15 Best R18 Summer Tires


Business and premium cars tend to use larger diameter tires — they provide maximum comfort and, due to the increased size of the contact patch, hold the car more confidently on the road. The R18 can also be found on serious urban crossovers or more brutal off-road vehicles, where large tire sizes provide better off-road flotation and highway stability.

Our review presents the most efficient rubber with a seat size R18. The rating was selected based on the results of tests of international publications and the opinions of auto maintenance specialists. Feedback from owners with direct experience in operating these models was also taken into account.

The best summer tires R18 for passenger cars

4 Joyroad Sport RX6 215/35 R18 84W

Joyroad Sport RX6 215/35 R18 84W

Joyroad Sport RX6 215/35 R18 84W tires became a real revelation for their owners. Despite the dimensional conformity to business-class cars, the price tag on tires is more than budget. At the same time, the quality of rubber is not just good — for this price it is simply excellent. The tire meets all the requirements for comfortable operation, providing minimal acoustic noise during rotation. The excessively thick sidewall (in reviews, some owners even compare them with RunFlat tires) provides excellent acceleration and braking dynamics, as well as a sharp steering wheel during high-speed maneuvering.

As a result of the tests, good economic indicators were also revealed, and as for reliability, the tires perfectly tolerate loads and are not at all afraid of side impacts. Due to the too rigid sidewalls, it is quite difficult to install it. At the same time, the rubber is well balanced by small loads, which indicates high manufacturing accuracy.

3 Nitto NT555G2 225/45 R18 95Y

Nitto NT555G2 225/45 R18 95Y

Better directional stability and efficient braking on dry roads will be provided by improved Nitto NT555G2 225/45 R18 summer tires. The use of the latest developments of Japanese engineers provided this rubber with excellent performance. Wide tread blocks, a double center rib and a reinforced shoulder area provide reliable tire traction. Such a tread structure and an innovative composition of the rubber compound determine high traction and braking characteristics. Tires instantly react to steering wheel rotations, demonstrating better maneuverability and controllability.

Driving a car in the rain will also be as safe as possible with Nitto NT555G2 tires. Thanks to a well-thought-out drainage system with deep zigzag grooves, the contact patch is quickly drained from excess moisture. In addition to high technical characteristics, reviews also note the best consumer qualities, such as noise and vibration levels. New additives in the mixture provide the rubber with special strength and good tear resistance.

2 Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin 245/45 R18 100W

Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin 245/45 R18 100W

The Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin summer tire is designed specifically for passenger cars that love fast, dynamic driving. With excellent performance, it provides the driver with confidence, comfort and maximum safety while driving. The tread pattern takes into account all the features of high-speed rubber. Its asymmetrical design, combined with a reinforced sidewall carcass, provides better grip and maximum stability. In addition, these tires instantly respond to the movement of the steering wheel at any speed, confidently maneuvering and smoothly entering turns.

Improved drainage effect, due to the new wide grooves on the tread, provides instant water drainage from the contact patch, which guarantees better grip on wet roads and shorter braking distances. The reviews note the high strength of the Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin tire, which confirms the absence of hernias on this rubber, even when hitting potholes at high speed, and the longest service life among similar models from other manufacturers.

1 Triangle Group Sportex TSH11 / Sports TH201 225/55 R18 102W

Triangle Group Sportex TSH11 / Sports TH201 225/55 R18 102W

Users who have installed Triangle Group Sportex TSH11 / Sports TH201 225/55 R18 102W summer tires on their cars leave mostly positive feedback about it. The most important advantage is, of course, affordable cost. Despite the fact that it is made in China, the quality of the tire is quite decent and, judging by the tests, it is not much inferior to more reputable brands. This rubber has all the parameters necessary for the summer period. She confidently keeps the car on the track at high speeds, and also obediently responds to the steering.

Digital developments in creating an asymmetric tread pattern provided the Triangle Group Sportex TSH11 / Sports TH201 tire with optimal traction. The stopping distance of the car, both on dry and wet pavement, is pleasantly surprising, as is the low noise level. The use of new technological solutions has reduced the weight and heat generation of this summer tire. As a result, Triangle Group Sportex tires have a long service life and low rolling resistance, resulting in significant fuel savings.

The best R18 summer tires for crossovers

4 Sailun Atrezzo ZSR SUV 235/60 R18 107V

Sailun Atrezzo ZSR SUV 235/60 R18 107V

The high-performance tire Atrezzo ZSR SUV 235/60 R18 of the Chinese brand Sailun is perfect for SUV owners to use in the summer. Judging by the reviews, despite the more than affordable cost, it meets all the most important requirements for such tire models, and in some aspects even surpasses more expensive counterparts. Her abilities in bad weather are especially noted — she confidently keeps the car on a wet road and provides effective braking, which significantly increases traffic safety.

In high-speed conditions on the highway, the Sailun Atrezzo ZSR SUV 235/60 R18 107V tire provides the crossover driver with confidence in driving and comfortable driving conditions. Large tread blocks combined with deep sipes provide better stability while effectively dampening vibration and noise. Of the minuses of this summer rubber, only insufficiently fast acceleration can be distinguished.

