Rating of the best 22 inch TVs


TVs with a diagonal of 22 inches are considered the best option for installation in the kitchen or in a small bedroom. Such devices do not take up too much space and allow you to comfortably view content of interest from close range.

So that you do not make a mistake when choosing, we have collected the best TVs with a screen diagonal of 22 inches and made a rating of models. These are proven options that have received high user ratings and are endowed with good functionality.

TV rating 22 inches

VEKTA LD–22TF5011BT 22″ (2019)

VEKTA LD–22TF5011BT 22″ (2019) TV

A budget model with a beautiful design has all the characteristics necessary for a solid small-sized TV. First of all, it is FullHD-image transfer format. Brightness 180 cd/m2, excellent viewing at an angle of up to 178°, LED backlighting and a high contrast ratio of 4000:1 complete the positive characteristics of the device. Support for all types of digital signal and multimedia formats makes the VEKTA LD-22TF5011BT one of the most modern and compact TVs on the TV market.


  • affordable price;
  • high definition picture;
  • color saturation;
  • reading formats: JPEG, Xvid, MP3, MKV;
  • easy viewing from any angle in the room.


  • light glossy finish.

Erisson 22FLM8000T2 22″ (2019)

Erisson 22FLM8000T2 22″ (2019) TV

In addition to the budget cost, this model has other advantages. The main one is showing video in one of the best standards — FULL HD. Due to the resolution with a large number of pixels of 1920 x 1080, the image is formed clear, without blurs and inaccuracies. The screen’s LED backlight enhances the effect by providing increased contrast and improved color reproduction.

The design provides USB, AV, HDMI inputs. Formats supported by the device: JPEG, MKV, MP3. There is also a headphone jack and one CI slot. Of the additional functions: child protection, sleep timer and video recording on a USB flash drive.


  • simple control;
  • inexpensive price;
  • availability of additional functions;
  • work with different TV formats;
  • decent signal transmission quality;
  • connectors for connecting equipment.


  • no Smart TV function.

ECON EX–22FT005B 22″ (2019)

ECON EX–22FT005B 22″ (2019) TV

16:9 aspect ratio, 1080p Full HD video quality, 50Hz refresh rate, 178°/178° angle are the main characteristics of ECON EX-22FT005B. This model is valuable in that it supports DVB-T and DVB-T2 TV broadcasting standards, DVB-C for cable TV, DVB-S and DVB-S2 for satellite. In addition, it is equipped with various interfaces that allow you to connect external equipment:

  • 2 HDMI connectors. Necessary for connecting digital devices, transmitting an audio signal and an image;
  • AV input. Makes it possible to connect analog transmitters;
  • coaxial output. Used to transmit sound;
  • 5 mm (mini jack). It connects external speakers and headphones.

In addition to those listed, there is an input for installing a USB flash drive. Readable formats: MP3, MPEG4, HEVC (H.265), MKV, JPEG.


  • budget cost;
  • accepts both digital and analog signals;
  • thoughtful interfaces for connection;
  • sharpness and saturation of the picture.


  • can blur frames of dynamic scenes in a movie or during sports broadcasts.

Shivaki STV–22LED25 22″ (2019)

Shivaki STV–22LED25 22″ (2019) TV

Thanks to the high-tech digital tuner Shivaki STV-22LED25 is able to receive all common forms of television broadcasting: DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-S2, DVB-T2, DVB-C. The analog tuner works with PAL/SECAM TV formats.

The LCD screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio. Resolution indicators correspond to the Full HD standard, which provides high detail and contrast, multi-color, saturated image transmission. The device has a standard set of interfaces. They allow you to connect additional gadgets. There is a function of video recording on a flash drive.


  • an acceptable combination of cost, quality and set of characteristics;
  • accepts many television formats, both analog and digital;
  • good color reproduction and high contrast;
  • concise, modern design.


  • not sold in all stores.

