Rating of the best ironing systems


Modern ironing systems provide not only high-quality, but also fast care for clothes and home textiles. Steamer, ironing board, steam generator, professional iron — all this is combined in one device. It is versatile, easy to use, performs many functions and provides clothes with professional care.

Rating of ironing systems

Mangano Ironing System M9910

Mangano Ironing System M9910

A distinctive feature of this model is an unusual folding system. Not the legs are assembled, but the platform. If you fold the Mangano Ironing System M9910, then outwardly it will resemble a cabinet with wheels. But if you open the side parts completely, you get a large surface — 130 x 40 cm. In the reverse order, the board folds automatically. In this case, you can fold only one or both parts of the tabletop at once.

In 3 minutes, the steam pressure reaches 5 bar and the device is ready for operation. Steam is supplied with an impressive intensity — 120 g / m. The tank is quite capacious, its volume is 2.4 liters.

Comfort Vapo Premium

Comfort Vapo Premium

The modern Comfort Vapo Premium ironing system consists of a working surface, a professional iron and a steam generator. It works in various modes, including suction, vertical steaming, heating and blowing. Conveniently, immediately after completion of the work, the board is easily folded using a special lift with just one touch of a button. The entire structure is made of metal, so it is strong, durable and reliable.

The total power of the ironing system is 3,250 W. As a result, it is able to produce steam up to 98 °C. The kit additionally includes a protective cover with a porous coating, a sleeve platform, a hose clamp and a shelf designed for convenient placement of clothes. Pros: regulation and personal setting of all parameters, Italian assembly, volumetric steam generator boiler for continuous operation. Cons: heavy weight (28 kg) and high price.

VLK Vesuvio 9000

VLK Vesuvio 9000

The system includes a portable board and a powerful iron. After only 3 minutes, the ironing equipment will be ready for use. The sole is made of ceramic, heats up quickly and glides easily over the fabric. Steam supply at 5.5 bar will smooth out difficult creases. For more delicate items, a vertical steam mode is provided.

The functionality of the VLK Vesuvio 9000 includes 2 options: vacuum and airflow. Automation will turn off the device if it is not used for 15 minutes. The sleeve platform helps smooth out cuffs, yokes and intricate sleeve seams. Tank volume — 1 l.

The board is mobile: the wheels allow you to move it to the place of permanent deployment. A special folding system simplifies storage.

Polti Vaporella Power System

Polti Vaporella Power System

The active board can adapt to things that are ironed out. Heating the surface will allow you to dry and iron wet things. The blowing mode forms an air cushion between the fabric and the surface of the board. This makes it easier to iron lined garments, delicate fabrics and beaded knitwear. Light and slippery fabrics can be fixed on the surface with the suction function. The same function helps the steam penetrate deeper through the fabric and eliminate excess moisture.

The system is highly stable. But at the same time, she assembles without difficulty. The height is adjustable in 8 different levels. The cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine. The weight of the steam iron is less than usual, and the handle is made of cork non-slip material.

Kärcher SI 4 EasyFix Iron Kit

Kärcher SI 4 EasyFix Iron Kit

The SI 4 EasyFix Iron Kit from Kärcher is designed not only for fast ironing, but also for efficient steam cleaning. It cuts the usual household chores by 50% thanks to the active ironing board and steam iron. The device is equipped with blowing and steam removal functions, which ensures fast ironing of even difficult textile materials. The reviews note that this ironing system cleans all hard surfaces, even from stubborn dirt.

The kit includes a floor nozzle with a flexible joint, as well as additional accessories for cleaning induction hobs, ceramic tiles, acrylic bathtubs, etc. The most advanced ventilation system prevents steam from spreading throughout the room and leaves no streaks. The classic and simple design ensures the versatility of the device. Pros: anti-slip feet, stability and stability, height adjustment (from 72 to 99 cm), and a refillable water tank.

Endever Odyssey Q-920

Endever Odyssey Q-920

Elegant design, powerful steam generator (2400 W) and compact working area are the key advantages of the Endever Odyssey Q-920 ironing system. The device is completely ready for use within 45 seconds after switching on. The range of continuous application is 55 minutes. Complete with a board (80*37 cm) and a steam generator, the system includes a hanger, a funnel and a measuring container.

This is the best solution at an affordable price for quick and easy steaming and cleaning of things from various fabrics: knitwear, cotton, nylon, silk, natural and artificial fur, leather, etc. Allows you to save clothes from delicate fabrics from frequent washing and dry cleaning. Pros: gray-green color scheme, a vertical rack for convenient and tidy placement of clothes, a mitt and a brush head for quality care of things, as well as a steam generator with a 1.2-liter water tank. Minus — there is no blowing or vacuum function.

