15 Best Breast Pumps


Scientists are sure that the most correct way to feed children under 1 year old is breastfeeding. However, there are situations in which mothers need to express milk. For example, a woman has decided to go to work, but is in no hurry to wean her baby from her breast. Not being able to constantly be with her baby, she can gently express milk into a bottle for the next feeding.

Mothers who are prescribed a course of drugs that are not compatible with breastfeeding will also have to express milk. In this case, it will also be necessary to collect milk, but this time not at all for feeding the baby (unfortunately, during the entire course of treatment, expressed milk will have to be poured out), but in order not to stop the lactation process, and after the end of the treatment course, the woman could continue breastfeed the baby.

That is, there are circumstances in which expressing breast milk becomes a necessity. This can be done both manually and using a special device — a breast pump. Historians believe that the first breast pumps appeared as early as the 16th century. However, officially the world’s first patent for the invention of the breast pump was issued in the middle of the 19th century. After that, mechanical devices for expressing breast milk became fashionable, and new models began to appear at breakneck speed.

Today, there is still a great need to create efficient machines that allow you to carefully express breast milk. Developers of goods for mothers and babies offer all new models, and also improve old ones, but they have proven themselves well. In order not to get confused in their assortment, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best breast pumps.

Best Inexpensive Manual Piston Breast Pumps

3 Childhood world 19205

World of Childhood 19205

Breast pump Mir detstva 19205 was rated as the best in the category of inexpensive, efficient and practical. The product is distinguished by pleasant ease of use and the most affordable price in the TOP-3. The manufacturer declared the shelf life of the device to be 4 years and the warranty period of service is at least one year. The kit includes two bottles for milk, but if for some reason these bottles were not at hand, any other with a similar neck diameter will do. This manual breast pump works silently, does not require significant pressure when pressed, and is no less effective than an electric pump.

2 Ardo Amaryll Start

Ardo Amaryll Start

Manual Amaryll Start also got into the rating of the most successful breast pumps due to the good ratio of low price and excellent quality. The device provides effective, but at the same time soft, gentle pumping, which does not injure the chest and does not create discomfort. The kit includes: a device equipped with a special funnel and stand. Amaryll Start breast pumps are easy to use and do not require special training. They can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people. The special structure of the piston mechanism and the handles of the device facilitate the work of the hand, so that during pumping you do not have to make much effort. And if an electrical appliance often makes noise during operation, the Amaryll Start piston works absolutely silently. The device is easily assembled and disassembled, easy to clean and sterilize.

1 Maman LS-A06

Maman LS-A06

The device tops the rating due to its convenience and thoughtful configuration. Maman LS-A06 is made of environmentally friendly BPA-free plastic. The manual principle of its operation provides the ability to control the intensity of the pumping process, with more or less effort, squeezing and unclenching the hand.

Included: a massager made of soft and elastic silicone, which provides additional stimulation of the skin around the nipples, so the process is as close as possible to natural feeding. Because of this, many women believe that these breast pumps are the best. The kit also includes: a nipple, a pair of bottles for expressed milk (each with a volume of 140 ml), a spare valve for the pump, a cover to protect the funnel.

The lightness and compactness of the device make it comfortable to use in any conditions. You can take it with you on the road, to work, transport it in an ordinary medium-sized handbag. And if an electrical device requires the presence of an outlet or the presence of batteries, then the manual one works completely autonomously.

Best Manual Piston Breast Pumps: Premium Class

4 Tommee Tippee 9007

Tommee Tippee 9007

The manual breast pump has an unusually shaped flexible cup. It allows you to adjust it under the chest in the most dense and comfortable way. The device is easy to disassemble and wash, as it consists of only three parts. It is no worse than electric. The soft handle prevents your hand from getting tired quickly and ensures that you get enough milk. Compact packaging does not take up much space, the breast pump is convenient to take on travel.

The breast pump kit includes: an adapter for a regular bottle and with a smaller neck, a 150 ml bottle and a cap for it, 6 bra inserts in a separate package, spare parts, a container for sterilization in a microwave oven. The only drawback of the configuration is the small volume of the milk storage container. The slow flow teat is suitable for babies from birth. Numerous reviews of mothers confirm the effective and comfortable pumping of milk with the Tommee Tippee 9007 device. High-quality materials and silent operation have made it the best among similar devices.

3 Medela Harmony

Medela Harmony

The third place in the ranking is Harmony Medela (Harmony Medela), a manual breast pump designed for the most efficient and gentle pumping of milk. At the heart of his work is a two-phase pumping technology. During the process of work, the phases of pumping and stimulation alternately replace each other. This is the best version of the piston mechanism: the ergonomic articulated handle allows the woman to choose the most comfortable hand position, which makes it possible to use the device without feeling discomfort or fatigue.

