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According to statistics, 90% of plumbing fixtures fail due to hard water. It causes the formation of scale, clogging of pipes, loss of efficiency of water heaters, failure of household appliances. High water hardness is also dangerous for people. Sand and stones form in the organs, blood vessels and the heart suffer, the skin becomes dry, and dermatitis develops. To prevent accidents in the home and maintain health, the water is softened with water filters.

The best magnetic water softeners


Titanof water softener

The magnetic flow water softener is designed to be connected to the water supply system in apartments, holiday homes and enterprises. Titanof prevents failures in the operation of household appliances, pumps, steam and boiler equipment, serving up to 4 distribution points at the same time. The device is highly efficient thanks to a two-stage filtration system.

The first level is performed by the titanium filter Titanof PTF 1.1, which has an unlimited service life. It removes manganese, iron, scale and ammonia from the liquid. In addition, the magnetic transducer changes the structure of calcium, magnesium and silicon ions, thereby preventing the formation of salt deposits. Productivity of the device makes 50 l/min.


  • Durable stainless steel body;
  • Long service life of the magnetic transducer — at least 10 years.
  • Standard connection size 3/4″;
  • Suitable for cold and hot water (up to 90°C);
  • Withstands high inlet pressure — up to 8 atm;


  • A little high cost.

Prio New Water A030

Prio New Water A030 water softener

This device is used to protect heating elements in hot tubs, boilers, dishwashers and washing machines from corrosion and scale. The device is suitable for cold and hot water, the temperature of which at the inlet and outlet can vary from 2 to 90°C. The body of the flow softener is made of chrome-plated brass, which makes it resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion processes.

Prio A030 effectively softens the liquid without the use of various chemicals. Inside a metal tube with a standard 1/2″ thread are spatially configured magnets in a waterproof case. When a magnet is exposed to a magnetic field, the physical properties of the hardness salt molecules change. They lose their ability to form deposits. The softener is used in washing machines and other household appliances.


  • Copes with increased hardness;
  • The maximum inlet pressure is up to 8 atm.
  • Compact dimensions — 70x100x30 mm;
  • Light weight — 150 g;
  • Reasonable price;


  • Low productivity — 18 l / min.

The Prio New Water A030 has been manufactured using materials approved for use in the food industry, making this model completely safe for contact with drinking water.

Wpro MWC 173

Wpro MWC 173 water softener

This Italian-made filter is equipped with an 18,000 gauss neodymium magnet that prevents the formation of calcium compounds on the heating elements of household appliances. Wpro MWC 173 is mainly used to extend the life of washing machines and dishwashers with a ¾” thread diameter.

Thanks to the Wpro MWC 173, you can use less detergent for laundry and dishwashing, which will save the family budget. The case of the model is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage, as durable metal was used in its production. Separately, it is worth noting the high build quality, which reduces the likelihood of leaks to zero.


  • Keeps softness of linen after washing;
  • Light weight 0.12 kg.
  • Filter module included;
  • Low price;
  • Long service life — 10 years;


  • Not detected.

Flow water softeners


AquaShield water softener

Buying a water softener is a must if the water is hard. And if its threshold is very high, then it is better not to install more than one in front of a particular device. There are many options for water softening. And one of these options is the installation of an electromagnetic softener AquaShield.

What gives the consumer the installation of the main version of the electromagnetic device? Soft water throughout the apartment. And this without much cost and effort. Water is irradiated using a stable and strong field generated by magnets. With such irradiation, salt does not stick to the surface, but, on the contrary, promotes loosening, loosening of old deposits. Even if it is very old and dense. Under the influence of the field, the salts are combined into centers and become large, sharp molecular spheres. In this form, the softening of the old sediment is much more effective than dismantling all structures and soaking parts in solutions that are aggressive towards reagents.

However, since there is no filtration as such, the quality of drinking water cannot be counted on. Therefore, it is always recommended to install a drinking water filter with equipment such as AquaShield. An electromagnetic water softener is more expensive, and it is generally wasteful to install it as a network water softener.

An apartment flow softener like the AquaShield is inexpensive, small in size and able to handle a large amount of water flow without replacement or at least some maintenance. It does not have a core or cartridge that is washed out during the decalcification process. It is simply irradiated, and thus the device itself can work for decades.

big blue

Big Blue water softener

The variety of water softeners sometimes confuses consumers. There are many filters, and it is difficult to immediately understand the number of models and companies that produce softening products. Today, home water softeners can be bought in stores, on the Internet and even in the market, although the risk of acquiring a fake is higher there.

Another popular device in Russia is the Big Blue. What are the differences and features of water softeners for apartments and which manufacturer to choose in this case? This device is not a water softener, its task is to mechanically purify water. The operation of this device is affected by the pressure in the pipe, the temperature of the water and its size. Device model — flow. The flask is placed in a tube, so the flow rate in the tube and the pressure are important. Water purification must be continuous. Therefore, the filter must be able to cope with the flow rate and volume of water. The Big Blue filter removes mechanical particles from the water, it is actually a clarifier, it prepares the water.

