10 Best Lawn Aerators and Scarifiers


To grow a well-groomed lawn, it is not enough to organize an irrigation system and cut the grass regularly. It is also required to remove dead plants and debris in a timely manner, loosen the soil, thereby accelerating the natural growth of the root system. Doing it manually on 10-15 acres is hard work and time-consuming, but with special electric machines, a scarifier and an aerator, getting a beautiful grass carpet becomes a feasible task even for busy people. There are many models on the market, about the advantages and disadvantages of which there are various reviews from users. We have studied them, compared them with technical characteristics and now we present to your attention a subjective rating of the best lawn care equipment.

TOP 10 best electric scarifiers and aerators

10 Greenworks G40DT30

Greenworks G40DT30

If the lawn is located away from the house, and it is difficult to run a cable from the household power supply to it, the homeowner should purchase a battery-powered scarifier to care for it — the Greenworks G40DT30 is just right. It is easy to use, does not emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere in the same way as network electrical counterparts, and you do not need to pull a live wire along with you, risking damaging it.

It should be clarified that a charger and a 40V battery are not provided in the basic configuration. If they are already on the farm, then the buyer can save 7–8 thousand rubles. When using a battery with a capacity of 4 Ah, the autonomy of the device lasts about an hour, and according to reviews, this is enough to process a plot of 400 square meters. m. In addition, among the advantages, users note the quality factor of assembly and materials, the presence of clear instructions and a guarantee for 24 months.



Easily manageable and compact — these are the main requirements for the care unit for a small flower bed or lawn area of ​​​​about 400 square meters. The GARDENA ES 500 aerator is endowed with these characteristics. Its weight does not exceed 10 kg, the width of the spring rake is 30 cm, so that the device can process mini-lawns and lawns with complex patterns and decorative elements. The PowerPlus electric motor briskly pushes the wheels and drives the spring pack — the operator does not need to exert any effort, but only to control and direct.

To move the aerator over a paved or asphalted area, it must be moved to a transport position with hidden sharp edges. In the same way, the device is stored, and for compactness, you can remove the handle. By the way, in case of damage or normal wear, any failed spring can be replaced, due to which the life of the aerator is significantly extended.

8 Viking LE 540

Viking LE 540

The manufacturer recommends operating this device without stopping the engine in an area up to 800 sq. m. Despite the fact that it is classified as a 2 in 1 device, there is no aeration cylinder in it. All the work is done by a cutting mechanism of 7 pairs of knives, if necessary immersed by 25 mm — this is the maximum for which electric verticutters are designed.

Unlike gasoline counterparts, which can be difficult for an inexperienced user to start, the electric version is turned on with one touch of the starter. Do not forget that electrical engineering is much more environmentally friendly and quieter — the sound power of this particular unit does not exceed 89 dB. The wheels are mounted on double bearings for ease of movement and longer life. But she also has disadvantages: in order to simultaneously cut through the lawn soil, it is necessary to purchase a special fabric container.

7MTD Optima 37VE

MTD Optima 37

The verticutter of the Optima line from the well-known American manufacturer of landscape gardening equipment MTD has earned its place in the list of the best thanks to its successful design. Its performance and equipment (electric motor power 1.6 kW, working width 37 cm, soft 50-liter grass catcher) can not be called either record-breaking or original. However, the device is perfectly balanced and, according to reviews, provides trouble-free loosening of the topsoil at the same time as cutting vertical roots on a small lawn lawn.

A decent weight (15 kg) ensures a smooth trajectory of the scarifier, and the ergonomic handle makes it much easier to control. The wheels have a pattern that does not leave marks on the lawn. The kit includes a scarifier shaft with 24 springs and a verticutter shaft with 14 double knives made of strong steel, capable of gently penetrating the soil to a depth of 0 to 12 mm. Unlike most devices, this model has not 4, but 5-step adjustment of the immersion of the knife mechanism.



“Jeep”, “tractor”, “all-terrain vehicle” — such flattering nicknames are given by the owners of lawns to this unit in the reviews. In appearance, it really resembles an SUV: wide-spaced large wheels, a “radiator” grille, a depth adjustment lever that resembles a gearbox. However, «Champion» and in business shows itself accordingly.

Equipped with two long working shafts, it is able to work as a scarifier or aerator with a considerable working width of 40 cm. A powerful (1.8 kW) electric motor easily drives the mechanism even at the maximum depth of scarification or aeration of the soil (9 or 13 mm, respectively) . Two wheelsets easily overcome obstacles, and the textile storage of the collected grass holds a volume of 55 liters. All this makes lawn care an easy and quite pleasant experience.

