Review of the best teas for lactation


If there is little mother’s milk, then it is recommended to drink plenty of warm liquids throughout the day. This improves blood circulation in the woman’s body. But a large amount of liquid in itself does not enhance the secretory function of the mammary glands, so teas should ideally contain lactogenic components.

The basis of the composition of drinks includes various herbs. Their properties allow to improve the production of milk. Any tea for lactation contains only natural ingredients, which makes it absolutely safe. It will not harm either the body of the mother or the health of the baby. The effectiveness of the product has been tested by many women. A nice warm drink is great for stimulating more nutritious food for your baby.

TOP best teas for lactation

Weleda Stilltee

Weleda Stilltee lactation tea

The ability to increase the amount of breast milk has been noted by women who drink Weleda Stilltee. Lactogenic herbs in the composition stimulate its production quite effectively. They are able to regulate the work of the gastrointestinal tract of the baby. Due to this, gas formation is reduced, and painful spasms of the child’s tummy are not so often uncomfortable. Essential oils give the drink a fresh aroma and pleasant taste. Verbena leaves are able to calm the nervous system and improve mood.

It takes about 5 minutes to infuse the additive, which saves time. Tea can be consumed without long breaks, as it is absolutely safe for the body of the mother and child. In addition, the ingredients were collected in environmentally friendly places. Regular use is not available to everyone due to the high cost and rapid consumption of the product, because the recommended number of cups per day for effective exposure is from 3 to 6.

Hipp fruity

Hipp fruity tea for lactation

The famous brand of baby food has a lot of advantages over similar companies. It is famous for environmentally friendly products and safety. Tea perfectly performs its main functions and brings a positive effect. One of the best features of the drink is its pleasant taste and aroma. The herbal composition calms the nervous system and heals the body. The well-being of mothers after taking the product becomes much better, they feel a surge of strength. This is evidenced by numerous consumer reviews.

Cooking will take no more than a few minutes. The tea granules dissolve quickly in hot water. Fruit concentrates add an exquisite taste to the drink. After several doses, lactation will increase, and the child will be full. However, drinking tea is not recommended if there is enough milk anyway. This can provoke the formation of stagnation, which subsequently leads to lactostasis. Before use, consultation with a specialist doctor is necessary.


Bebivita tea for lactation

Tea has a beneficial effect on the body of mother and child. The impact of various herbs is of great benefit. Antispasmodics anise and cumin are responsible for milk production. Melissa has a positive effect on the quality of sleep. Hibiscus exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, while nettle tones and soothes. The manufacturer notes that a stable intake of tea will give an effective result in a few weeks. Lactation will be established, and milk will «come» regularly. Consumer reviews prove that the result of the application justifies the declared properties.

Instant tea will save preparation time. A pleasant-tasting drink can cheer you up, and an unobtrusive aroma will restore peace of mind and calm down. Not economical consumption of the additive in combination with the price may not be «affordable». Nursing women during the application note a fairly rapid use. The pellets last for several weeks.

Laktomama Evalar

Laktomama Evalar tea for lactation

The talking name of the product is justified by the result it brings. With its help, lactation increases, and milk becomes more. Buyers in the reviews call Lactomama a «wonderful drink», due to its effective effect on the body. The intensity of stimulation of milk production occurs due to the essential oils in the composition. «Helper» in the form of a delicious drink helps to relax and quench your thirst. An affordable price allows any woman who wants to improve lactation and breastfeed her baby for a long time to purchase the product.

Tea is a biological food supplement, which makes it possible to drink it not only for nursing mothers, but also for a simple person who wants to put the body in order. You can brew a drink in 10 minutes. For those who do not like herbal flavors and aromas, tea may not be suitable. It has a pronounced smell. According to some reviews, the drink with frequent use can cause an allergic reaction. It must be taken with caution, according to the instructions.

Leovit Lactogon

Leovit Lactogon tea for lactation

An effective remedy from a domestic brand. The lion’s share of reviews about Leovit herbal tea is positive. And no wonder, because the drink really copes with the lack of breast milk, while simultaneously improving the well-being of the mother and child. According to women, tea really gives a pronounced effect, and quickly enough. However, it does not cause allergies and other side effects. Yes, and Leovit is quite inexpensive.


Lactophytol tea for lactation

A drink with a complex effect. Despite its cheapness, Laktafitol really does a good job with problem lactation. In addition, herbal tea improves the baby’s appetite, eliminates bloating and gives the mother energy.

This tea contains fennel fruits, which are able to increase the secretion of the mammary glands and improve appetite. In addition, this component exhibits and has a carminative effect. There are also fruits of anise ordinary. It is, firstly, a milk extractor. Secondly, it significantly improves the function of the digestive organs. Included in the product and the fruits of cumin ordinary. Their presence allows you to increase the production of breast milk. In addition, cumin exhibits carminative properties and has a good effect on digestion. Nettle leaves present in tea can also stimulate lactation.

Florina No. 26

Florina No. 26 tea for lactation

The composition of this tea includes an impressive amount of useful herbs and extracts: thyme, chamomile, lemon balm, oregano, mint, sweet clover, fennel, galega. And no synthetic preservatives. Herbal tea has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerating effect. It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and promotes the rapid arrival of milk.

As for efficiency, the opinion of buyers is divided into positive and skeptical. Adherents of the second option are sure that any similar drink consumed in large quantities will give the same effect, but they are in no hurry to abandon Florina No. 2. Fans of the collection claim that it gives a better result than other brands of herbal teas. Both camps agree on one thing: there is an effect.

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