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The main percentage of engine wear occurs in the winter. At this time, the engine must be properly warmed up before starting to move — this allows you to ensure maximum driving comfort. The engine at low temperatures begins to consume more fuel, which today is very expensive. Starter heaters are a proven solution for car owners who live in regions with cold winters and leave their cars in open-air parking or garages (hangars) without heating.

The best liquid preheaters



Eberspacher models are rightfully considered the best liquid autonomous heaters. They combine high quality and value. One of the most common heaters was the Eberspächer Hydronik B4WS 12V. It is installed by many automakers on passenger cars with engines of more than 2 liters. The heater power ranges from 1.5 to 4.3 kW. The range includes modifications for gasoline engines, as well as devices for heating diesel engines.

Consumers note the reliability and durability of the device. It is easy to operate and convenient to use. Due to the wide distribution of heaters, many car services are engaged in their repair and restoration. Of the minuses, car owners note the high price of the device.

Webasto Thermo Top Evo 5 petrol

Webasto Thermo Top Evo 5 petrol heater

The heaters of this German concern have become so popular among motorists that the concept of preheater is often replaced by the single word Webasto. Many models are designed for specific vehicles. The device can be started by a timer, from a key fob or via a mobile phone. One of the most popular modifications was the Webasto Thermo Top Evo 5 heater, which is perfect for cars, jeeps and minibuses with an engine capacity of no more than 4 liters.

Car owners note the high performance of the device, long and trouble-free operation, unpretentiousness. The heater is completely self-contained, runs on gasoline and consumes 0.64 liters at peak load (almost half as much in support mode). In addition, in Russia there are many service centers where you can service and repair the popular Webasto.


Binar-5S heater

The domestic company «Teplostar» has developed a whole line of autonomous heaters for gasoline and diesel cars. The Binar 5S Diesel model has ample opportunities. The device can work not only in the preheating mode, but also as a heating device. It is equipped with a GPS modem, which expands the possibilities of controlling the heater. The model is designed for diesel engines up to 4 liters.

Car owners who have decided to install Binar-5S for engine heating, in their reviews note such advantages of domestic development as compact dimensions, mounting and control variability. The device is distinguished by an affordable price, high quality workmanship, there is a self-diagnosis function.

The best electric heaters

Severs+ with pump 2 kW

Severs+ with pump 2 kW heater

The domestic manufacturer CJSC «Leader» produces pre-heaters under the Severs brand. The new generation device was the Severs + 2 kW model, equipped with a pump. This design provides fast and uniform heating of the coolant, both in cars and trucks. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a thermostat, protection against overheating, which makes its operation comfortable and safe.

Motorists easily cope with the installation of the heater, the kit includes detailed instructions. It is very convenient to set the device to turn on using a daily mechanical timer.

Satellite NEXT 1.5 kW with pump

Satellite NEXT 1.5 kW with pump heater

An excellent inexpensive solution for heating the engine of a car or minibus. You can also install Sputnik NEXT on your own — a simple scheme for integrating it into the engine cooling system is conducive to this. Thanks to forced circulation, even in severe frosts, the temperature of the antifreeze rises above zero.

Owners consider this model a worthy alternative to more expensive pre-start engine heaters. Judging by the reviews, the equipment performs its function quite effectively. The presence of simple automation will not overheat the antifreeze above the permissible limits (95 ° C), but will turn off the heater for a while. In operation, the device is simple and unpretentious, and maintenance requires minimal time costs. Thanks to the circulation, partial heating of the passenger compartment is also achieved (dashboard and windshield area).

Longfei 3 kW

Longfei 3 kW heater

The Chinese Lunfei preheater is designed to increase the temperature of the coolant in a car using a household electrical outlet. One of the most popular devices was Longfei 3 kW. The liquid is heated using a heating element, and antifreeze is pumped through the cooling system circuit thanks to a centrifugal pump. The device requires a 220 V power supply. The heater can be installed on any cars and trucks. The model is equipped with a thermostat, which allows you to maintain a given temperature regime of the coolant.

Buyers speak flatteringly about products from the Middle Kingdom. The only downside is the short cord. But the device can be independently installed under the hood, it has small dimensions and weight.