The device also got into the rating as one of the most effective, providing no less high results than an electric breast pump. Device weight 450 g. The kit includes a special stand, a two-piece connector, a milk container and a spare valve membrane.

2 NUK Jolie

NUK Jolie

Popular manufacturer of products for mothers and babies NUK offers an excellent manual breast pump from the Jolie range. The piston mechanism, combined with a soft silicone funnel, ensures gentle and gentle pumping. During use, the woman almost does not experience pain, and the lever of a special design protects her hands from severe fatigue. For maximum convenience, the manufacturer has provided the ability to adjust the strength and pace of pumping. Includes 150 ml bottle, stand and cap. The device can be washed in the dishwasher, which is undoubtedly a plus. It is made of the highest quality plastic, so the wear resistance of the device is quite high.


  • high quality materials;
  • everything you need in the kit;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • comfortable pumping;
  • excellent reviews;
  • durability;
  • silicone funnel;
  • detailed instructions.


  • uncomfortable to wash.

1 Philips AVENT Natural SCF330/13

Philips AVENT Natural SCF330/13

Perhaps the most popular piston breast pumps. The manual Philips AVENT does its job just as well as the electric one, and the presence of a silicone diaphragm and a petal massager provides an imitation of the touch of a baby’s mouth and gentle breast massage during pumping, which creates the conditions for the fullest work of the mammary glands, helps to prevent the possibility of congestion.

Philips AVENT Natural is ranked as the most comfortable breast pump in the ranking of the best. The special shape of its nozzle allows you to express milk without leaning forward, as is often the case with similar devices. Therefore, the mother can sit in the chair without straining and without taking uncomfortable positions. The set includes 3 milk containers. All parts requiring cleaning and sterilization can be easily removed.

The best manual pump-action breast pumps

4 BabyOno Simple 048

BabyOno Simple 048

The manual type breast pump has a pump mechanism and a convenient massage funnel. Only durable, soft and environmentally friendly silicone is used in production. The flexible silicone pad creates optimal pressure on the breast and allows you to express a large amount of milk. Comes with a 120 ml bottle container. The anatomical nipple is created using all the advanced technologies and accustoms the baby to active natural sucking, thanks to the slow flow. The breast pump pumps milk just as well as an electric model. Silicone massaging pad actively stimulates milk production in a gentle manner, without injuring the breast. The set includes 4 lactation pads and a handy bottle holder.

The Polish brand has long established itself as the best among mothers. They regularly leave positive reviews about the company’s products. Each product undergoes rigorous quality and safety control. A breast pump makes life much easier for new parents. With his help, they easily create a large «milk bank», providing themselves with free time. BabyOno Simple 048 is the best pumping device that meets world quality standards.

3 Childhood World 19206

World of Childhood 19206

The best budget model among pump-action breast pumps is Mir Detstva 19206. The device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store or take with you. The device is more suitable for infrequent use, because. requires a lot of physical effort from a woman. Made from good quality plastic that will last you a long time. A beautiful pattern is applied to the bottle, which makes the appearance quite attractive. The pump is located on the funnel itself. It is very easy to use — just attach the funnel to the container to start pumping. An important advantage is that the device is made of safe materials.


  • small dimensions;
  • best price;
  • quality materials;
  • good value for money;
  • compatible with any bottles of the company;
  • simple use;
  • convenient to take with you.


  • makes noise;
  • cannot be sterilized;
  • severe fatigue of the hands.

2 Canpol Babies 9/200

Canpol Babies 9/200

The second place in the ranking is Canpol Babies 9/200, a manual breast pump with a massage function. Inexpensive Canpol Babies breast pumps provide the most gentle pumping of breast milk. When using the device, you can adjust the speed and intensity of pumping. It should be noted that the manual device is quite effective, and due to the presence of special petals on the diaphragm, during the milk collection process, a massage effect is provided. This increases productivity and reduces the trauma of the process. An excellent effect is achieved when using a special silicone pad.

Canpol Babies is quite convenient, easy to clean and sterilize, and much cheaper than electric ones. And it can be used on the road and in any, including emergency situations.

1 Chicco Classic

Chicco Classic

The famous Italian brand Chicco has been producing the best quality children’s products for many years. This breast pump is no exception. Based on a pump mechanism, it allows you to express milk with particular convenience. Compared to similar models, the Chicco breast pump is equipped with an optimally shaped funnel. An important difference between the device is the material of manufacture. High-strength plastic ensures durability, and the special BPA-free formula makes use completely safe for both mom and baby. The set includes a bottle with a nipple, cap, stand. Another important advantage is light weight (only 200 g). This makes it possible to take the device with you on the road. Women in the reviews note its ease of use.


