indicate that with the help of a vibrating massager, you can warm up the muscles before training, relieve fatigue and pain.

MAGIC KV-1103 is equipped with a large number of different massage belts. In addition to the standard anti-cellulite, needle and double tapes, the kit includes a roller “turbo” belt, ordinary leg and hand belts, as well as belts with handles designed for hand massage.


  • reliability in operation and stylish design of the device;
  • high power (up to 130 W), which allows both general therapeutic massage and a serious corrective effect;
  • the presence of 8 tapes for various types of massage;
  • great functionality — the ability to select one of 5 automatic programs and 20 speed modes;
  • Convenient control panel including automatic timer.


  • not detected.

HouseFit HM-3003

HouseFit HM-3003 vibration massager

The floor vibration body massager HouseFit HM-3003 is an electric device with a solid transparent glass base. It is a high-quality simulator designed to massage the chest, back, shoulders and buttocks. With it, you can relax muscles, speed up the process of removing fats and toxins from the body, eliminate cellulite and increase blood pressure.

The vibratory massager comes with 3 massage belts, the intensity of which can be adjusted using the control panel by selecting one of 6 operating modes. In addition to a double smooth belt designed to massage the back, shoulder and chest, there is a belt with massage fingers for small areas of the body, as well as a relief belt with anti-cellulite protrusions for massaging the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.


  • robust design capable of withstanding loads up to 100 kg;
  • modern and stylish design that allows the vibration massager to look good in any home interior;
  • the presence of three different belts for different parts of the body;
  • the ability to perform not only anti-cellulite, but also preventive, therapeutic and relaxing types of massage;
  • the presence of six modes of operation of the device.


  • makes a loud noise during operation.


BODY SCULPTURE BM-1200 GX-C vibration massager

The BODY SCULPTURE BM-1200 GX-C electric vibratory massager is an ideal device for passive gymnastics. After regular classes on it, blood circulation in the body improves, and there is also a decrease in fat deposits under the skin.

Using the various massage belts included in the kit, you can quickly and painlessly tone almost all the muscles of the body.

Structurally, the BODY SCULPTURE BM-1200 GX-C is made in the form of a stand on a glass base, to which a vibrating massager is attached. The stand can be adjusted in height depending on the height of the person. According to the recommendations of doctors, the maximum power of the device does not exceed 80 W, which makes the vibration massager absolutely safe for the body. The speed of the vibratory massager is smoothly adjustable using a convenient control panel.

Included with the vibrating massager are 6 massage bands, adjustable in length:

  • roller “turbo” belt for massage of small areas;
  • 1000 finger tape to relax the skin;
  • belt with «bumps» to combat cellulite;
  • double tape for warming up muscles;
  • two ordinary belts for legs and arms;
  • two ribbons for brushes.


  • the possibility of using for body shaping, prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis, therapeutic reflex or restorative massage;
  • smooth speed control without stopping the electric motor;
  • the presence of a large number of different massage tapes.


  • a bit noisy when working.

The best compact (manual) vibrating massagers

US Medica Miami

US Medica Miami

Vibrating massager for comprehensive body care. The compact case is made of high quality plastic, the handle fits comfortably in the hand, does not slip during use. US Medica Miami works only from the network. The device comes with five attachments:

  • wavy, used for tonic massage. It warms up the muscles, improves blood flow;
  • roller with 8 moving parts that deeply affect the body, correcting the figure, eliminating cellulite, relieving tension;
  • flat for the face. With its help, you can apply a moisturizing cream to the skin with point massage movements, accelerating its absorption;
  • peeling used to cleanse the feet of dead skin cells. Can be used as a scrubbing device in conjunction with related products;
  • mesh. Works as a protective overlay during the warm-up of the neck and back, preventing hair from entering the device.

The strength of the vibrations is regulated by the speed lever, as well as manually, by increasing or decreasing the pressure on the device.
Customer reviews about US Medica Miami are quite good. First of all, they praise it as an excellent home option for relaxation with great functionality — heels, neck, spine, lower back, sides, calves quickly tone up after 10-15 minutes of massage at different speeds.

CS Medica VibraPulsar CS-v1 compact

CS Medica VibraPulsar CS-v1 compact

Vibrating massager CS Medica VibraPulsar CS-v1 effectively relieves pain and soothes the receptors of muscles, skin and ligaments. During the massage, the formation of endorphins, histamine and other substances useful for the body increases in the body. The work of blood circulation is also stimulated, the outflow of lymph from the tissues increases, and the cells are enriched with oxygen. The mechanical impact of the vibratory massager is accompanied by intense heating of the tissues. This allows you to remove muscle fatigue and pain syndromes, and also helps to remove toxins from the body.

The vibration massager is equipped with a comfortable long handle that allows you to massage any part of the body. The device is equipped with four nozzles for different massage:

  • smooth — conducts a general relaxing body massage;
  • point — carries out a directed effect on a specific area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe body;
  • soft — designed for a relaxing massage of sensitive areas;
  • nozzle with 4 heads — for enhanced stimulation of blood supply or lymph flow, as well as for effective fight against cellulite.


  • intense impact — from two to three thousand beats per minute;
  • four massage programs and an auto timer;
  • three levels of vibration intensity.

Nozomi MH 102

Nozomi MH 102

The massager with a nozzle of two peculiar fingers will perfectly cope with the therapy of large parts of the body: legs, arms, shoulders, back. It is not recommended for use on the head, neck and face, because more delicate care is needed there. Two high-speed modes allow you to choose the intensity and nature of the massage of the desired area. The infrared rays that the device is equipped with heat the entire body up to the bones and joints, making it pliable for further therapeutic manipulations. This radiation is safe for humans, produces positive changes in the immune system and the body as a whole.

The Japanese device can relieve unpleasant back pain, swollen legs after a long load, overstrained muscles from sports. It perfectly solves the problem of losing weight, breaking down body fat and helping to improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism, and reduce volumes. Numerous reviews confirm the effectiveness of this model. Some women write that the first significant changes in volumes were noticeable after a month, and in combination with sports, they can be achieved in a couple of weeks. Probably the best model for body shaping.

1 Hakuto hm 1005

Hakuto hm 1005 vibration massager

Having received this electric model, you no longer have to spend money on visiting the salon and look for time in a busy schedule, because you can have a massage at any time. The set includes three nozzles designed for different types of exposure and areas of the body. The first one perfectly copes with the massage of the hips and back, in particular, the muscles located near the spine. It perfectly relaxes and relieves stress. Regularly using it on the hips, you can notice the smoothing of the skin, the gradual getting rid of the «orange peel», a decrease in volume.

The second nozzle is for sensitive areas such as the scalp, face and décolleté. She gently massages them, giving the surface smoothness and velvety. The universal, third, nozzle, according to the manufacturer, is well suited for all parts of the body, but works best as a foot and leg massager, helping to relieve tension and find a feeling of lightness. The long handle allows you to reach the most inaccessible places. Buyers say that the device is a good alternative to Thai massage due to the cam action function, which can work out the muscles of the neck-collar zone and lower back to the maximum.

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