3 Yokohama Geolandar G94B 285/60 R18 116V

Yokohama Geolandar G94B 285/60 R18 116V

Designed specifically for SUVs and crossovers, the Yokohama Geolandar G94B 285/60 R18 summer tire has high speed indexes and can withstand heavy loads. The design features and tread pattern of this rubber provide the car with better flotation in the absence of a road surface, in mud, sand or gravel. On the track, these tires also provide the driver with complete control over the car and demonstrate excellent handling.

Thanks to a well-thought-out universal tread pattern, this tire, with its best traction and grip characteristics, is most effective in the off-season, during rains, and even wet snow. High-quality wheel drainage minimizes the effect of aquaplaning and shortens the braking distance on wet pavement. SUV owners who leave feedback on this rubber note special softness and comfort while driving, as well as maneuverability and cross-country ability.

2 Continental CrossContact ATR 235/55 R18 100V

Continental CrossContact ATR 235/55 R18 100V

The CrossContact ATR 235/55 R18 is the best choice for summer tires for crossovers. These tires demonstrate confident directional stability during high-speed driving, and are also able to overcome moderate off-road without problems. The main distinguishing feature of this rubber from similar all-terrain models is an increased indicator of acoustic comfort. Sound-blocking shoulder zones provide maximum noise absorption.

The non-directional zigzag tread pattern and larger contact patch of the Continental CrossContact ATR tire guarantees better grip and traction on any road surface. At the same time, large blocks are self-cleaning, effectively getting rid of dirt and gravel, and an improved drainage system virtually eliminates hydroplaning, even at a decent speed. Reinforced construction and tread compound allow the CrossContact ATR 235/55 R18 tire to withstand maximum loads and resist damage and premature wear. Long service life and better control are noted in their reviews by owners of crossovers who have given their preference to this model.

1 MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 255/55 R18 105W

MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 255/55 R18 105W

The soft and comfortable tire is designed for urban crossovers and is not quite suitable for high-speed maneuvering, but at the same time it effectively resists aquaplaning and provides reliable braking on wet and dry surfaces. The sidewall is moderately dense — you shouldn’t be afraid of damage in the conditions of an urban “slalom” along the curbs, but getting into potholes at speed can lead to a rupture of the balloon.

Three years ago, the German magazine Auto Zeitung in the course of comparative tests revealed good lateral stability on wet roads and excellent acceleration dynamics for this rubber. In terms of economy, the tire took the second position, good performance was obtained when braking on dry pavement, but on a wet road, the MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 255/55 R18 105W stops frankly badly. In general, the tire is great for long-distance summer trips. On a dirt road or gravel, an SUV on these tires is frankly «weak» and shows a delay in steering. Also, the rubber is completely unsuitable for mud, but at the same time, the dynamics of acceleration on the grass looks much better.

The best R18 summer tires for sporty driving

3 Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 235/50 R18 97V

Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 235/50 R18 97V

Sports tires Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 235/50 R18 97V are specially designed for high-speed driving in a passenger car in the summer, and retain the declared characteristics when accelerating to 270 km/h. This rubber allows the driver to feel the road better and smooths out all its flaws and bumps as much as possible. Features of the directional tread pattern provide the best traction in all weather conditions, which guarantees stable handling and the shortest stopping distance. According to the test results (conducted in 2017 by experts from Vi Bilagare, Sweden), the tire stops faster on dry surfaces than Michlen CrossClimate tires and even Nokian Hakka Blue 2.

Car owners who have installed Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 235/50 R18 summer tires in their reviews note increased traction properties, which also allow you to quickly accelerate the car. At the same time, the quick response of the wheels to the slightest steering movements provides unsurpassed safety during high-speed maneuvering. In addition to all these advantages, this rubber has increased wear resistance — thanks to the unique formula of the NanoBlend mixture, an optimal combination of elasticity and elasticity of the working layer of the tire is achieved.

2 GOODYEAR Eagle Sport TZ 245/45 R18 96W

GOODYEAR Eagle Sport TZ 245/45 R18 96W

Owners who have chosen GOODYEAR Eagle Sport TZ 245/45 R18 96W tires for their cars for the summer season do not regret at all, and consider their sympathy to be fully justified. Despite the sporty stiffness and excellent handling sensitivity, the tires emit fairly moderate acoustic vibrations that do not exceed the limit of comfortable perception. The reviews also note high wear resistance, sufficient side part strength so as not to be afraid of damage and a balanced pricing policy. None of the owners consider the price tag too high, rather the opposite — this is the case when the product is worth its money.

The car on these tires is perfectly controlled both on wet pavement and dry pavement. However, in the off-season, when temperatures drop to 10 ° C, owners will be disappointed. As tests have shown, with such thermometer data, grip is significantly reduced, especially on wet roads. Otherwise, the tires are excellent, and show minimal wear per season, even with intensive use. As for the disadvantage, it is easy to avoid it by changing summer tires a little earlier than usual.

