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Tiled materials are widely used in the decoration of residential, industrial and office premises. Since this type of cladding is expensive for property owners, tile adhesive plays a huge role in the durability of the coating. The market is represented by various mixtures for a variety of conditions. There are frost-resistant adhesives for outdoor use, moisture-resistant ones for lining bathrooms and pools, for laying heavy porcelain stoneware and arranging underfloor heating in the bathroom. A well-made choice will save time and get a good result.

Popular manufacturers


«Litokol» tile adhesive

Under the Litokol® brand, the adhesive for ceramic tiles is produced in many countries around the world at the subsidiaries of the Italian company. There is such a production in Russia (Noginsk). The products are intended for gluing together finishing materials made of tiles, marble, porcelain stoneware and wall surfaces made of:

  • drywall;
  • loaf;
  • plasters;
  • tree;
  • plastic.

Perfectly holds the adhesive composition and tiles on different floor bases;

  • from cement;
  • plywood;
  • OSB;
  • flat slate;
  • tree.

Dry mixes Litokol X11, Litokol K17 are well suited for tiles, clinker, natural stone and mosaics when facing walls. On the floor, the company offers the brands Litofloor K66, Litoplus K55.

Highly elastic compounds Litoflex K80, Hyperflex K100 have been developed for underfloor heating. For glass tiles and mosaics, the company offers Litoflex K80 White, Hyperflex K100 White.

The brand’s problem is a huge number of fakes.


«Ceresit» tile adhesive

Henkel may be unfamiliar to some tilers, but its products under the Ceresit trademark are well known even to beginner tilers. The concern’s enterprises in Russia and Belarus cover all market needs for tile adhesive in the CIS. Affordable price and German quality have become the locomotive of sales.

«Ceresit» CM11 — the most popular product in the line of tile adhesives. Buy both specialists and self-taught. Holds small to medium sized tiles well. Suitable for porous surfaces.

«Ceresit» CM 11 PLUS. The adhesive has the same composition as the previous adhesive. Differences in additives, resulting in increased:

  • moisture resistance;
  • elasticity;
  • adhesion force;
  • solution viability.

«Ceresit» CM12 — composition for large-format, heavy tiles.

«Ceresit» CM16 — Adhesive for small and medium-sized tiles.

«Ceresit» CM17 — elastic adhesive for unstable surfaces (changing dimensions during operation).

«Ceresit» CM115 designed for mosaics and glass tiles — white.


«Knauf» tile adhesive

Another product of German manufacturers is Knauf tile adhesive. There are not many brands in the line, but they cover any cladding conditions in the bathroom, both in terms of the type of tile and wall material. For home craftsmen, we can recommend:

  • «KNAUF» Fliesen — the main adhesive for the apartment. Designed for small and medium-sized boards glued to a stable base. There is only one drawback — it is not suitable for «warm floors»;
  • «KNAUF» Fliesen Plus — an improved version of the first adhesive in all respects;
  • «KNAUF» Flex is a highly elastic adhesive for large-sized tiles. Can be used for heated floors;
  • KNAUF Mramor is a dry composition based on white cement. They are bought for mosaics, glass tiles, as well as heavy slabs (large marble, porcelain stoneware, etc.).


«Vetonit» tile adhesive

The tile adhesive under the Vetonit trademark is produced by the German company Weber. It has more than 200 production sites around the world, including 3 in Russia. Unlike its competitors, the company divided its products into two lines: a standard product and an improved one.

For a bathroom from a standard line, fit:

  • «Vetonit Optima»;
  • «Vetonit» Easy Fix;
  • Vetonit Granite Fix.

Improved compositions:

  • «Vetonit Profi Plus» is a universal composition for professional finishers. Beginning tilers are advised to refrain from buying it because of the short time for adjustment;
  • «Vetonit Ultra Fix» has increased moisture resistance;
  • Vetonit Marble. Made from white cement. That says it all;
  • «Vetonit Absolut» — tipsotropic adhesive;
  • Vetonit RF is designed for unstable surfaces.