The advantage of the Big Blue in-line softener is its high flow capacity and no pressure loss in the pipes. The cartridges are interchangeable, which means that water can be purified from chlorine, iron and even calcium salts.

The main work in such cartridges is performed by cartridge filters. They are made of polypropylene threads wound around a common plastic core. This winding helps to remove rust residues, fine sand and clay deposits. Another version of the cartridges used is with a sorbent, a sorbent based on charcoal. It helps remove unwanted organic matter and chlorine compounds.

Aquaphor Waterboss

Aquaphor Waterboss water softener

The manufacturer Aquaphor represents a fairly wide range of water purifiers. WaterBoss models are among the most comfortable. This is such a mini water purification system in which several stages of purification are sewn simultaneously. There is also a mechanical self-cleaning mechanism. All this is complemented by an ironing device and an air softener. This is a cabinet-type device, which is ideal for those apartments where water is supplied through old plumbing systems and there is a problem not only with water hardness, but also with water contamination with rust residues and mechanical deposits.

This system is in some ways better than some conventional softeners. There is even a difference from standard softeners for cabinets. There are no bulk columns, and the main softening element is monodisperse sodium resin. The small size of the granules helps to remove lime ions from the water faster and more efficiently. The resin in this device is packed in special meshes that prevent it from stagnation and voids. The resin is compressed here, which prevents it from floating up during filtration, making cleaning faster and more efficient. This compacted layer also saves a lot of salt used in cartridge regeneration.

The best cabinet-type water softeners

Atoll S-28S EcoLife

Atoll S-28S EcoLife water softener

The water softener is suitable for cottages, apartments, private houses, dachas. Ion exchange filtration is used to remove iron, manganese. The performance of the model (33.3 l / min) is enough for a family of 4 people. Thanks to its compact dimensions (35x110x51.2 cm), the device fits easily into a small bathtub or other small space. Thanks to its interesting design Atoll S-28S EcoLife harmoniously fits into any interior.

All important system components are hidden under a rugged fiberglass housing. It does not rust or crack due to water hammer. It should be noted that the valve and body materials conform to NSF quality standards. This means that they are safe for humans and the environment and are suitable for direct contact with food.

The microprocessor control valve autonomously initiates the regeneration of the ion exchange resin, depending on the flow rate, the degree of contamination of the liquid. The regeneration process takes only 15 minutes using a minimum amount of water and salt (up to 80 g/l). The LCD display with control buttons, located under the translucent cover, allows you to easily control current tasks.


  • Intuitive configuration, management;
  • Salt tank overfill protection system.
  • Non-volatile memory;
  • Low noise level;
  • Minimum hydraulic resistance;


  • Not detected.

If the system is not used for a long time, the automatic water change function is activated, which eliminates the possibility of consuming low-quality liquid.

Aquatek AT-CAB1017

Aquatek AT-CAB1017 water softener

This model is designed to remove magnesium and calcium ions from liquids coming from wells, wells and water supply systems. Its initial hardness and total salt content should not exceed 20 meq/l, 1000 g/ml, respectively. The temperature range from 5 to 38 °C is supported. Softening is carried out using a gel type strongly acidic cation exchange resin in the Na-form. The water softener is installed in a private house or apartment.

Aquatek AT-CAB1017 is connected to the pipe directly in front of the boiler, boiler or other appliances. All work processes of the device are automated. The user only needs to control the salt flow and add salt to the tank as needed. The regeneration of the filter material is regulated by a built-in counter that starts the process after a certain volume of purified liquid.

The advantage of the plant with a capacity of 1 m3/h is the low consumption of salt (from 1.2 to 2.1 kg) and water (150 liters) for resin regeneration. Another advantage is that all control valve settings can be saved for up to 3 days in the event of a power outage. All current operating modes can be controlled using the LCD display with control buttons on the plastic housing cover.


  • Compact dimensions — 1200x325x525 mm;
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Standard connection — 3/4 «;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Easy to install;


  • Salt tablets are not included.

Raifil CSI 1017

Raifil CSI 1017 water softener

This medium-sized cabinet-type unit (1000 l/h) is connected to a pipe in a private house, office or apartment. It is effective in removing hardness salts using a cation exchange reagent. According to reviews, a water softener helps to get rid of such unpleasant problems as clogged taps, valves, as well as premature failure of household appliances due to scale formation.

Raifil CSI 1017 is an automatic softener controlled by a BNT2560F control valve with an integrated LCD display. It is highly resistant to corrosion as it is made of durable plastic and stainless steel. The air valve prevents air from entering the control system.

Depending on the degree of contamination, the ion exchange resin is regenerated every 1-99 days. If necessary, this process can be reprogrammed. A special feature of this cleaning system is high quality regeneration through a backwash system that frees the resin from accumulated contaminants.


  • Compact dimensions — 33x65x47 cm;
  • Easy to install.
  • Can handle high water hardness
  • Filter module included;
  • Beautiful design;


  • The programmed parameters are only retained for 8 hours.
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