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A home cheese factory is a specialized household appliance that will come in handy in the kitchen of every self-respecting housewife. Making your favorite types of dairy products is very easy with homemade cheese dairies. With such a device, you get not only tasty, fresh and healthy cheese, but also confidence in the quality and naturalness of each ingredient. Boost your appetite at the table and the nutritional value of your menu with the delicious flavors of popular homemade cheeses.

TOP of the best cheese makers for home

Bielmeier 29 l with tap automatic

Bielmeier 29 l with tap automatic cheese factory

This model is thought out to the smallest detail and is intended for the heat treatment of milk, the production of cheese, yogurt and kefir. Material of the case and the crane — stainless steel. This is the same metal that is not afraid of corrosion and is considered the best in the food industry for durability and ease of maintenance.

The depth of the bowl is 440 mm, and the volume is 29 liters. This is enough to fully provide the family and loved ones with dairy products. The device can be installed on a farm or set up a mini-production. The power of the heater does not exceed 1.8 kW, the temperature is set by the thermostat knob, there is a built-in overheating protection. Netizens good-naturedly call the German cheese factory a “pot” and praise it for its reliable hermetic case, reasonable design, but note that one has to get used to the correct handling of equipment.

Dairy plant with ECU 35 l

Dairy plant with ECU 35 l cheese dairy

The mass of the product is not very large — only 31 kg, despite the fact that the overall dimensions are decent — 770 mm in height, diameter 525 mm, inner diameter of the working bowl 409 mm. This versatile product is made from the highest quality stainless steel and equipped with a reliable and durable electric motor powered by a standard mains supply. If necessary, during the loading of raw materials, it can be moved to the side. The design has a special tap that allows you to drain excess whey. Not too high height makes the cheese factory suitable for regular and intensive use.

The set also includes an electronic control unit equipped with a timer. If necessary, the temperature indicators can be adjusted in the given parameters. The whole process is fully automated. After the end of cooking, a corresponding sound signal is heard, and it is quite loud. The temperature is controlled by a special sensor. A beginner can also use this cheese factory, since the cooking process is automated here — just select the required temperature, observe the proportions and turn on the device. The mixing element has a reliable and convenient speed control. Thanks to him, it is possible to thoroughly knead the raw materials if this is required by the cheese manufacturing technology.

Ariete 0615 B-Cheese

Ariete 0615 B-Cheese cheese dairy

The device will not take up much space in the kitchen and will fit perfectly into the interior. In addition, I would like to immediately note the low cost of the device, that is, almost everyone can afford it. In addition to cheeses, this model will also cope with the preparation of yoghurts. The power of the cheese maker is only 500 W, but 6 programs have already been entered into its memory to create unique delicious food products. The temperature at which the cheese is cooked is 90 °C. The set comes with a book with recipes, but there is no translation into Russian.

Bertha 25 l

Bertha 25 l cheese dairy

The high-alloy steel device is designed to meet the requirements of the food industry and in strict accordance with sanitary standards. So it can be used by master cheesemakers for home needs and for sale. One of the largest home cheese dairies is designed for a large volume of products and significant loads, so the walls are reinforced to a thickness of 2 mm, as in professional equipment. The design provides a «water jacket» for even heat distribution. In the basic configuration, a 25-liter cheese factory, a control unit, a lid and an electronic thermometer.

Judging by the reviews, the device is popular, and is actively used not only at home, but on farms. We note the gratitude of users for uninterrupted operation under constant load. There is some dissatisfaction with the need to separately purchase agitator and false bottom, and people are even willing to pay more for the original complete set.

Mr Cheese Dairy GRADUS 40 l

Mr Cheese Dairy GRADUS 40 l cheese dairy

Cheese making machine with the best bowl volume — as much as 40 liters. Available technological operations: pasteurization of milk, cooling, formation, cutting of the cheese clot, kneading of the cheese grain to the second temperature heating.

Due to the significant dimensions and 80 kg operating weight, it is better to install the device on a separate underframe so that it is convenient for the user to interact with it. This is what real users on the forums advise to do, they also respectfully talk about ultra-reliable heating and automation elements, for which the manufacturer used Legrand, Ariston, Schneider, Evco, Rittal parts. One gets the impression that Mr.GRADUS products are chosen by people with knowledge of the matter.

Dr. Guber

Dr. Guber cheese dairy

It consists of two main elements — the outer body and the bath-insert, the volume of which is 17.6 liters. From the inside, special marks are applied to the bath, allowing you to determine how much product is filled. It is also equipped with a very convenient handle that allows you to transport it from one place to another. The volume of the boiler, which is the basis of the water jacket, is 21 liters. Its bottom is made of ferromagnetic materials, which allows you to install the model on any type of heating plates, induction is no exception. The boiler has special channels for filling and draining water. The cheese factory is made on the basis of polished stainless steel. According to the manufacturer, the largest working volume of the internal tank is about 15-16 liters, due to which the final product yield can reach about 2-2.5 kg.

It should be noted that this equipment can be attributed to professional equipment. This cheese factory has a thicker wall of boilers. A reinforcing board is provided around the circumference of the neck, which is manufactured using hot molding technology using a turn-up. The bottom here is triple — an aluminum sheet is pressed between sheets of stainless steel, distributing heat as evenly as possible. All these points are most important if the cheese factory is operated intensively enough. Even with daily use, the device can last about 10-12 years.

Bergman 12 l with heating element

Bergman 12 l with heating element cheese dairy

The best option for the home, as this pasteurizer gives a moderate cheese yield — up to 1.3 kg per cycle. The cycle lasts from two to five hours. The mini cheese factory operates in the pasteurization mode and the subsequent preparation of homemade cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt or kefir. In addition to the main device with a semi-automatic control unit, the kit contains everything you need to organize the process: a digital thermometer with a clip, fittings and hoses for connecting to the pipeline, rennet, calcium chloride and a cheese mold. Also included is a recipe book, a passport with instructions and a warranty card. It remains to perform a simple assembly and buy fresh milk.

This model is very actively commented on the network, it is praised for having a timer and signaling the end of the process. Some complain about the need to knead milk by hand, but this device was initially positioned as a semi-automatic device. The functionality of the cheese dairy fully justifies the investment.

Maggio 11 l

Maggio 11 l cheese dairy

As soon as you put a miniature Maggio in the kitchen, you can pamper your loved ones not only with the usual hard cheeses and cottage cheese, but also with soft, pickled, creamy and even moldy varieties. Due to the small volume of the tank, the cooking process is very fast, for example, homemade Adyghe cheese will be ready 2 hours after loading the ingredients.

Active users of culinary forums have calculated that do-it-yourself dairy products are three times more profitable than purchased ones. There is nothing to say about the quality — it is impeccable. Customers really like the built-in heating element with a power of 1.2 kW and digital temperature control. The «water jacket» of the device can be filled with cold water to quickly cool hot milk — in just a couple of minutes. The transparent top of the cheese factory allows the master to observe his creation.

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