«MAPEI» SpA tile adhesive

The MAPEI® Group is a group of companies specialized in the production of materials for the construction industry. One of the areas of activity is adhesive compositions for ceramics. There are more than 50 types of them. For the bathroom, you need to choose among the following brands:

  • «Kerabond», «Mapeklej» — types of glue for small and medium tiles;
  • «Keraflex», «Kerafloor» — a product with increased elasticity and adhesion for floors and unstable surfaces;
  • «Elastorapid», «Mapestone» are designed for heavy wide-format tiles;
  • «Adesilex», «Tixobond» are made from white cement.

Of particular note are the dispersive and reactive types of adhesive — «Adesilex» P22, «Keralastic». High quality corresponds to a rather high price. Among purely Russian manufacturers, the following brands should be noted:

  • «Volma»;
  • «Prospectors»;
  • «Eunice»;
  • «Bolars»;
  • «IVSIL» and others.

As can be seen from the above rating, you can choose tile adhesive for any cladding and operating conditions.

The best all-purpose tile adhesive



One of the best tile adhesives for universal use is Litoflex K80 from the Italian company Litokol. It is used by Russian finishers when they have to lay different types of tile materials. Glue will cope not only with fixing tiles indoors, it can also be used for outdoor work. The mixture is made on a cement basis, but thanks to the addition of synthetic resins, the manufacturer managed to achieve high elasticity of the seam. Experts note high adhesion, moisture resistance, environmental friendliness. The scope of the product is wide, these are indoor walls and floors, stairs, terraces, balconies and facades. The adhesive penetrates deep into the base, therefore it is suitable for concrete, cement-sand, plasterboard bases, as well as for underfloor heating.

Users praise Italian glue for the minimum amount of dust during operation, high quality material. The downside is the high price and shortage in the trading network.



The well-known domestic manufacturer of dry building mixes Volma managed to create the most affordable tile adhesive. A product called Ceramic has the best qualities of a cement composition in full. Professional tilers emphasize the viability of the solution, you can use the prepared glue for 3 hours. At the same time, you can adjust the position of the tile for 10 minutes. The composition behaves well at different joint thicknesses (2-5 mm), if work is carried out with standard ceramic tiles. The mixture is also suitable for laying small-sized porcelain tiles. The frost resistance of the adhesive (F35) allows you to perform outdoor work, is not afraid of a dried seam and wet room conditions.

Users in the reviews report the cost-effectiveness of the composition, affordable price, quick stirring, easy-to-work consistency. The disadvantages include only a limited species composition of the tile.



The Bergauf Keramik Pro adhesive securely holds various tile materials. Its distinguishing feature is the high elasticity of the seam after drying. The composition is able to hold for many years, both standard ceramic tiles and fashionable clinker, natural or artificial stone. The adhesive retains its qualities in a wide temperature range (-50 … + 70 ° C), which allows it to be used for outdoor work or facing a warm floor. The dried seam feels comfortable in wet rooms, so it is also suitable for a shower or bathroom.

User reviews indicate both the advantages of glue and its disadvantages. If the majority of consumers are satisfied with the price, elasticity, versatility, then the masters express a number of dissatisfaction. First of all, this concerns the complexity of working with a thick layer, while the lifetime of the finished solution is limited to 20 minutes.

best reinforced tile adhesive



Ceresit CM 17 Super Flex glue can handle any kind of mineral tiles. The product is reinforced with Fibre Force microfibres, which make the seam elastic and durable. The reinforcing mesh allows the use of the adhesive composition on the most difficult bases that are subject to vibration or mechanical stress. High adhesive properties significantly expand the scope, from concrete surfaces to drywall. Since the main adhesive is cement, the composition can be used when performing outdoor work. Operating temperature range (-50…+70°C) is suitable for almost all regions of Russia.

