Rating of the best massage capes for the back and neck


Massage wraps are unique inventions that help to relax the body after a long day, restore vigor and tone to the whole body. Particularly popular among people who spend a lot of time in a sitting position. These are mainly office workers and drivers of vehicles. These people experience great impacts on the spine and muscles and often suffer from headaches. At such moments, massage capes help out. Our rating of the best products in this segment will help you buy the best quality model.


According to the type of interaction with the human body, massage capes are divided into:

  • vibration;
  • roller.

vibrating capes perform massage with air cushions driven by vibration motors. This device is quite thin and plastic, it can be easily mounted in any position on any hard surface without holes. It usually has two modes: vibrating and pulsating.

roller capes carry out a deeper impact with the help of rollers. In this case, an imitation of a manual warming massage occurs. Inside such a device there is a rigid frame, so it must be placed exclusively in an upright position, sitting in a chair or on a chair. The rollers relax tense muscles, move along the spine to improve flexibility and stretch, or act on specific areas in a wave-like motion.

TOP of the best massage capes for the back and neck

Medisana MC 822

Medisana MC 822 massage cape

The device is focused on the study of the neck, back and hips. It acts on problem areas and improves the well-being of the body as a whole. The device is adjustable in height, so any person will adjust the optimal position of the cape. The thighs are firmed by the impact with the functions of three-level vibration and infrared radiation. Management occurs with the help of a remote control. The fabric of the cape is easily cleaned from dust and other contaminants. After 15 minutes of session, the device automatically turns off.

Massage roller, vibration
Purpose back, hips, neck
Food from the mains
Auto power off Yes
Session 15 minutes
Number of programs 3
Height adjustment Yes


  • Velcro straps;
  • remote control included;
  • built-in timer.


  • no magnetic effect function;
  • works from the network.

I chose for a long time, compared models, watched video reviews. As a result, I settled on this device. I am satisfied with the purchase, a simple remote control, practical modes. I advise! Literally after a week of use, you will feel the effect.


HAKUTO-HM2161 massage cape

It belongs to the vibration type, equipped with four types of programs and a heating function. Performs massage of the shoulder blades, lumbar and thoracic regions, thighs. The remote control and clear fasteners simplify the operation of the device on all types of chairs. The design has rollers for a smoothing effect and a block with vibration. Thanks to acupressure and the study of individual zones, a high-quality effect on the back is carried out.

Type of massage vibrating, roller
Modes four
Height adjustment Yes
Purpose back, hips, neck, waist
Voltage 220 — 240 V
Timer Yes
Duration 15 minutes


  • 3D impact with elements of manual therapy;
  • remote control included;
  • influence intensity is regulated.


  • noisy work.

I work as a truck driver. Very hard on the back, especially after trips. I bought myself a cape, now I always take it with me. I advise everyone to buy! Very cool stuff! If you try it once, then you will not be able to refuse yourself.

Amato Saisho

Amato Saisho massage cape

An elegant universal cape will play the role of your individual massage therapist and will have a preventive effect on your body from various health ailments. The device performs four types of massage (vibration, roller, thermal and compression), six massage rollers are used with the ability to adjust the distance between them. The owner can adjust the massage intensity and impact area. The case is finished with high-quality eco-leather.

Type of roller
Session time 15 minutes
Number of modes four
Voltage 220 — 240 V
Purpose neck, back, waist, buttocks, hips
Timer No
Height adjustment Yes


  • maximum impact on the back and neck;
  • infrared heating;
  • modern design.


  • not intended for use in a vehicle.

I have back problems and cervical osteochondrosis. You don’t always look like a massage therapist — an expensive pleasure. So I thought about a massager, chose this model. Very satisfied! I advise!

Gezatone AMG 389

Gezatone AMG 389 massage cape

It is aimed at people who spend a long time in a car or in front of a PC in a sitting position. The cape has five types of programs that go alternately one after another. The product is able to replenish lost energy in a short period of time and relieve tension from the back muscles. This model will help get rid of pain in the lumbar region and restore the supply of vital energy. Thanks to ventilation, the use of the cape in the office or car will be extremely comfortable. In the winter season, the warm-up mode saves, it makes the massage process the most effective.

Purpose back, waist
Session 30 minutes
Type of roller
Height adjustment Yes
Food from the car cigarette lighter adapter and from the mains
Number of modes 5
Auto power off Yes


  • warm-up function;
  • ventilation;
  • remote control panel.


  • works noisily.

Gorgeous cape! By profession, I spend a lot of time in a car. After a work shift, discomfort in the back strains. With the purchase of this product, most of the problems ceased to worry me! You can turn on the heating mode, which saves me in bad weather.

Sensa RT-2130

Sensa RT-2130 massage cape

The cape is aimed mainly at operation in a motor vehicle, although it copes well with its purpose in a home environment. The kit includes a special network adapter. The impact occurs with five types of massage. The device affects most of the muscles of the cervical and lower back. Thanks to the intensity settings, all zones are warmed up with different strength.

Type of massage roller
Modes four
Food from the car’s cigarette lighter and from the mains
Timer Yes
Single use duration 15 minutes
Purpose back, waist, hips, neck
Height adjustment No


  • three modes of intensity;
  • heating function;
  • 12 rollers.


  • neck massage is more suitable for short people.

I’ve been wanting to buy something like this for a long time. The dream was about a full-fledged armchair, but there is absolutely not enough space in the apartment. I suffered for a long time with a choice, many of them just vibrate and that’s it. As a result, I bought this model with various types of modes. I recommend!

Beurer MG295 Cream

Beurer MG295 Cream massage cape

The cape is made by a German company. It helps to massage in all directions along the entire back. The device comfortably fits a chair or armchair and has a high back. The device helps to relieve the feeling of discomfort and tension in the body, easily restores energy and is used as a recovery during various illnesses. There are heating and lighting modes, washable covers and special attachments for storing the cape.

Purpose back, waist, neck
Type of massage roller
Food from the network
Timer Yes
Session duration 15 minutes
Number of modes 3
Height adjustment Yes


  • intensity adjustment;
  • thermal massage;
  • auto-off function.


  • a small number of rollers (4 pieces).

Quality giveaway! I really like the heating function. After it, the body completely relaxes, as if it had gone to a professional manual massage. I advise everyone to buy, especially those who sit a lot.

Selection Tips

Before buying, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following characteristics of the product:

  • View. It must be remembered that they are vibrating and roller. Their main difference is in the principle of operation.
  • Appointment. Devices are used both at home and in the office, and even in the car.
  • Functions. Each model has a different combination of modes and features.
  • Scope. Before purchasing a massage cape, pay attention to which areas of your body it can massage.
  • Material. In production, plastic, rubber and ceramics are used. In rare cases, jade is added, which has a therapeutic effect when heated.
  • Settings. Each model has certain settings, due to which a different effect is achieved from the impact of the cape.
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