5 STIGA SV 213 E


For a plot of up to 0.04 ha, the lightweight and manoeuvrable STIGA SV 213 E tool is optimal, providing simple and safe lawn care: removing old sod, cutting furrows and loosening the soil. Its working mechanism with 16 knives and 36 springs penetrates 4-9 mm deep, and this is enough for better penetration of oxygen and moisture into the soil.

The wheels are different sizes, the diameter of the front is 20 cm, the rear is 9.4 cm. When moving, the weight (10 kg) falls on them, which ensures the maneuverability of the device. The handle is adjustable in height — women, teenagers, and the elderly can work.

The aerator with scarifier function is powered by an electric motor and is equipped with a movable cord retainer, which prevents it from getting under the cutting surface. All elements are assembled soundly, from the highest quality materials — steel and plastic, so that the manufacturer guarantees the life of the device for at least 5 years.

4 Daewoo Power Products DSC 2000E

Daewoo Power Products DSC 2000E

The DSC 2000E verticutter is equipped with an electric 2-kilowatt motor of Daewoo Power’s own production, completely protected from moisture and overheating and does not require frequent maintenance. The processing width is 38 cm, so it is better to use the model in the care of a relatively small lawn, even if it is too neglected and compacted. The device is capable of operating in the mode of a scarifier, aerator and litter cleaner, for which 2 shafts are provided (with 16 knives and with a “comb”), as well as a voluminous grass collector.

The working depth is set by a central adjustment wheel at the desired level, depending on the work performed. In general, the design gives the impression of a well-assembled and durable unit, which is indirectly confirmed by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. Especially in the reviews, they note the body deck, made of ABS plastic, a polymer with the best wear resistance and strength to date. As a result, the model itself weighs only 14 kg, but at the same time its body is able to withstand the blow of a stone that accidentally flew out from under the spring.

3 AL-KO Combi Care 38 E Comfort

AL-KO Combi Care 38 E Comfort

The German non-self-propelled aerator, in addition to piercing the lawn, also has the function of verticulation, that is, it can also be used as a scarifier. To do this, it provides for the replacement of the aerator shaft with a ripper shaft, carried out without the help of tools — with a clamping screw with a knurled head. To save time and effort on combed hay, a spacious 55-liter bag is included as standard. Its volume is enough to take breaks for cleaning and reinstallation as little as possible.

The depth adjustment of the 14 cutting tools is centrally controlled via a 5-stage switch. The start levers are located on the height-adjustable verticutter control handle. In addition to ergonomics, users consider the technical potential of its motor, namely, high overload capacity and resistance to voltage fluctuations in the household electrical network, to be the most important advantage of this device.

2 Caiman CESAR 1800EL

Caiman CESAR 1800EL

The semi-professional aerator Caiman CESAR 1800EL is perfect for home maintenance firms, landscape designers and home gardeners. The device is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1.8 kW, which has protection against dew, is characterized by fast start-up and minimal noise. The case, made by stamping from a single sheet of metal 3 mm thick, gives special strength to the structure.

The aerator weighs more than 34 kg, but at the same time it is quite maneuverable. Grass combing is carried out by 15 wear-resistant double blades made of cold-rolled steel with an oxidized surface. They are rigidly fixed to the rotor, which is supported by bearings in cast iron flanges. This design is typical for professional units costing 80–100 thousand rubles. It is no coincidence that the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 5 years, and the owner of the brand, Unisaw, provides a comprehensive service program «Full Service».

1 BOSCH AVR 1100


It is no coincidence that England is considered a trendsetter in the art of arranging lawns, and Bosch is a leader in the production of garden equipment. Within a week after processing the site with the help of the AVR 1100 scarifier, the old withered grass becomes young and green, and all thanks to the high-quality cleaning of dead wood and moss. Depending on the task at hand, the user is prompted to select one of 4 working depths, while a powerful (1.1 kW) motor ensures fast windrow operation.

A cut of a dead layer of soil, the so-called. felt, produced by 14 floating blades, which are not afraid of stones and bumps. Thanks to the Jet-Collect system, when the carrier axle moves, a powerful air flow is generated, directing the collected debris into a 50-liter waste bin. Another advantage of the model is the folding design of the handle and the waste container, due to which it takes up a minimum of storage space. In general, the owners are very satisfied with the device, they call it a super rake, but they note the uninformativeness of the instruction manual.

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