5 best vitamins for osteochondrosis


Osteochondrosis of the cervical region is one of the most common diseases, ignoring the treatment of which can lead to disastrous consequences. Both adults and adolescents suffer from it, and doctors most often cite an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activity as the cause of the disease. Such a disease of the spine, when the intervertebral discs become coarse, and salts form on their elements, the frame loses its original shape and elasticity, requires complex treatment: physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy, manual therapy, a special diet, and, of course, vitamin complexes.

The latter, in order to combat diseases of the spine, must necessarily contain group B, which has a positive effect on the nervous system, protein metabolism and metabolism; vitamin D, which improves the absorption of calcium, strengthens bones and ligaments; A and E, responsible for the condition of the cartilage, as well as participating in the process of hematopoiesis. Below is a rating of the best drugs for the treatment of the disease, based on numerous expert reviews. They have a good set of components that help in the fight against the disease and improve the condition of the body.

Top 5 best vitamins for osteochondrosis

5 Undevit


Although today they say that diseases are “getting younger,” osteochondrosis still remains the most popular disease among middle-aged and, especially, the elderly. It is on such a group that the release of Undevit multivitamins is aimed. The complex has a lot of advantages, starting with a good, effective composition, ending with a very attractive price — no more than 50 rubles per jar, which is enough for one course lasting from 20 to 30 days. The elderly need to take 2-3 yellow pills per day, and middle-aged people — one at a time. Between courses it is necessary to take a break of 2-3 months.

Undevit includes B vitamins, as well as A and E, ascorbic and folic acids. An excellent set of components will not only restore the overall tone of the body, making up for the lack of substances, but also improve the quality of the hematopoiesis process. Ascorbic acid will accelerate cell regeneration and start the process of body renewal. In the fight against diseases of the cervical spine, this tool will give a much better result in combination with exercise and proper nutrition.

4 Pentovit


A disease of the cervical region has a bad effect on intellectual activity, as it prevents beneficial substances from entering the brain to stimulate it. The resulting clamps between the intervertebral discs and salts do not allow nerve impulses to be sent to the head as quickly as before. The drug Pentovit, containing 5 B vitamins and nicotinic acid, has a positive effect on brain function. It is the closest analogue of the famous Neuromultivit, but contains a lower concentration of substances, which means that cases of overdose are extremely rare.

Pentovit includes vitamin B9, which is responsible for important compounds for the human body — the synthesis of red blood cells and nucleic acids. The medicine is strictly contraindicated in children under 12 years of age, and the rest are recommended to use it 3-4 times a day during meals for a month. Produced in the form of tablets with a specific odor in jars or blisters. This is an excellent budget, but effective tool that positively affects the nervous system and brain activity, which are the first victims in diseases of the cervical region.

3 Centrum


The American mineral complex is included in many lists of recommended drugs for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases, including osteochondrosis, because it contains a unique set of components necessary for the body during the period of the fight against the disease. Each element is chosen so that it does not conflict with others and brings great benefits. Compared to other supplements, it may seem that the list of substances is not large, but it is worth remembering that a lot does not mean good.

Centrum helps to obtain and deliver the necessary elements for the bones, cartilage and nervous system. It improves metabolic processes in the body, helping it to renew itself. Usually the course of treatment lasts one month. During this time, users noted an improvement in well-being and mood, as well as a decrease in headaches. This is one of the best means in the complex therapy for the treatment of diseases of the spine. The drug is strictly contraindicated in people with hypersensitivity, and a doctor’s consultation is necessary before use.

2 Calcium D3-Nycomed

Calcium D3-Nycomed

Most experts agree that in the treatment of diseases of the spine, it is necessary to include calcium in the diet, which helps to quickly overcome the disease, moreover, the substance is washed out of the body with age. It is a building material for strong bones and ligaments. As a rule, with osteochondrosis, it is not prescribed in its pure form, but complex agents are prescribed. One of these is the Norwegian Calcium D3-Nycomed, which regulates the exchange of calcium and phosphorus.

The drug is available in jars of different sizes and has different flavors: lemon, mint and orange. It is noted that lemon tablets can be more expensive, as they have a slightly different composition and the postscript “forte”. Calcium D3-Nycomed should be used with caution by the elderly, but it is allowed to use it in childhood. Before use and determining the dosage, a doctor’s consultation is necessary. This is the best drug for osteochondrosis of any type for children and adults.

1 Supradin


Yellow effervescent tablets often flash on television screens and in advertising leaflets, but few people know that this is one of the most effective and best means for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cervical region as part of complex therapy. Supradin is an excellent working set of components, including vitamins A, E, C, D3, calcium, group B and others. Not a single multivitamin will cure the disease if you do not exercise and do not follow a diet with excess weight, which adversely affects the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Many buyers note that the price of the product is too high, but the content and form of the components are significantly superior to those of competitors. One package of Supradin should be enough for a whole prophylactic course. For a more intense and effective effect on the body, you will have to purchase a larger package. Before using the tablets, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because the list of side effects is rather large, and the concentration of substances is quite high.

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