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Fire doors are most often installed in public establishments to ensure the safety of visitors and employees, but in recent years they have also been in demand among private individuals. They are purchased for installation in cottages and ordinary apartments. To provide protection against fire and exclude the possibility of release of toxic substances when heated, fire doors must be manufactured in accordance with GOST standards and SNIP standards. When choosing, one should not give priority to such an indicator as cost — a low price may not mean the best quality.

Top fire door manufacturers


Steel fire doors

Russian manufacturer, especially known in Moscow and the Moscow region. The company’s product range includes many product names — in addition to standard metal doors for apartments, private houses, organizations, the company produces high-quality fire doors manufactured in accordance with all necessary standards.

The range is quite wide — you can find single-leaf, double-leaf doors, solid or with thick tempered glass inserts. For quality fire doors, most models are inexpensive. They look decent thanks to a special powder coating, which is also resistant to heat and open fire. The choice is quite large — you can choose the best option for home and public organizations.


StroyStalInvest doors fire fighting

The company «StroyStalInvest» is focused directly on the production of specialized doors, so fire-prevention models for their manufacture are of high quality and reliability. In production, the company uses the most advanced technologies, supplies doors to retailers and accepts individual orders.

The best that the manufacturer can offer is very high-quality anti-panic metal doors designed for installation in crowded places. That is, they are mounted mainly in public places — cinemas, shopping centers, schools. If a fire breaks out, in a panic, many cannot open the emergency exit doors. Thanks to a special design, the doors close securely from the outside and are very easy to open from the inside. The handle is extremely easy to use — just press on it. Even a child or a person with disabilities can handle it. In the network there are mostly positive reviews about the company and their doors.


Bravo doors fire fighting

The domestic manufacturer of conventional and fire doors enjoys well-deserved popularity among users. The company has its own production — the doors are of high quality, fully comply with all GOST standards, have the necessary documentation. In the event of a fire, their doors limit the rate of fire spread, ensuring the safe evacuation of people. They are often ordered by various public organizations — manufacturing companies, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls.

Bravo doors are also popular with private individuals. Users leave the most positive feedback about them — they are satisfied with both the quality and the affordable cost of the doors. They fully comply with international standards E160, the requirements of Rosstroynadzor and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and have been certified. The range includes single-leaf, double-leaf, deaf and glazed models.


«Argus» doors fire fighting

Firm «Argus» is located in Yoshkar-Ola. For 18 years of successful work, its doors have proven themselves among customers as reliable, durable and high-quality constructions. Fire doors are not a priority for the manufacturer, in addition to them, he offers a wide range of models for other purposes — ordinary entrance and interior doors, safe doors. The production is very well established, the company is equipped with all the necessary equipment. Therefore, all doors have excellent performance characteristics. The company accepts orders for manufacturing according to individual parameters.

Users leave a lot of positive feedback about the fire doors of the company. Each product undergoes mandatory certification, meets all the requirements of GOST, provides reliable protection against fire and smoke. Fire doors belong to class E160 — withstand direct contact with fire for an hour. High quality and a decent level of safety are ensured not only by the use of a special design and thick metal, but also by special fittings. It is also designed for increased loads; upon contact with open fire, it does not deform, does not melt, does not lose its operational properties. And the handles made of special material do not even get hot, so the door can be easily opened.


«Promet» doors fire fighting

Firm «Promet» has been producing fire doors since 2001. The production group includes three factories located in Bulgaria, the Tula region and Moscow. Judging by user reviews, their doors are of very high quality and reliable. Once the main activity of the company was the production of high-quality safes. The company directed all the accumulated knowledge in the field of metalworking to a new area — the manufacture of metal, including fire doors.

All products of the company fully comply with GOST standards. The certificate confirms that they can withstand direct exposure to fire for an hour. Doors are equipped with fire-resistant locks and hinges with a closer. At the factory, each product is subjected to a series of tests, during which the possibility of deformation during a fire, penetration of fire, smoke, loss of a leaf or a door frame as a whole is revealed. The form accepts orders for the manufacture of doors according to individual parameters. At the request of the customer, it is possible to install an anti-panic system and paint with a special fire-resistant compound. The price of a product largely depends on its class and fire-resistant characteristics.


North door fire fighting

Research and Production Association «North» is engaged in the development and manufacture of unique wooden fire-resistant doors. The company has been operating for a long time, since 1993 — during its activity it has managed to earn a lot of positive feedback. The popularity of the company is due to the fact that it produces doors for various purposes — not only for organizations, but also for individuals. All of them must be certified, more than 20 patented design solutions are used in their production. For example, wood acquires fire-resistant properties, withstands contact with a direct flame for an hour thanks to the innovative Granite processing technology.

Additional advantages — high sound insulation, excellent reliability (up to 300 thousand opening and closing cycles). In addition, wooden doors, compared to metal counterparts, have a more attractive appearance and can be installed as interior doors. And the variety of finishes and colors allows you to fit them into any interior.


«DM-Service» doors fire fighting

The production and trading enterprise «DM-Service» is engaged in the sale of Belarusian-made fire doors, which have proven themselves from the best side throughout Russia. The company offers fire-resistant steel deaf, hinged, left and right entrance doors that are resistant to fire. For an attractive appearance, a special polymer coating is used.

The doors of the company meet all the requirements of GOST in terms of quality, safety, and are subject to mandatory certification. Some models are equipped with inserts made of extra strong, tempered glass. For complete safety, they are equipped with fire locks that do not become unusable with strong heat. Handles are also used special — they do not melt and do not heat up under the influence of high temperatures and open flames. Depending on the model and characteristics, the doors of this manufacturer retain fire properties from an hour to 90 minutes. Also among the pluses, buyers in the reviews note the possibility of installing an anti-panic system, a door closer, and additional fittings.

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