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The popularity of the brand is well deserved. Atlant is a Belarusian manufacturer producing truly reliable refrigerators. Models of competitors usually serve about 5-7 years, while the Minsk plant offers equipment with a 10-year service life. Such durability is, of course, impressive.

The next difference between Atlanta is inexpensive and simple maintenance. Due to the close proximity to the manufacturing plant, all parts for the repair of any model can be found in every workshop. It is worth noting here that there are not many reasons for Belarusian equipment to be repaired — it rarely breaks down.

As for the functionality, then there are no complaints. Refrigerators, depending on the model, can be equipped with the following functions:

  • Know Frost, which allows you to never defrost the freezer, but only occasionally clean it;
  • «Superfreeze» — in a short time cools food to minus 24, while preserving vitamins;
  • The timer helps to put the refrigerator in the «defrost» mode and turn it off after the time has elapsed.
  • «Protection from children» blocks the door and control buttons.

Top Atlant refrigerators

ATLANT ХМ-4425-049-ND Premium

XM-4425-049-ND Premium

This model has Full No Frost and Smart Air Flow technologies, thanks to which the air is evenly distributed throughout the chamber and keeps food fresh for a long time.

Exclusive design in stainless steel color and hidden black end handles make the refrigerator very stylish and presentable.

The upper compartment has two plastic drawers for fruits and vegetables, three adjustable height tempered glass shelves, and four adjustable trays on the door. Equipment dimensions: 207x60x63 cm, usable volume — 314 liters.

At the end of the door there is a black LED display with touch buttons, where functions and modes are selected: «protection from children», «supercooling», «holiday», «fast freezing», «timer».


  • Self-diagnosis function;
  • Impact-resistant plastic boxes in the freezer;
  • Energy efficiency class A;
  • 4 compartments in the freezer;
  • Reasonable cost and high quality.


  • In a studio apartment it may seem noisy (43 dB).

ATLANT МХМ 2835-08

ATLANT МХМ 2835-08

The following model has only positive customer reviews. МХМ 2835-08 consists of two optimally sized chambers, equipped with a temperature controller and convenient removable shelves. An important advantage is the high energy class («A»), which saves your costs and at the same time contributes to the good performance of the refrigerator. The model is quite compact: it has a width of 60 cm, a depth of 63, and reaches a height of 163 cm. The average capacity is 280 liters in volume. The freezer is located on top, this arrangement is considered very convenient. The doors are light enough to open with little effort. The refrigerator is almost silent and works properly for a long time.


  • reliability;
  • almost silent;
  • optimal dimensions;
  • great value;
  • convenience;
  • ease of operation.


  • too simple design;
  • it is necessary to defrost the upper chamber manually.

ATLANT ХМ-4621-101 Advance

XM-4621-101 Advance

Model with electronic control unit and wear-resistant housing. It has hidden integrated handles and bright LED lighting.

The refrigerator compartment has a freshness zone, a double drawer for vegetables and fruits, a plastic bottle holder, an oiler, a tray for 12 eggs. Barriers with and without lids, a hanging container and a separate container for meat and fish are installed on the door.

The freezer compartment has three drawers made of durable plastic, as well as shelves on the door and a tray for quick freezing.

This model has a drip defrost system. The dimensions of the refrigerator are 188x595x629 mm, the total volume is 324 liters and the high energy efficiency class is A++.


  • Strict minimalist design;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Electronic thermostat;
  • Low noise level — 39 dB;
  • Freezer automatic defrosting.


  • It is difficult to keep the fruit and vegetable drawer clean due to the corrugated bottom.

ATLANT ХМ-4421-030-N Comfort+

XM-4421-030-N Comfort+

A free-standing single-compressor ruby-colored refrigerator with a useful volume of 288 liters and a Full No Frost system has dimensions of 187x60x63 cm.

Thanks to the Smart Air Flow system, air flows from the freezer to the refrigerator compartment, which has three glass shelves and two baskets.

The reversible door has 4 shelves and an egg tray. In the freezer there was room for four capacious drawers made of impact-resistant plastic. In the event of an emergency power outage, the freezer will maintain a temperature of -18 to -5 degrees for 15 hours.


  • Original handles-brackets;
  • Function «Supercooling» and «Vacation» mode;
  • Electronic control with rich functionality;
  • Sound alarm when the door is open;
  • Quick Freeze.


  • Few regular shelves.

