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Increasingly, the owners of houses and apartments prefer modern roll products to bulky curtains on curtains. Unlike their predecessors, they do not take up extra space and require almost no maintenance. And most importantly — well protect from the sun. The small size of the curtains allows you to place them even in the nursery — it is unlikely that the child will reach out and tear them off.

But before you hang a curtain, you need to buy it. The variety of manufacturers is sometimes confusing — how to choose a company that will produce good and comfortable roller blinds that suit your needs? The article contains the best companies with quality goods. Prices, customer reviews, design and many other characteristics were taken into account.


DELFA roller blinds

The manufacturer started its activity in 1994. It united two countries — Belarus and Germany. This allowed them to create high quality roller blinds at affordable prices. These products are very popular in Russia and Ukraine, so they are in great demand. Each product undergoes strict quality control before it goes on sale. The manufacturer pays special attention to quality, so even the cheapest models are made using only durable materials. There is a large selection of goods in the assortment, where there is a place for both what is inexpensive and what is exclusive. Here you can also order blinds to order. Blinds of this brand protect well from the sun, are easy to maintain and very reliable.


  • Reputable brand;
  • Large selection of blinds by price, design and color;
  • High quality products;
  • Easy care;
  • High protective properties;
  • Availability of goods.


  • Roller blinds with adhesive tape fastening are best fixed with screws, as the tape is very fragile.


OLEXDECO roller blinds

The Russian manufacturer of roller blinds offers products with a fairly simple installation: all roller blinds are equipped with high-quality and reliable double-sided adhesive tape, so you do not need to drill holes, but simply stick the product to the wall. The manufacturer does not mark its goods for delivery from abroad, as it has its own production facilities in Russia. This ensures loyalty and affordable prices. The assortment includes a large selection, where there are pastel, bright and other options for curtains. All promotions, discounts and seasonal sales constantly appear on the official website of the brand. For regular customers and wholesalers special discounts are provided.


  • Stable and reliable Russian brand;
  • No problems with ordering and delivery to any city in Russia;
  • Large assortment of goods;
  • Reliable fastening with double-sided adhesive tape;
  • Constant discounts and promotions on the official website.


Legrand roller blinds

The Russian company started production of roller blinds in 2002. At the time, this was a novelty, but the brand did an excellent job of this task, as the employees responsible for the project were trained by the best craftsmen in Europe. Today, the brand offers affordable products that are distinguished by bold design ideas, high-quality fastening mechanisms, protective properties and ease of maintenance. The products are manufactured in high quality and efficient facilities where the entire process is 90% automated. By streamlining the process, quality is controlled at every stage. Roller blinds of the brand have the international certificate ISO 9001.


  • Large selection of curtains;
  • Unusual and bold design;
  • Easy and simple fastening;
  • There is a quality certificate;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Polite staff;
  • Fast shipping.


garden roller blinds

This is a Turkish blinds brand that uses only high quality and expensive materials in its production. Especially jacquard fabrics and organic cotton fabrics. The parts of the rolling and fastening mechanism are manufactured to high standards and meet the requirements of reliability and safety of use. The range includes a large selection of products, but is mainly characterized by intricate patterns, ornaments and intricate designs that cast a beautiful shadow on the floor. Roller blinds of this brand provide good protection from the aggressive sun, and in summer they help to significantly reduce the temperature in the room. Available in small and extra large sizes, this brand is popular with cafes, restaurants, hotels and other establishments.


  • Turkish quality;
  • Large selection of blinds in sizes and colors;
  • Unique and unusual design;
  • Reliable fasteners and materials;
  • Variety of prices;
  • There are a wide range of blind sizes available.


DDA roller blinds

The brand was founded in Moscow in 1997. Currently, it is considered one of the best manufacturers of roller blinds. Its range of about 3,000 products, and thanks to active cooperation with trading partners, the brand is constantly evolving and bringing something new to its products. All products undergo rigorous quality control, which virtually eliminates manufacturing defects. In addition to roller blinds, the manufacturer also produces cornices and shading systems. The most popular product of the brand are blinds «Day and Night».


  • There is a huge selection of roller blinds;
  • There are various designs and colors;
  • There are various ways to attach blinds;
  • Good quality materials;
  • Stylish gamma with the effect of «day-night».


AMIGO roller blinds

The responsible manufacturer of roller blinds has more than 11,000 partners and its own company institute. Every month, the institute organizes special trainings for the company’s employees on how to improve products, make them more accessible to the consumer and work with him. The range of the brand will allow you to quickly choose the optimal type of roller blinds, as there is a huge selection here. Every day, the company releases about 16,000,000 new products, all of which are quality tested. Here you can buy a finished product or order according to individual sketches. All employees of the company are polite and competent, so they will immediately help in resolving any issue.


  • Large selection of blinds and other window products;
  • Large selection of colors, designs and sizes;
  • Constant updating of goods;
  • Easy to arrange shipping;
  • The staff is constantly trained to improve their skills;
  • Staff service at a high level.


Divino roller blinds

The manufacturer offers its customers high-quality roller blinds, a large selection of wall murals and adhesives for gluing them. Roller blinds are made of high quality and durable materials that are easy to care for and will last for many years. Bright and unconventional colors are responsible for the design. Curtains can be printed with any image. This is considered an important advantage, since not all manufacturers can offer this. All roller blind products are attached with double-sided adhesive tape, so there is no need to make holes in the frame or wall. On the manufacturer’s website, you can independently choose any photo of your future roller blind or upload your own.


  • Large selection of roller blinds;
  • You can print your own photo on them;
  • Beautiful and unique design and colors;
  • High quality mount;
  • Easy maintenance and high safety;
  • There are various prices;
  • Convenient official online store of the company.
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