The best fuel heaters


NOMACON PP-101 12V heater

Simple and effective devices for heating diesel fuel were created by Belarusian developers from Nomacon. One of the most popular devices was Nomacon PP-101. It crashes into the fuel line, and the heating comes from the on-board network. The heater can be controlled automatically or manually. Before starting the engine, it is enough to briefly turn on the heating for 5-10 minutes to ensure the filterability of diesel fuel. When driving, the device is powered by a generator.

Consumers note the unpretentiousness and durability of the device. It is easy to install it under the hood yourself, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

EPTF-150 Ya (YaMZ)

EPTF-150 Ya (YaMZ) heater

Based on the experience of domestic motorists, SPE Platan has released a series of fuel filter heaters. This device prevents the formation of paraffin in the filter element of diesel cars. Thanks to the heating of the fuel in the filter, it is possible not only to facilitate the start of the engine, but also to somewhat expand the limit of the use of diesel fuel towards lower temperatures. One of the effective models is EPTF-150 Ya (YaMZ). The device is mounted inside the fuel filter, which provides a quick warm-up of the diesel engine.

Motorists speak positively about the efficiency of the heater. A semiconductor heater can warm up even a frozen filter in 5-10 minutes. The device continues to ensure the filterability of diesel fuel while the car is moving.

ATK PT-570

ATK PT-570 heater

A reliable heater will prevent paraffinization of diesel fuel in severe frosts and will allow you to continue driving, regardless of weather conditions. Powered by the car’s cooling system and requires virtually no maintenance. Tapping into the fuel line can be carried out by an experienced driver on their own — the procedure is not at all complicated and will require a minimum of time.

The owners in their reviews highlight the simplicity of the equipment, the lack of the need to connect to the car’s on-board network. With the help of this heater, it becomes possible to use summer diesel fuel at temperatures down to -40 °C. In addition, the heated fuel enters the tank and moves further through the system in a heated state, without forming paraffin crystals, which increases the service life of the lines. In addition, significant fuel savings (up to 10%) are achieved, and drivers value the PT-570 fuel heater the most for this.

The best interior heaters

Teplostar PLANAR-44D-24-GP-S

Teplostar PLANAR-44D-24-GP-S heater

The device is an autonomous system that runs on diesel fuel and is a more affordable analogue of Webasto heaters. It can be put on any type of transport — it perfectly warms up the interior of a passenger car to a minibus, and will also cope with heating the body space in small cargo vans.

In the reviews of the owners, the compactness of the equipment is noted. Installation is quite simple and can be done on your own. When installing on cars with a gasoline engine, a small fuel tank is required. Also positively noted is the presence of a remote control with which you can adjust the temperature of the cabin. At maximum power (4 kW), the PLANAR-44D will consume a little less than 0.5 liters of fuel per hour. With normal heating or a small car, the consumption will be only 0.12 liters of diesel fuel per hour.

DEFA Termini 2100 (DEFA connector) 430060

DEFA Termini 2100 (DEFA connector) 430060 heater

An excellent solution for heating the interior of a large car, jeep and even the cab of a truck. The electric heater is connected to a conventional network with a voltage of 220 volts and has two heating modes. The built-in fan provides air circulation in salon and its fast heating. Sharing with systems of preheaters of the engine of this firm and remote control through the SmartStart panel is possible.

Owners who decide to install DEFA Termini heaters in their cars are more than satisfied — a cold steering wheel and windows frozen from the inside are a thing of the past. Thanks to the built-in sensors, the cabin air will be warmed up to a comfortable level, and with a further increase in temperature, it will automatically turn off (55 ° C inside the device). Judging by the reviews, this device cannot be compared with ceramic heaters powered by the on-board network (their power is clearly not enough to fully warm up the car interior).

Calix Slim Line 1400w

Calix Slim Line 1400w heater

The device does not have an operating mode and is automatically regulated according to the temperature indicators of the passenger compartment air. The heater does an excellent job and is the optimal solution for most cars and small crossovers. The device has a special stand and can be placed anywhere in the cabin (as a rule, it is placed in the area of ​​​​the central armrest or on the driver’s seat).

The heater is easy to operate, has protection against overheating and short circuit. In their reviews, the owners note the rather compact size of the device and its high efficiency. The automatic control of the heater operation is also positively noted — there are no fears that with prolonged use the air in the cabin will be unacceptably overheated.

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