  • safe materials;
  • convenient design — the pump is separate from the funnel;
  • the best strength;
  • good wear resistance;
  • easy to use;
  • stylish appearance;
  • good equipment;
  • great price;
  • positive customer feedback.


  • very tired hands.

The best electric breast pumps

4 Maman LS-AE1

Maman LS-AE1

The electric breast pump from the Maman brand has several adjustable speeds, is easy to operate and maintain. Its suction power is no less than that of a manual one, but in the process, the hands do not get tired. Among the minuses are a short cord and incompatibility with bottles from other companies. But positive reviews speak of the many strengths of the device. The breast pump works silently and quickly expresses the breast, does not injure the skin during long use and is easy to clean. Silicone pad fits snugly, captures and massages all areas of the breast. This makes it easy to express «hind» milk.

The kit includes: power adapter, protective cap, bottle, spare diaphragm, nipple, stand, instructions. Moms note the high quality of the device. They consider it the best in terms of low cost and excellent quality. The breast pump is able to memorize the frequency of switching modes. If earlier in some period you changed the speed, then after a while the device will start doing it for you. Using it after natural feeding of the baby stimulates the production of more milk, so Maman LS-AE1 is an effective assistant in reducing lactation.

3 Medela Swing Single

Medela Swing Single

Among the variety of electric breast pumps, the Medela Swing Single occupies a separate place. This device is so well thought out that it makes expressing breast milk a particularly comfortable process. Most of the reviews of women about him are positive. The device works both from batteries and electricity. This allows you to use it anywhere in the house as well as on the go. A few years ago, this device won the Parent’s Choice Award, which speaks of its unsurpassed quality. The Swiss brand Medela cares about its customers. He equipped his breast pump with a special massage funnel that reduces discomfort. Almost all parts here are removable, so the device is very easy to clean. For control, a special block with several buttons is provided. With their help, you can adjust the power, strength, etc.


  • convenient silicone funnel;
  • free of bisphenol-A;
  • universal principle of operation (from the network or from batteries);
  • high power;
  • excellent reviews;
  • the best equipment (case, lid, stand, bottle, two funnels, additional membrane for the valve).


  • high price;
  • works loudly.

2 Philips AVENT Natural SCF332/01

Philips AVENT Natural SCF332/01

The Philips AVENT Natural SCF332/01 is a compact breast pump with a light weight and attractive design. The device weighs only 200 g. However, despite such a small weight, this baby has a number of advantages, thanks to which it won the second place in our rating. Typically, electric breast pumps require a power source, which makes them difficult to use, for example, on the road. However, this model can run on batteries and be used anywhere, regardless of the presence of the mains. The device works only in 3 modes, however, a well-thought-out structure allows for complete comfort of the pumping process, since a woman can take any position that is convenient for her without leaning forward. In terms of comfort of use, Philips AVENT Natural is one of the best breast pumps on the market. Recommended!

1 Ramili Baby SE300

Ramili Baby SE300

Ramili Single Electric SE300 breast pumps, the latest development for efficient and gentle pumping of breast milk, were included in the rating of the most successful models. Their developers have provided for the device an original design and a set of useful features that distinguish an electric device from a manual piston or pump action. The best effect is achieved by using a compressor with the ability to finely adjust the pressure. Thanks to this, a woman has the opportunity to adjust the main parameters of the device in such a way as not to experience discomfort and at the same time ensure the optimal speed of the device. A manual breast pump does not have this functionality. Ramili Baby SE300 is the best choice among electric models also because it can work both from the mains and offline due to the presence of a powerful battery.

How to choose a breast pump

In order for the lactation period to pass as comfortably and smoothly as possible, experts recommend using special devices for collecting breast milk. Breast pumps can differ in type (electronic or manual), mechanism (piston, pump, etc.), shape, appearance and cost. We found out what rules you need to follow when buying:

  • For convenience, you should choose a model with good equipment: bottles, containers, lids.
  • If you are going to express milk infrequently, then give preference to a mechanical breast pump. This will save you a lot of money.
  • The pad on the handheld device should be silicone, not plastic. This will relieve discomfort and spillage of milk.
  • When buying an electronic model, it is better to opt for multifunctional devices that are equipped with the ability to work both from the mains and from batteries.
  • Among hand-held devices, give preference to piston mechanisms, because. they do not injure the chest, unlike pump-action ones, and are much more convenient to use.
  • You should only buy breast pumps made from quality materials. Cheap plastic quickly becomes unusable and can harm the health of the baby.
  • In the store, try disassembling and reassembling the device. The more removable parts, the easier it will be to wash and sterilize.
  • It is important to purchase only devices from trusted manufacturers. This guarantees good quality, long life and reliability.
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