ATLANT XM 4208-000

ATLANT XM 4208-000

The cheapest refrigerator among two-chamber models. At a low cost, it has quite good characteristics — it is economical in terms of electricity consumption (class A), quite roomy — 173 liters. The control is very simple, electromechanical — this increases the reliability of the device, since complex and capricious electronics are not used in the composition. The main compartment is defrosted by drip system, the freezer compartment is manually defrosted.

It works not loudly — no more than 43 dB. In the event of a power outage, the cold holds for 14 hours. The lack of functionality is fully justified by the low cost. The model is popular, there are a lot of reviews about it. Users in them indicate both the pros and cons of budget technology.


  • low price;
  • quiet work;
  • good cooling;
  • compact;
  • reliable and practical;
  • low power consumption;
  • durable shelves.


  • top cover made of weak plastic;
  • not very large internal volume;
  • inconvenient organization of internal space.

ATLANT МХ 5810-62

ATLANT МХ 5810-62

Sufficiently roomy single-chamber refrigerator without a freezer compartment. The volume is 285 liters — a great addition to a freestanding freezer. It works quietly — no louder than 41 dB, it is defrosted by a drip system. Energy consumption is low — class A (172 kWh / year). Electromechanical control and simple design provide increased reliability of the refrigerator, its long service life.

There are no additional options for this refrigerator by the manufacturer. Positive feedback about the model prevails, but users manage to identify small drawbacks of the technique.


  • low cost;
  • capacity;
  • good cooling;
  • quiet work;
  • build quality and materials;
  • quiet work.


  • difficult re-hanging of the door;
  • flimsy side pockets;
  • poor equipment.

ATLANT XM 6021-031 Soft Line

XM 6021-031 Soft Line

The design of this «drip» refrigerator is simple and concise, and thanks to the roller feet, it easily moves around the room.

The model does not have protruding traumatic handles, which will be a big plus for families with children and those who live in a cramped apartment. The set includes: an egg stand, a spatula and an ice mold, a shelf for bottles. The temperature is regulated separately in each compartment by two mechanical wheels.

Despite the classic dimensions (60x63x186 cm), XM 6021-031 is quite roomy — its usable volume is 326 liters.

The freezer has three drawers made of transparent plastic, which can sag when overloaded. The refrigerator compartment has four height-adjustable glass shelves, as well as two deep plastic drawers for fruits and vegetables.


  • Modes of fast freezing/defrosting;
  • Two compressors;
  • Energy saving class A;
  • Sound indication of an open door;
  • Low noise level (40 dB);
  • Reversible doors.


  • There is no door opening limiter;
  • Fragile plastic drawers in the freezer.

ATLANT MXM 2835-08 Softline

MXM 2835-08 Softline

This single-compressor refrigerator has one mechanical regulator and energy class A. The 70L freezer holds a small amount of food, and a removable grid shelf helps to organize the interior more conveniently.

The refrigerator compartment has two plastic drawers, four glass shelves and barriers on the door. The total volume of the entire refrigerator is 280 liters with dimensions of 163x60x63 cm.


  • Auto-defrost (drip system);
  • Possibility of hanging doors;
  • Autonomous preservation of cold up to 20 hours;
  • Minimalistic design;
  • Operation at ambient temperature from +10о to +38о.


  • The need for regular defrosting of the freezer.

ATLANT МХМ-2808-90 Soft Line

МХМ-2808-90 Soft Line

The single-compressor refrigerator is sold in two colors: white and gray. Its dimensions are 60x154x65 cm, and the usable volume is 263 liters.

The unit is equipped with an automatic defrosting system (drip), controlled by one mechanical regulator.

The main compartment contains two containers for fruits and vegetables and a stand for 8 eggs. A plastic shelf is installed over the entire width of the door, and two containers with lids are fixed on top. There is only one bar shelf in the freezer.


  • Energy class A;
  • Wheels for easy movement;
  • Hidden handles;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Acceptable cost — about 14 thousand rubles.


  • Very rigid shelf brackets.


Currently, it is not difficult to choose a refrigerator in household appliance stores, knowing only a few basic rules:

  • a total volume of less than 200 liters is not enough even for two;
  • refrigerators with 2 compressors are much more reliable: they save energy;
  • if the refrigerator will be close to the sleeping place (for example, in a studio apartment, in a corridor or in a kitchen without a door), you need to pay attention to the noise level: it should be no more than 40 dB.
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