Rating of the best facade panels for exterior home decoration


Facade panels are made of a fiber cement base and a PVC coating. They are similar to siding, but differ in increased thickness. This makes them more durable and expands the design possibilities in terms of texture. Finishing with such building materials better protects the wall from precipitation, increases the heat and sound insulation of the building.

Initially, façade panels were used as basement siding, as they are much denser than conventional siding. Also, their advantages include the fact that they are much cheaper than facing bricks or decorative stone, and the load on the foundation is minimal.

Rating of the best manufacturers of facade panels


Dock facade panels

Docke company — produces goods for the exterior decoration of houses:

  • vinyl siding;
  • polymer facade panels;
  • PVC gutters;
  • attic stairs;
  • facade tiles;
  • flexible shingles.

It has been one of the leaders in the Russian market since 2005. In a short time, she was able to gain a reputation as a reliable supplier. Has various awards and diplomas.

Produces and sells facade panels of several types:

  • Collection STEIN resembles the texture of layered sandstone and gives the impression of masonry, which looks very natural. 7 colors (amber, dark walnut, autumn forest, milky, bronze, basalt, anthracide), the seams are dyed to match the main panel.
  • Collection BURG imitates marble and has a texture with distinct geometry. She has the widest color gamut — 10 colors. 2 types of seams are used: contrasting and dyed tone-on-tone.
  • Collection FLEMISH made of smooth brick. The white seams add contrast, while the burnt effect makes them look like natural, smooth bricks. The collection includes 4 colors.
  • Collection BERG in the form of a brick. It includes 5 classic natural brick colors.
  • Collection FELS imitates stone. The color scheme includes 6 colors. A large stone gives the house volume. The seams are painted to match the main panel.
  • Collection STERN in the form of sandstone from stones of different sizes. Each of the 6 colors has an overflow that matches natural stonework.
  • Collection SLATE reminiscent of natural slate. It has a layered structure of a set of plates. The collection has 5 colors.
  • Collection KLINKER imitates the laying of narrow bricks. 5 colors with additional effects.
  • Collection EDEL belongs to the class of socle panels. Its distinctive feature is its lightweight structure. Plinth panels in 4 colours.

There are many reasons to choose this company. Firstly, these panels are difficult to distinguish from stone, it has a fairly wide range, and secondly, it has a 50-year guarantee for the absence of deformations and 5 years for color.

grand line

Grand Line facade panels

Grand Line panels are finishing materials produced by a domestic company. Produced from artificial raw materials, but with a texture and color as close as possible to brick and masonry.

Main parameters of Grand Line panels:

  • For facade cladding;
  • Material — polyvinyl chloride (PVC);
  • Locking system of locks — «Antismerch»;
  • Length — 1407-1550 mm;
  • Width — 327-345 mm;
  • Thickness — 0.8-1.4 mm.

Fire safety data:

  • Degree of combustibility — G2: moderately combustible;
  • Smoke generation category — D2: moderate;
  • Flammability — B2: moderately flammable.

When painting, Italian paint and American dyes are used. Together with these companies, a color retention system was developed that guarantees color for up to 50 years.


TechnoNIKOL facade panels

Russian company, which was founded in 1992. Produces roofing, heat-insulating and waterproofing materials. It has factories both in Russia and in Europe. It is one of the five largest European manufacturers. In the Forbes list, TechnoNIKOL took 115th place in 2020.

A new direction invented by the TechnoNIKOL company is facade tiles for cladding. It has increased tightness, is resistant to corrosion and temperature extremes, and also has durability.

The assortment has 2 types of facade tiles:

1. Collection «Brick»

2. Collection «Stone»

  • Height: 250±3.0mm;
  • Width: 1000±3.0mm;
  • Thickness: 3.0±0.2mm;
  • Colours: quartzite, travertine, slate;

The products of the TechnoNIKOL company comply with all GOSTs of the Russian Federation. Production passes the European certification and provides a guarantee. High operational qualities are confirmed by researches.

Alta profile

Alta profile facade panels

Alta-Profil is the first siding manufacturer in Russia. Founded in 1999. In its structure, it has 3 factories and its own laboratory, in which finished products, as well as raw materials, undergo quality control.

Alta-Profil was the first company in Russia to start producing:

  • siding;
  • facade panels;
  • foam siding;
  • water waste and drainage systems;
  • lawn grids;
  • terrace board;
  • laminate;
  • flexible tiles.

The Alta-Profil company is the leader in terms of the number of collections of facade panels. Finishing stone, brick, granite. The assortment includes 21 collections and 129 design solutions.

Facade panels are one of the most durable, due to the increased thickness and stiffeners.

  • Length: 800-1260mm;
  • Width: 440-590mm;
  • Thickness: 16-33mm;


Nichiha facade panels

Nichiha is a leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding in Japan. Founded in 1956, started with the production of cardboard. Also factories were opened in China and the USA. Fiber cement panels come in a variety of textures and a wide range of colors. Composed of 75% cement, 15% wood fiber and 10% additives.