Miele B3847

Miele B3847

Model Miele B3847 is made in a laconic black and white design. Includes steamer, board, iron and steam generator. The display shows the progress of the device and the set settings. This allows you to accurately control the operation of the device. The system is easily assembled due to the special 1-2 Lift System technology and can also be disassembled without any problems, which ensures easy storage.

A vertical steamer is lighter than an iron and easier to handle. But at the same time, it generates the same amount of steam under the same pressure. The Honeycomb Soleplate’s honeycomb construction delivers steam instantly through the holes between the honeycombs. This ensures even distribution of steam, as well as soft and smooth sliding of the iron over the surface. Dry steam is supplied at a pressure of 10 bar in a volume of 100 g/min.

M.I.E Completto Econom

M.I.E Completto Econom

The device will please even the most demanding hostess with superbly ironed things. Differs in compactness, without effort will be located even in the small apartment. The MIE Completto Econom system consists of a steam generator, a professional-grade Teflon-coated iron, a vertical garment steamer and a board with exhaust and blower options.

For comfortable ironing of shirt sleeves, a sleeve platform is provided, which rotates to the required position. The steam suction option protects against excess steam reflected from the ironing board, fixes the fabric, dries it and removes moisture.

A good addition is the springless mechanism for raising and lowering the board. Height adjustment is carried out using a special knob that must be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise.

The steam generator has a flat shape and is located below on the legs of the system. A convenient shelf for linen is also attached to the legs. On the side is a case for storing the iron.

Laurastar Go Red

Laurastar Go Red

The Laurastar Go Red ironing system is a professional iron, an active type board with a vacuum system, and a powerful steam generator. Using the device guarantees flawless smoothness of clothes, regardless of the material. In addition, the package includes a heat-resistant iron mat, a water drain pan, a wire holder, and a special bottle designed for quick and convenient filling of the tank.

The active ironing board can be used in two modes: «Blowing» (straightens things and prevents the formation of creases) or «Vacuum» (fixes clothes to smooth out the arrows). Another advantage of the system is the double heating of the steam, which at 150 °C penetrates deep into the fibers of the material. Pros: official 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, anti-calc filter, soleplate for smoothing delicate fabrics (for example, natural silk), as well as a cold air function.



A new, improved S class model from the world famous Swiss brand LAURASTAR. Developed on the basis of the patented MAGiC technology, which allows the board to work in 2 modes, at 2 speeds. Blow mode straightens things on the surface. Due to this, seams, lining, pockets are not imprinted. Vacuum allows you to fix the thing on the board. Due to this, you can easily iron pleats, arrows on trousers, iron light clothes made of silk and chiffon.

The LAURASTAR S Plus model is well equipped. It includes:

  • designer cover;
  • steam pipe holder;
  • protective nozzle for delicate fabrics;
  • bath for draining water;
  • a portion of granules for water filtration and purification.

By connecting the system to the network, it can be used after 3 minutes, as indicated by automatic indication. Lightweight, safe iron perfectly irons horizontally and steams vertically. The auto-off option turns off the device if it has not been used for more than 15 minutes.

Criteria to consider when choosing:

  1. Functions

The ironing table in the systems differs from classic ironing boards. It has a whole range of features. Among them:

An additional name for this option is a hood. If you turn it on, the fabric web will be attracted to the board due to vacuum and will not create wrinkles that usually interfere with ironing. This technology is especially important when working with silk and nylon fabrics. Due to the tight fit to the surface, they do not slip, do not wrinkle during processing.

A fan blows air from below, which creates the effect of an «air cushion». The mode is important for processing things with voluminous decor, large pile and products with a lining. The iron does not come into contact with the surface, so there are no shiny streaks left.

Similar to the previous function: the air is forced up and an air cushion is created. The difference is that steam is also added to this “pillow”. The mode is designed for particularly delicate items, such as clothes with stickers.

  • Surface heating

Improves the final result, provides the ability to iron the linen on both sides at the same time.

  1. board material

The board should be made of durable materials, preferably metal or thermoplastic. The base is perforated, allowing steam to escape freely.

  1. Height adjustment

It is important that the height can be easily adjusted. It is better to give preference to step adjustment, rather than smooth.

  1. Station weight and dimensions

The device should not be too bulky, easy to fold and unfold, and not take up much space in the house. At the same time, an excessively miniature station will create inconvenience in operation.

  1. Vertical steam function

Mandatory item in the list of characteristics. With this function, you can not contact dry cleaning for stain removal and steaming.

  1. Base coating

The main requirement for the base fabric is good permeability for the free passage of steam. The material can be made from cotton or synthetic fibers.

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