1 MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport 275/40 R18 99Y

MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport 275/40 R18 99Y

The high-performance MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport 275/40 R18 99Y tire is designed for high-speed riders and gives unsurpassed handling on the summer road. The tire was developed with the participation of manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari. BMW and Motorsport. These brands expected to get the best tires for the factory configuration of civilian sports cars, which they eventually succeeded in. Numerous tests and computer simulations have made it possible to achieve perfect grip — when maneuvering, the contact area with asphalt increases, and the load received in turns is evenly distributed. As a result, the car enters high-speed turns “like on rails” and the driver practically does not need to slow down (with an adequate driving mode, of course) in order to maintain the chosen trajectory.

The reviews positively note the resistance of the tire carcass to deformation (especially during high-speed maneuvering) — synthetic para-aramid fiber (TWARON) is immune to temperature growth and retains high mechanical strength. In addition, the use of two types of rubber compound in the asymmetric tread pattern ensures enviable stability and efficient operation of the braking system on any surface. The disadvantage of this rubber is hidden in the high cost, but those of the owners who can afford the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport are completely satisfied with its behavior on the road.

Best R18 Summer Tires for Off-Road Driving

4 Nitto Trial Grappler M/T 285/65 R18 121/118P

Nitto Trial Grappler M/T 285/65 R18 121/118P

This rubber is almost impossible to tear — the tire has eight layers of cord and is practically «indestructible» even on our roads. Despite the impressive weight, it is perfectly balanced and when mounted on discs, the maximum weight of the balancing weights per side does not exceed 80-90 grams (also depends on the condition of the disc). According to the owners in their reviews, there is practically no demolition either on asphalt, or even off-road.

When driving on wet roads, you should be careful — despite the impressive weight of the SUV and the size of the wheel, in deep puddles the tire can behave completely unpredictably in terms of control. The tread does not clog in the mud, the side blocks help to easily get out of a deep rut. The tires showed themselves well during off-road tests — they do not get stuck on a plowed field, they are comfortable to drive and have the highest resistance to mechanical damage.

3 Toyo Open Country M/T 275/70 R18 121P

Toyo Open Country M/T 275/70 R18 121P

Rough and brutal rubber can withstand loads up to 1450 kg and is able to provide the SUV with better cross-country ability. The self-cleaning tread does not “wash out” and copes well with muddy tracks, and even the deepest rut is not able to hold hard and pronounced shoulder blocks. A crossover on this rubber will only get stuck if it completely lies on the bottom.

The tire is very massive and heavy, so the owner will have to monitor the condition of the suspension more closely — the slightest malfunction that is not fixed at the initial stage can quickly grow into a major repair. Despite these parameters, rubber can be considered one of the most comfortable in its class — in any case, on asphalt, it starts to make noise from 60 km / h and above. As for wear, even after 30 thousand kilometers it is almost invisible to the eye. In the reviews of the owners, great importance is also paid to the cost of the tire — the price of the Toyo Open Country M / T 275/70 R18 121P is cheaper than that of its closest competitors, which has a positive effect on popularity among domestic consumers.

2 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 265/60 R18 119/116S

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 265/60 R18 119/116S

Despite the outstanding off-road characteristics, this tire on asphalt also behaves very worthy. Designed for super-heavy SUVs, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 265/60 R18 119/116S tire is highly resistant to loads — a cylinder alone can withstand up to 1360 kg. Even by the standards of all-terrain MUD rubber, this is not a bad indicator.

Despite the fact that the tests carried out revealed a number of disadvantages, such as increased fuel consumption and exactingness on the suspension of the car (rollers are too heavy), the owners are very satisfied with the performance of the tires and their capabilities. They are comfortable to drive, immune to strong impacts and wear out rather slowly. In addition, and this is noted in the reviews of many owners, demonstrating good traction in all conditions, BFGoodrich All-Terrain T / A tires can be successfully used on a year-round basis. In many ways, this efficiency is provided by self-locking lamellas and the rubber compound used in tires for sports track driving off-road.

1 Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx 285/65 R18 125/122Q

Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx 285/65 R18 125/122Q

The three-ply carcass of the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx 285/65 R18 125/122Q tire is designed to withstand impact loads in rough terrain. The inclined carcass is designed in such a way that it effectively absorbs impact, evenly distributing the received energy. The exclusive Armor-tek3 technology also determines the high density of the lateral part of the rubber, which, together with the working area of ​​the tread, is very difficult to damage. The latter, in addition, due to the asymmetric walls of the dies of the pattern, effectively self-cleans and does not allow stones to get stuck.

Tests have shown excellent tire patency in mud, sand, mountains. It is suitable for movement not only in the summer — in winter on rough terrain from the Cooper Discoverer S / T Maxx will be a lot of sense. Owners rate this rubber as one of the most efficient off-road tires, equally suitable for both the harsh Siberia and the rocky deserts of the southern lands. In the reviews of off-road adherents, there are no negative characteristics of this tire — it is moderately noisy, wears out slowly (a run of 100 thousand km “erases” 50-60% of the tread, no more) and is practically “indestructible”. At the same time, the tire is very heavy, does not like ice and is expensive, but these characteristics are more considered by SUV owners as features of rubber, and not its shortcomings.

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