In the reviews of domestic consumers, such epithets to the glue as “excellent glue”, “Ceresit CM 17 is the best”, “the most reliable” prevail. The tilers also describe the product’s merits with admiration. But the high price is becoming a stumbling block for many Russian homeowners.



Perfekta Holder tile mix is ​​reinforced with fiberglass, which guarantees increased strength and the ability to use it in a wide variety of conditions. When facing the floor and walls with ceramic tiles or medium-sized porcelain tiles, this adhesive can be used both in a thin layer and as a leveling mixture for unprepared surfaces. The mixture provides better adhesion to concrete, foam concrete, brick, cement and other substrates, with guaranteed retention of medium-sized tiles.

Due to the fact that Perfekta Holder tile adhesive has optimal moisture and frost resistance, it is often chosen for outdoor work, including facade cladding. A wide temperature range of operating conditions, from -50 to 70 degrees, allows you to use this adhesive when arranging a warm floor.



One of the most popular compositions for gluing tiles has recently become the domestic adhesive Unis Plus. This can be judged by the number of requests in Wordstat, as well as by the number of purchases at NM. The secret of popularity lies in the combination of reasonable prices and excellent technical parameters. When laying heavy tile materials (porcelain stoneware, stone, clinker tiles), the joint thickness can be varied from 2 to 15 mm. Builders note the convenience in working with the composition, for 3 hours the prepared solution retains its viability. And you can make adjustments to the position of the tile for 20 minutes.

Along with a lot of positive feedback from users, there are signals of low-quality products. Some attribute this to the deterioration of technological discipline at the enterprise, while others are confident in the mass counterfeiting of popular glue.

The best moisture resistant tile adhesive



Many flattering words from domestic tilers can be read on construction forums about Knauf Fliesen glue. One of the main advantages of the product, according to experts, is ease of use. The composition is made on a cement basis, it mixes well, after preparation it turns out to be plastic and obedient. With moisture and slip resistance, the adhesive is considered the best for tiling facades, walls of bathrooms and shower rooms. The mixture is suitable for the installation of ceramics, porcelain stoneware and other tile materials. The prepared solution must be worked out within 3 hours, and it is allowed to make adjustments to the position of the tile no later than 10 minutes.

Consumers appreciate Knauf Fliesen glue for its environmental friendliness, frost resistance and fast mixing. It is well made and affordable. There were no special complaints about the composition in the reviews.



In the wettest rooms for laying tiles, experts use Ceresit CM 11 Plus glue. Its amazing moisture resistance allows you to finish small indoor pools with tiled materials. Thanks to the introduction of a special elastic agent, the composition perfectly adheres to deformable bases (drywall, underfloor heating), ceramic cladding, young concrete, and cellular blocks. The master must knead such a volume of the solution that he can work it out within 2 hours. You can edit the tiles in the first 20 minutes after installation. Tilers consider 7-8 mm to be the optimal layer thickness.

In consumer reviews, positive assessments of the properties of the adhesive prevail. The composition is well-made, easy to apply, sets quickly, withstands high humidity. Users consider the disadvantage is the short shelf life of the mixture in the opened package.



Osnovit Maxiplix AC17 W White Tile Adhesive is the highest performing tile adhesive used for a wide range of cladding applications. The mixture is recommended for cladding various surfaces with ceramics, glass, mosaics, porcelain stoneware, decorative stone, etc. The use of this adhesive allows you to preserve the natural color of the cladding and ensure the most durable connection with the base. At the same time, the finished solution of the mixture demonstrates optimal plasticity and is easy to use, which is confirmed by users in their reviews.

One of the advantages of Osnovit Maxiplix tile adhesive is better water resistance, thanks to which it can be used not only in bathrooms, but also for finishing pools and artificial ponds. Resistance to high temperatures justifies the use of this adhesive for lining fireplaces and when installing underfloor heating systems.

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