SUPRA STV–LC22LT0095F 22″ (2019)

SUPRA STV–LC22LT0095F 22″ (2019) TV

A modern, high-quality and inexpensive model from the SUPRA brand. Built-in digital tuner allows you to view video in different television standards — DVB-T/T2/C. In addition, there is a classic analog tuner. The device supports PAL/SECAM color systems and BG/DK/I/L audio systems. A wide variety of interfaces makes it possible to connect a wide variety of external devices — USB, personal computer, headphones, speakers and much more. Video in FullHD quality will please the accuracy of color reproduction and their brightness.


  • contrast image;
  • voluminous, clear sound;
  • easy for wall mounting;
  • clear automatic channel tuning;
  • availability of teletext.


  • there is no possibility to skip scrambled channels in auto tuning.

Polarline 22PL12TC 22″ (2019)

Polarline 22PL12TC 22″ (2019) TV

The POLARLINE 22PL12TC LCD TV with LED backlight is the epitome of innovative technology. It has the thinnest and most elegant design. In combination with decent technical characteristics, it is an ideal device for a wide range of consumers. Excellent performance even for use as a monitor. Built-in USB CINEMA HD brings the Polarline 22PL12TC to the realm of high-definition home cinema.


  • reads many formats from a flash drive;
  • belongs to the budget category;
  • good visibility from different angles due to the angle of 178°;
  • there is an automatic AVL volume equalization;
  • receives a digital signal in different standards: DVB-T, DVBC, DVB-T.


  • not very convenient channel setting.

SkyLine 22LT5900 22″ (2019)

SkyLine 22LT5900 22″ (2019) TV

The main advantage of this model is a high contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and Full HD resolution. Due to these indicators, the video is played in the best quality. The sleep timer allows you to set the device to turn on and off automatically in a specified mode. Support for subtitles and an electronic TV guide provide additional viewing comfort. From a flash drive, you can watch videos in FullHD format. The 178° viewing screen shows distortion-free video from virtually any corner of the room.


  • small and light;
  • low price;
  • small weight and dimensions;
  • availability of ports: HDMI, USB, coaxial output.


  • according to many, the sound is the main drawback, but this can be fixed by connecting external speakers.

Hyundai H-LED 22ET2001 22″ (2019)

Hyundai H–LED 22ET2001 22″ (2019) TV

FullHD resolution guarantees high quality images. The viewing angle of 176 ° allows you to clearly and without distortion see the picture equally well from any viewing point. This model has all the connectors for connecting additional equipment. In addition, there is support for USB and HDMI. The screen is updated at a frequency of 60 Hz. The contrast ratio is 4000:1. The sound is transmitted by 2 speakers with a total power of 6 watts.


  • excellent resolution and viewing angle parameters;
  • acceptable cost;
  • good color rendering;
  • quality assembly;
  • there is a possibility of fastening on a wall.


  • average sound quality.

Philips 22PFS5304 22″ (2019)

Philips 22PFS5304 22″ (2019) TV

Compact dimensions of 22″ (56cm) allow you to place the Philips 22PFS5304 in the kitchen, office or bedroom. Full HD 1920×1080 resolution provides excellent image quality. And Philips Pixel Plus HD technology gives you crystal-clear picture quality and true-to-life color reproduction. The device provides different signal reception formats — DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-T2. There are functions for recording video on a USB flash drive, as well as Time Shift options, a sleep timer. With the USB input, you can connect a flash drive, digital camera, MP3 player and other multimedia devices.


  • the presence of slots VGA, HDMI (2 pcs), USB;
  • supports all necessary media formats: MP3, WMA, MPEG4, HEVC (H.265), MKV, JPEG;
  • good picture and sound quality;
  • availability of additional functions.

Cons: not found.

Criterias of choice

22-inch TVs are selected according to the same rules as similar devices with a different screen size. Among the main features to choose from:

  • Screen resolution
  • Screen Refresh or Scan Rate
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Availability of Smart-TV
  • Viewing angle
  • Interfaces
  • Sound quality
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