Ranking of the best sneaker brands


Sneakers are the most common, versatile type of footwear. They have long entered our lives, and not only for sports.

There is no shoe in the world that is more versatile and common. Many large companies specialize in the manufacture of them. Many manufacturers have become more popular than fashion exclusive clothing brands.

What types of sneakers do manufacturers offer?

  • Casual options are made of breathable fabrics, they are very comfortable to cover long distances during the day.
  • The running shoe is lightweight, flexible forefoot and has a heel pad. They may have a different shape of the sole.
  • Basketball shoes are designed to protect against injury and protect the ankle well due to their length.
  • Walking shoes are the heaviest of all types, have a soft upper and a special rigid sole.
  • Football boots are equipped with spikes and improved grip.
  • Tennis shoes make it easier to move in different directions, have a flat sole and are usually made of leather.

sneaker brands rating

new balance

New Balance sneakers

New Balance is a real trend. Any member of the younger generation around the world knows about these sneakers and dreams of them. The brand produces shoes with ultra-modern design, suitable for all criteria for the role of leader. At the beginning of its history, the company was engaged in the manufacture of orthopedic shoes, and then retrained into sports shoes. Great experience and knowledge help to produce high-quality sneakers. New Balance has several lines designed for running, everyday walking and more. The most popular model is the NB574, released back in 1980. They were originally designed for jogging, and later became an integral part of the wardrobe of many young people. Softness, lightness and breathability are what New Balance running shoes are all about.


ASICS running shoes

The Japanese brand Asics is the undisputed leader in the manufacture of quality running shoes. The developers take into account all the physiological characteristics of the human body and make their product especially comfortable. There are many different types of shoes for customers to choose from: shoes for marathon, sprinting, triathlon, etc. Men’s models from Asics attract attention with a conservative, seasoned style. They protect the joints from possible injuries and improve traction with the surface (including the ground). Asics’ most sought-after line of running shoes is the GT. Designed for running, these shoes offer great cushioning and a bold look.


adidas sneakers

Adidas is a giant sportswear and footwear company. She quickly won the attention of buyers back in the 20s of the last century. The brand began its activity with the manufacture of spiked shoes (boots), which allowed the players to have a better grip on the surface, not slip and move around the field even faster. Adidas immediately established their shoes as high-quality, wear-resistant and very comfortable. This characteristic was especially important for athletes involved in running. They almost immediately appreciated the merits of running shoes that met the necessary requirements (softness, comfort, ventilation, etc.). That is why the brand is considered one of the best and occupies 20% of the market. The Adidas Superstar is a real trend among all the lines of the company’s sneakers. It is a reflection of hip-hop culture and even appeared at the same time as it. And the Neo everyday line is loved by young people around the world.


puma sneakers

Sneakers from Puma are a combination of good taste and quality. One of the oldest companies in the production of sports shoes and clothing stands out for its unique design and use of the finest materials. Puma sneakers are recognizable all over the world. The streamlined shape, snug fit to the foot will allow the owner of these sneakers to enjoy training. Ventilation technology allows the skin to breathe. Another advantage is lightness. The brand’s shoes are almost not felt on the foot, this is especially true while playing basketball. An excellent combination of price and quality, together with other advantages, allows the company to occupy a leading position. Athletes with a worldwide reputation appreciate and love men’s sneakers from Puma. The brand introduced the Suede collection back in the 60s, but it is still popular. And the famous IGNITE collection is relevant when playing sports. Special technology allows models to absorb shock loads.


Nike sneakers

Nike sneakers are a real trend among people of all ages. AirMax and other popular models have won the love of customers forever. They are relevant in any weather and for every image. But their true purpose is sport. Basketball players play on the best venues in the world at Nike. Even Michael Jordan (basketball legend) has become a brand ambassador. In addition, the company continuously introduces new technologies and improves the quality of its products. Among the lines of Nike sneakers, Nike Running takes a special place. They are presented in a variety of colors and differ in their design and are made of super elastic and durable material.