Types of panels produced by the company:

  • standard;
  • design;
  • under the tile;
  • under the brick;
  • under the tree;
  • under the stone.

main parameters;

  • Length: 1818-3030 mm;
  • Width: 455-910mm;
  • Thickness: 14-16mm;
  • Mounting: two-sided or four-sided mounting;

The company has all the necessary certificates, passes strict quality control.


U-layer facade panels

Belarusian company producing new generation siding. It looks very natural, like stone, brick or wood. It was founded in 2001 and produced PVC panel only in white color.

To date, in its catalog has:

  • siding;
  • facade panels;
  • spotlights;
  • accessories.

The U-plast company offers facade panels of the following collections:

  • stone house. Stone house resembles the texture of stone and brick panels, which is often used for wall decoration. If the panels are installed correctly, then the connecting seams will not be visible on it. It will look very natural. They have increased strength. The panels are also environmentally friendly. They have 15 colors in their arsenal.
  • Hokla. Wood stylized. Polyurethane — acrylic coating provides durability and color fastness. Mounted both vertically and horizontally without connecting strips. They have a design in two types: larch and vintage. Has 6 colors.


  • length — 3.025 m;
  • width — 0.23 m;
  • thickness — 0.001 m;
  • weight — about 1.5 kg.

The company has all the necessary certificates.


Nordside facade panels

The Nordside company opened its production in St. Petersburg in 2001. The main direction was the production of building PVC materials. Further, newer equipment was purchased from European manufacturers.

And the production of vinyl siding began. And already in 2015, the production of facade panels began. They are produced in two collections «Northern Stone» and «Smooth Brick». In 2017, a new collection «Slate» appeared.

Manufactured products:

  • Drainage system;
  • Vinyl siding;
  • Facade panels;
  • PVC panels.

Facade panel «Northern stone».


  • Length — 1117 mm;
  • Width — 463 mm;
  • Colours: white, pearl beige, graphite, chocolate, grey, terracotta.

Facade panel «smooth brick«.


  • Length — 1117 mm;
  • Width — 463 mm;
  • Height — 17 mm;
  • Useful area — 0.42 m2;
  • Colors: white, light beige, yellow, red, dark brown.

Facade panel «Slate«.


  • Length — 1117 mm;
  • Width — 463 mm;
  • Height — 23 mm;
  • Usable area — 0.46 m2;
  • Colours: white, graphite, pearl beige, chocolate, pearl, grey, terracotta.

Nordside manufactures products using high-tech European equipment imported from Germany, Austria and Italy. All products are manufactured under their own brand. Has all certificates of quality and compliance with GOST. The brand occupies one of the leading positions in the market.


Dolomite facade panels

The Dolomit company is located in the Krasnodar Territory, the city of Labinsk. She took the natural stone dolomite, the property of the Alpine mountains, as the basis of her name. Manufacture of PVC products.

In its range it presents:

  • Classic siding;
  • stone siding;
  • brick siding;
  • Siding chipped stone;
  • Accessories.

Siding, in the form of stone, is a type of masonry. But the panels are quite light and easy to install.

Presented in several versions:

  • «Premium» (colors: almond and ginger);
  • Dolomite (colors: champagne, chocolate, dark brown), size 3000*220*1.6mm;
  • «Alpine» (colors: ivory, champagne, walnut, gray-blue);
  • rockvin (colors: ivory, beige, champagne, walnut, sandalwood, blue-gray, cinnamon, chocolate);
  • «air side Scandinavian» (colors: mahogany, Caribbean rum, golden silk, silver mist);

Brick siding is the most popular cladding material. Presented in several colors: champagne, cinnamon, light yellow, yellow, red, brown.

The company received the «Best Product of the Year» award in 2017. He has a large number of certificates and diplomas. Panels are produced on new automated lines. Due to this, the number of personnel is reduced, and, consequently, the human factor and cost are reduced.


VOX facade panels

The VOX brand was founded in 1989 in Poland, and since then it has been one of the most innovative companies representing furniture products. Currently, the company has taken up the production of siding, and quite successfully.

The company presents several series of facade panels:

  1. Kerrafront — modern panels for cladding, do not require additional care, easy to install. Presented in four collections, 27 colors.
  2. Max-3 System — the system has the advantages of metal siding and is devoid of its disadvantages. Has 7 colors.
  3. System Solid uses natural materials that are resistant to any mechanical stress. Presented in 16 colors.

The panels are also presented in the form of brick and stone masonry. It has an average size of 1.125 m * 0.443 m.

The company is represented in almost all cities of Russia and abroad. Has all certificates of conformity, fire safety and all possible guarantees.

How to choose?

There are many factors in choosing one or another type of home decoration. Everyone approaches this individually.

But there are points that are still worth considering.:

  • Facing the house — this should first of all be beautiful, since this is the type of building;
  • Also, the material should not stand out from the existing buildings on the site, and fit well into the landscape design;
  • The panels must complement each other to form the perfect puzzle;
  • Panel technologies must be energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe for health.

Well, one of the most important tasks is to meet the budget.

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