Rating of the best manufacturers of plastic windows


When choosing metal-plastic windows, you want to purchase a quality product that will justify the money spent. The best manufacturers with good value for money are presented in this article.

What should you pay attention to when choosing

Determining the requirements for choosing a window should be done in a certain order for each room separately:

  1. the geometric configuration of the window, the number of sashes and the way they are opened are selected;
  2. depending on the external orientation of the window, the type and design of the double-glazed window is selected;
  3. in accordance with the dimensions of the package, the mounting width of the profile is calculated;
  4. high-quality seals, glazing beads and accessories are selected;
  5. the appropriate color shade of the profile surface is determined.

After that, based on the formed requirements and price factors, it is possible to determine which plastic windows are the best in quality, choose a manufacturer and a trade brand.

The best manufacturers of plastic windows in terms of price-quality ratio


REHAU windows

Rehau, founded in 1948, almost immediately after the First World War. The headquarters is located in Muri, Switzerland. Products found on sale with the inscriptions Made in France and Made in Germany are not fake, but products of subsidiaries in France and Germany. The company produces economical three-chamber profile options and warmer 5- and 6-chamber systems with a thickness of up to 86 mm. The owners of Rehau plastic windows like the long service life of fittings. It does not require repair for 10 years. This is due to the use of quality products from another global manufacturer MACO, which has developed fittings that can withstand up to 40,000 opening cycles.

Our experts consider this manufacturer to be the best, since the company has invented a unique plastic formula, thanks to which the profile does not turn yellow in the sun. Products of competitors burn out and lose their attractiveness, and these windows will remain white, provided they are washed once every half a year. Another special composition of PVC does not crack in the cold, so residents of the northern regions should pay attention to Rehau products.




KBE windows

This manufacturer appeared in Berlin in 1980 and specialized in the production of building plastics. After the invention of PVC windows, the company began active production of such products. Now the concern is one of the five most popular firms in this industry in Europe. The company’s factories are located not only in Germany, but also in Russia. The metal-plastic profile is made on extrusion lines using a patented technology, therefore it exactly complies with German requirements in composition and properties. The most common window option on sale is KBE70, which is used in most apartments and private houses.

The owners of these plastic windows note in the reviews increased heat and noise insulation, as well as a reduction in heating costs. In general, 84% of reviews on the Internet about this company are positive (namely, about the profile of windows and glasses). The quality of installation is different everywhere, as it depends on local installers. We also consider the products of the KBE manufacturer to be the best in terms of tightness and recommend that those who live in an area where bonfires are often scorched take a closer look. Acrid smoke will not enter your home.




VEKA windows

Concern Veka AG is a world leader in the development of window systems from metal-plastic profiles. The German manufacturer has existed since 1969. This is the first extrusion company among those that have opened their enterprises in Russia. Frames are manufactured using German technology and European equipment. The release of plastic doors and windows closer to the consumer allowed to slightly reduce the cost, although for many it still remains high. In reviews, buyers praise the company’s products for energy efficiency, aesthetic appearance and ease of maintenance. These windows are easy to clean, which helps maintain their natural color.

Our experts consider the manufacturer to be the best due to the wide variety of windows for cottages. The company offers non-standard forms for arched or panoramic openings. The windows themselves may contain additional narrow inserts imitating stained-glass windows. It looks very elegant and noble.




window labrador

This plant is located in St. Petersburg and has been operating since 2001. The company has the rights to produce plastic windows from the German Veka profile. The manufacturer is engaged in the manufacture of PVC products and sales directly to the final consumer. The company does not have intermediaries, due to which the cost of goods increases. The company maintains 21 sales offices in its city, where everyone can order even just one window. The manufacturer also has its own installation team, numbering 70 craftsmen. This helps to fulfill all orders on time. The catalog contains plastic products in white and brown wood-like colors.

We consider the manufacturer to be the best, since he is one of the few who uses seamless technology for the manufacture of plastic windows. For this, a new assembly line was used, in which the corners of the plastic frame are butt-welded. This eliminates the need for subsequent milling, and most importantly, there is no deep furrow in the corners that accumulates dust on the product. In the reviews, the owners share that it is much easier to keep such a surface clean.



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