Saucony sneakers

The Saucony brand appeared even earlier than the famous Adidas and Nike — in 1889. Within 20 years, the company was producing 800 pairs a day at its plant in the Pennsylvania area. She was the first to develop unique models for running, which greatly facilitated the life of professional athletes. Since the 90s, thousands of people around the world have learned about the company thanks to high places in prestigious ratings. Another breakthrough came with the launch of the Jazz running shoe, when the company edged out other high-profile athletic shoe brands.

Saucony shoes are the ultimate urban sneaker. They are available in the brightest colors and unusual color combinations. In addition to the stylish appearance, they are very comfortable to wear all day long. In the manufacture of patented technologies are used. The insole and lining are always very soft and the outsole is mostly made of rubber and is very wear resistant. The range includes lines for sports and everyday wear. Prices are above average, the same as other popular brands. Advantages: excellent urban models, large selection, high quality, comfort and convenience, wear resistance.


REEBOK sneakers

REEBOK is the first company in the world to launch sneakers. Such a great experience in the production of this particular shoe makes Reebok one of the most recognizable brands. The latest technologies and the use of the best materials in the manufacture are the key to the production of high-quality shoes. A wide range of shoes offers sneakers for any season, age, gender, etc. A variety of styles and color options make it possible to make any look perfect. But the most important thing in everyday running shoes is comfort. One of the most popular lines of the brand’s sneakers is the Reebok ZigTech, which is suitable for both everyday wear and sports. The sole, made using a special technology, reduces the load on the joints and prevents damage. The most relevant model among young people is Classic, presented in a variety of options (genuine leather, patent leather, nubuck, bright colors and soothing tones).


LACOSTE sneakers

The French brand LACOSTE specializes in the production of clothing, accessories, perfumes and shoes. Born back in 1933, it still remains at the top of popularity. The company has been producing casual and sports shoes since the 70s of the last century. Tennis has always been the main focus of the brand. its founder is a famous tennis player. Now LACOSTE shoes are represented by a huge assortment, among which sneakers occupy a separate position. Their main feature is the comfort achieved through the anatomical sole and the use of only natural high-quality materials.

All models are breathable and comfortable to wear. Separately, the brand presents women’s, men’s and children’s lines. Sneakers are made of leather or textile, have different colors: from bright to soothing tones, and differ in design. The customer can choose casual sneakers suitable for everyday wear with any outfit or choose a more sporty model. Main advantages: convenience, good choice, several different collections, well-known brand, compliance with fashion trends.


Balenciaga sneakers

The French fashion house is known all over the world. It was founded by the famous Cristobal Balenciaga, recognized by such style icons as Christian Dior. The Balenciaga brand does not often find itself in the rankings of the best sports shoes — it specializes in the production of couturier clothes that are in demand in the world of high fashion. But more recently, the company introduced the world to a new trend — the so-called Speed ​​Trainer sock sneakers. These are summer models with a massive white rubber sole and a top made of textured mesh textile, reminiscent of the shape of a sock. These shoes can be worn with anything: dresses, jeans, skirts, coats and other clothes.

The Speed ​​Trainer sneakers are so comfortable and stylish at the same time that they have already won the love of fashionistas around the world. Like any company that produces premium goods, Balenciaga sets quite high prices for its models. Not everyone can buy amazing sneakers. The range also includes other successful models suitable for every day. For example, leather Triple S with a characteristic massive sole. Advantages: popular modern trends, incredible design, best reviews, great assortment. Cons: very high prices.


Fila sneakers

The South Korean company, based in Italy, regularly releases the most trendy new items. Sports shoes and clothing from Fila are an example of a unique style. The brand produces sneakers for a variety of activities: running, everyday wear, fitness, tennis, strength training. The range includes a women’s, men’s and children’s collection. The latter is equipped with a special orthopedic base. There are children’s models for volleyball, physical education, tennis. The main advantage of Fila is that the most important fashion trends are always expressed in the company’s shoes.

The most popular modern model is Disruptor — these are overall women’s sneakers made of white leather. They literally burst into the world of fashion and quickly fell in love with young people. The FILA WEBBYROLL line includes running shoes for men, created using a unique seamless technology. They are incredibly light and the Air Flow system provides good ventilation. The brand offers sports shoes for running on asphalt, rough terrain, sports walking, etc. The main advantages: fashion trends, excellent assortment, interesting models, convenience and beauty, high quality, best reviews, inexpensive prices.

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